What does this right-wing governments recognition of Hamas as a terrorist organisation, its determination to rewrite the Treaty to deny Maaori sovereignty and its move to empower and re-arm the petty bourgeois white minority, have in common?

It is the political reaction of a settler government that lines up with the kith and kin to defend the European tradition of white racist capitalism that dates back to the 15th century, against the subhuman black and brown peoples whose societies they over-ran.

It is happening now because the historical material roots of that white settler racism is being challenged globally for the first time ever as capitalism faces its terminal crisis.

The Israeli genocide of Palestine is the supreme test for both. It brings to the surface all the old shit of centuries of colonial oppression and wars revealed in all its malignancy, as the Eurocapitalist world is shown up as a zero-sum march to world destruction.

At the same time, it makes clear to the oppressed that there is now way out but the destruction of the oppressor. So here we go as Eurocapitalist nations line up behind the US supreme settler colony turned global hegemon, including the deputy sheriffs of the South Pacific, in a last ditch stand at the Alamo of white supremacy, to defend Israel.

Why Israel? Because it is the most obscene manifestation of all that is bad in colonial settler history. It brings all the reactionary shit of the conquests of the New World, Asia and Africa and refines it as pure evil. Israel like all white settler states came into existence as the colony of imperialism.

Backed by the US and Britain, and legitimated by the UN, that gang of thieves, in 1948.  It was imperialism thumbing its nose (picture Winston Churchill’s nose) at the wave of anti-colonial revolutions then taking place. It got away with it only because the Zionists who founded Israel claimed to be anti-imperialist and decolonising Israel by throwing out Britain.

This was a lie. Israel became a joint British-Zionist project with the Balfour Declaration, but not a colony oppressed by Britain. Britain and the US had an interest in a Jewish nation state to rid them of Jewish bourgeois and worker migrants. They made it possible for Israel to become the nation state of the Jewish bourgeoisie who were desperate to emulate all other bourgeois nations and have their own blood and soil.

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Zionism signed a pact with the Nazis to export Jews from Europe to Israel since Jews were not fit to live among Europeans. It agreed to stop the collaboration of Jewish workers with the anti-fascist movement in Europe.

Zionism proved itself to be the fifth column for the Nazis and the main enemy of the Jews. That’s why it is a lie for Zionists to claim today that it stands for Jewish national liberation. No nation can claim to be free while it occupies and oppresses another nation. Zionist Israel exists as the pro-imperialist and anti-workers ally of the US to police West Asia (Middle East).

Lining up behind Israel’s right to exist, defending its colonial occupation, condemning the legitimate right of Palestinians armed resistance to occupation, are all the red lines that the Eurocapitalist world must sign up to. Why? Because if Israel goes down, so do the remaining neo-colonies and client states risk defeat at the hands of mass revolutionary uprisings.

This is why the NACTNZ government in power is sucking up to the US over Israel, Ukraine and China. They declare their loyalty to the declining US led Europcapitalist bloc against the rising power of the Global South and influence of Russia and China.

In a terminal crisis when the end of capitalism is ecologically inevitable, the culture of end-stage capitalism is to defend with wars and genocides the rule of decaying Eurocapitalism.

The unspoken truth, however, is that it is not its white racist client regimes that pose a threat to Eurocapitalism, it is the masses who, once aroused and armed, can take the power to end white colonial rule for good, that makes the white supremacists panic.

If we translate this global phenomenon to the situation in Aotearoa it becomes clear why the first 100 days of the new NACTNZ government is a panic-ridden rush to repeal the last 50 years.

And just as Zionism is what the Eurocapitalist world will die in a ditch to save, it is the undisputed sovereignty of white rule over Maaori self determination that becomes the cultural and political red line to defend.  Like the Zionist kith and kin who annexed Palestine in order to establish its own bourgeois economy on its own blood and soil, in Aotearoa the white supremacists demand uncontested sovereignty over their own blood and soil by suppressing the land rights of the Maaori people.


Dave Brownz is TDBs Guest Marxist blogger because every Left wing Blog requires a Guest Marxist Blogger 


  1. A small correction. The New Zealand government has not recognised Hamas as a terrorist entity, it has designated it as such. The difference is that to recognise an entity as terrorist you need evidence. To designate you do not.
    It is also important to note that the Labour government would have done exactly the same as the National government of Christopher Luxon. Labour asked its “officials” (SIS and MFAT) for advice while knowing with absolute certainty that the advice from the SIS would be that the New Zealand government should designate Hamas as a terrorist entity. There would have been no point in seeking advice that it intended to ignore. Labour knew in advance what the advice would be, and it knew that it would follow that advice. Therefore de facto the decision to designate Hamas was made by Chris Hipkins rather than Christopher Luxon.

    There is something to be said in favour of Hamas. Unlike the New Zealand government, it has the fortitude to take a stand against an occupying power. It has the courage to face overwhelming odds, to fight and die for its own people. It has also served them well in the administration of civil society. The contrast with our own colonialist rulers could not be more stark. They cower before the military and economic power of the United States of America. They bully smaller nations on the orders of their imperial masters. They have set up a corrupt narco-state ruled by tobacco and liquor companies. They have traded their peoples birthright for a mess of pottage. They are now committing genocide against the people of Palestine whose only defender is Hamas. Who are the terrorists here, and who are the corrupt of the earth?

  2. A number of statements there that really deserve some evidence to back them up. Like: “Britain and the US had an interest in a Jewish nation state to rid them of Jewish bourgeois and worker migrants. ” And too many others to mention.

  3. Well said Dave. In the 70s whilst a student I was witness to Bastion Point, the Hikoi and a beginning to a cultural revival. Then came te reo, the Waitangi process. That’s 50 years of slow progress. That’s the up side.

    On the contrary side of the ledger the white settler culture I knew in the 70s, with all its’ assumed cultural superiority is as strong as ever.

    The sad thing about this is that whilst Maori are absorbed into the settler cultural hegemony in all aspects, the reverse does not apply.

    It is dispiriting to watch cultural neanderthals led by Luxon and Seymour. Their impoverished minds just can’t conceive the opportunity to unite us as a post colonial blend of cultures that will define future Aotearoans. That bus has left the depot and those two are left behind.

  4. There are a number of misconceptions in this article.
    1. The suggestion that colonialism in New Zealand is wholly congruent with white supremacy is incorrect. Colonial rule has been supported by many Maori in New Zealand from 1840 through to the present day, and it has been opposed by a significant number of Pakeha. Generally, out of a sense of its own best interests, the colonial regime has resisted the blatant and explicit promotion of white supremacist principles.
    2. When you apply the word “subhuman” to “black and brown peoples” it should be placed between quote marks. Similarly when you write that “Jews were not fit to live among Europeans” the words after “Jews” should be placed between quote marks.
    3. Zionism was not an exclusively bourgeois capitalist project, because you cannot have bourgeois capitalists without a proletariat. Furthermore Jewish national socialism (be careful about how you interpret that) was strongly expressed in the kibbutz movement. The subsequent eclipse of social democratic and socialist ideas in Israel simply reflects the change that has taken place around the globe over the past half century.
    4. You claim that “if Israel goes down, so do the remaining neo-colonies and client states risk defeat at the hands of mass revolutionary uprisings” but the chain of logic which might lead to such a conclusion is absent. There are better reasons to believe that only when the Arab states emerge from military dictatorships and autocracies will Israel be forced to abandon its expansionist policy.

    • 5. When you apply the word “genocide” to Israeli efforts to hunt down and eliminate the 7 Oct terrorists it should be placed between quote marks to indicate it is being used as a propaganda tool.

      • There is no doubt that this is genocide. Israel, supported by the United States, the Realm of New Zealand and a handful of other rogue states, has already killed or injured nearly 5% of the population of Gaza through indiscriminate aerial bombing, naval and artillery shelling, and small arms fire. It has severed food, water and medical supplies to the civil population of Gaza and closed hospitals with the intention of causing mass deaths by starvation and disease. That is genocide by any definition. The word does not need to be in quote marks. It would be more appropriate to mark it in bold and black.

        • Er severed? Not even close. Restricted, yes, but over 100 aid trucks have entered Gaza most days. And it was the Palestinian govt which curbed the Cyprus-Israeli plan to ship aid from Cyprus because “we have suspicions that the ships operated by Cyprus could be used to remove our people from Gaza” (Palestinian PM Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh.)
 So if you are determined to proceed with the “genocide” deception at least be decent enough to include Egypt, Hamas and the Palestinian govt in your bold and black denouncement. As well as the UN whose inefficiency in distributing aid has added considerably to civilian suffering.

          • No, supplies have been severed. The “100 trucks a day” are only for show in a population of over two million. If Israel wanted aid to come from the sea with all the complications involved, why would it not allow the same aid to come by truck through the land crossings?
            Yes, the Egyptian military dictatorship is a disgrace, almost as guilty as the Realm of New Zealand for the Gaza genocide. The Palestinian government slightly less so, because it has tried to find a modus vivendi with the State of Israel. The UN may have been inefficient. All this may be true. But it is a serious intellectual failure to see this as a a case of universal moral equivalence. The State of Israel has the express intention of committing genocide, and is actually carrying out a genocide. It is being aided and abetted by the United States, the Realm of New Zealand, and a handful of other rogue states. Egypt is complicit by its silence and unwillingness to step in to avert the atrocities. The UN has tried to aid the victims, but with limited success.
            Now if this was a murder being committed on a New Zealand street, Israel would get life without parole. The US would get 20 years with a minimum non-parole period of 15 years. New Zealand 10 years with no parole before 8 years. Egypt would earn the contempt of the court. The UN agencies would have the sympathy of the general public who would ask themselves “Could I have done any better?”.

            • Then given your determination to invoke “genocide” the Gazan govt would also get life without parole for its motivating paradigm expressed in the Hamas charters – no-one here having yet enlightened me as to when the 1988 one was completely and irrevocably revoked. The UNRWA has been not just inefficient but criminally so and should themselves be brought before the ICJ. But when they’re so involved in teaching young children how to hate I guess the time to effectively organise and leverage the billions which they have received in aid over decades is somewhat limited. In any case are plenty who would answer your “could I have done any better?” in the affirmative. And where is this food coming from if all aid has been severed?

              • You imply that you could have done better than UNRWA in feeding, educating and otherwise caring for refugee children in Gaza. But to do that you would first have needed to have an intention. So tell us, did you ever put yourself forward for such a task? Did you even donate money to some more worthy recipient than UNRWA? Or are you really just criticizing UNRWA because they did something, however “inefficient”, to provide life and a semblance of dignity to the people of Gaza?

  5. The factual inaccuracies in this blog are amazing
    The 1948 leaders of Israel are the terrorists that blew the British out.
    The combatants on both sides are semites originally from the area, not colonizers.
    The deals with Eichman were to enrich the Nazis and get rid of Jews
    The only difference between 1948 Palestinians and the Jews is the Jews were dispossessed 2000 years ago for rebelling against their colonial masters

    • Tribal+Scot
      Firstly the Jews of 2000 years ago are not the same Jews that live in apartheid Israel today so factual you are incorrect
      Secondly the 1948 leaders of Israel like Moshe Dayan, Ben Gurion, Golda Meir promoted terrorist attacks against defenseless Palestinians villages which is a war-crime
      Thirdly the Haavara Transfer agreement between Zionist & Nazi Germany saw the transfer of german jewry wealth to Palestine to fund its colonial project.
      Fourth and final DNA is prohibited in apartheid Israel because the clear fact would establish that european jews DNA would show that they’re from Poland, Ukraine, Russia, etc and that Palestinians are semites.

    • “The combatants on both sides are semites originally from the area”

      This is only partly true – there being a sizeable fraction of Jews tracing their origins to Spain (The Sephardic Jews) and to the Germanies (the Ashkenazi Jews). Only the Mizrahi communities remained in the Middle East.

      The destruction of the Indo-Phoenician trading cities created large numbers of refugees that spoke the same language, and subsequent to Roman wars were often thrown together in similar circumstances. Spanish Jewish quarters were frequently quarters formerly occupied by Carthaginians, and, subsequent to the Scipio’s African adventures, it would be no great surprise if numbers of Africans decided it was prudent to become Judean.

  6. When are these people that hate our country, our society and our values just going to fuck off to Gaza, Syria, Yemen or anywhere else that they perceive as being more free, more tolerant, less racist and more prosperous than us?

    • They will be going, and God willing that day is not far off. Though I doubt that they will be going to Gaza or Yemen. In the past they have shown a preference for London, Sydney and New York.

    • Given Jacks potty mouth bullshitting when telling/repeating blatant lies,,, and his aggressive intolerant personality ,,,,, then he should move to Israel ,,, he’d fit right in there and our country would have one less arse-hole.

      ,,,, before he starts angrily telling the lie that he never posts lies ,,, I’d like him to confirm that he has said that Israel DOES NOT target murder journalists ,,,, and then I’d like to know if he’s ever fired a rifle or done any shooting? ,,, does he know how rifle sights work?.

      If his answer is yes to the gun questions ,,,, then he must answer ‘no’,,,,, that he has never denied that Israel deliberately targets/murders journalists,,, otherwise he’s clearly been telling/repeating Israeli lies for Israel.

      I also think he’s rather big on the raping of the truth that the Israeli mass/systemic rape propaganda has proven to be as well ,,,, “NYT Fires Israeli Officer Who Fabricated Mass-Rape Stories”

      …. when it comes to the zionist pack raping of the truth …you can always count nathan and jack in.

      ,,,, Ann E is also worth a mention, sticking her Islamaphobia all over the place ,,, she’s not what you’d call a lady.

      • I’m flattered that you’ve noticed my challenge to your nasty on this site but I would just point out the word you are looking for is Islamistophobia (although I prefer free speech advocate myself.)


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