MEDIAWATCH: The fight to save TVNZ News, why it matters to our Democracy and I why don’t care what Hillary wears


The fight to save TVNZ News

The Fight by E Tu to stand with TVNZ news staff isn’t just a union protecting their members, it is a fight for the very democracy we stand for..

…you can sign their petition

TVNZ must reconsider their proposed cuts. TVNZ’s mission, upheld by programs like Fair Go and Sunday, embodies accountability and community values.
Sign the open letter today to ensure an inclusive process and preserve our commitment to quality journalism and storytelling.

We need 5,000 signatures

…everyone who cares about NZ democracy should rally to support TVNZ because this is our Fourth Estate and we are all dependent upon it.

Why it matters to our Democracy

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I’ve been banned form RNZ, blackballed by NZME and if we can ever harness the energy that The Democracy Project exerts each week to fastidiously ignore The Daily Blog, we’d solve climate change, look – I’ve been blacklisted by Newshub and TVNZ and even I see its importance!

Newshub and TVNZ News are infrastructure! It’s like the Cook Straits Ferry, or the fucking Harbour Bridge, you can’t just leave Newshub and TVNZ to implode!

Ultimately Newshubs demise is a story of ruthless Trans National interests and geopolitical cultural hegemony.

Corporate Hollywood soft power wants to continue its cultural dominance as the South Pacific friction continues between US & China.

New Zealand is an important plank for American hegemony in the South Pacific and as China and American competition heats up, Warners Bros suddenly buying a large stake in our media was always a geopolitical calculation over a commercial one.

Cultural dominance doesn’t require nor want an active journalism, so they will keep the channel open purely as a means of dominating domestic culture without any of the Fourth Estate Obligations.

That bitter angry feeling you have watching Warner Bros destroy our Fourth Estate is righteous.

They bought a media outlet that has a 35 year history of being a structural part of our media environment and dumping it trashes their social licence in this country.

That feeling of rage you have watching a multibillion Trans National vandalise our environment is going to be repeated the millisecond you see the American mining interests lining up to mine Conservation land with all their promises to repair anything they break.

Remember – the Trans National ain’t your friend regardless of its pronouns!

We can’t allow Newshub or TVNZ news to go under any more than we can simply allow one of the lanes of the Harbour Bridge just fall off without any repair!

This Government is giving away a billion each year to the richest amongst us as a tax cut alongside $2.9billion tax break for the richest landlords.

If Newshub was Big Tobacco, a gun lobbyist or rich landlord wanting a tax loop hole, they’d already be saved.

Fully funding TV1 to be advert free so the advertising dollars flows to Newshub is one way we could reform the broken free market that we currently have.

It’s the Government’s responsibility to regulate capitalism so that Capitalism’s venal profit driven nature isn’t the only value that matters. This Government is focused not on regulating Capitalism, but deregulating it for their donor base.

It is a level of transactional politics New Zealanders have never seen before and it’s occurring because Luxon is a weak leader who can’t manage Seymour, Winston or the corporate influences that are driving National.

We are in so much danger as a country. The Left have been too focused on bickering amongst each other and cancelling those who don’t agree to their woke doctrine while the Right are blitzkrieging far right culture war revenge fantasies as social policy.

Democracy dies in darkness and Melissa Lee as Broadcasting Minister is only there to turn off the lights!


(PS I don’t care what Hillary wears)

Also, I don’t care what Hillary wears…

TVNZ’s Hilary Barry hits back at viewer’s ‘too much skin’ complaint

Seven Sharp host Hilary Barry has been the victim of yet another intolerant complaint by a viewer for her on-air fashion choices.

In an Instagram post, Barry said a viewer complained about a dress she wore while hosting the popular 7pm entertainment show because she was showing “too much skin”.

But Barry has had the last laugh, telling her followers she plans to wear the same dress again while hosting the show on Friday night.

…what I do care about is the light weight bullshit that gets vomited out of 7 Sharp every single fucking weekday.

It is mind numbing beige garbage made for Private School Soccer Mums with electric cars and every woman who aspires to being a Private School Soccer Mum with an electric car.

The reason why no one cares that the media are imploding is because those media have served the interest of the elites far more than they have ever championed the needs of the people with journalism that matters.

Bryan Bruce’s documentary on food security last year is the kind of journalism the public broadcaster should be promoting rather than middle class lifestyle virtue signals.

If the news media in this country want to be saved, then they need to stand for a Fourth Estate Journalism that deserve to be saved.

First let’s save them, then reform them!

How RNZ defines Media pluralism

Increasingly having independent opinion in a mainstream media environment which mostly echo one another has become more important than ever, so if you value having an independent voice – please donate here.

If you can’t contribute but want to help, please always feel free to share our blogs on social media.


  1. TVNZ, like RNZ, hasn’t been [ours] since an old traitor and vile pig abuser ( I have the photograph.) and his blood boy sold us to the now foreign owned banks so’s [they] could build fortunes at our expense without fear of the public resistance that might have been broad cast by what was once our MSM. ” Control the Media then take their money” wasn’t a T shirt but it should’ve been.
    Every single dysfunction, every single fear in the hearts of our homeless, every range rover that cruises along Ponsonby Road past the addicted and hungry, every person who lives in fear of losing their homes is all on the politicians who enabled the foreign ownership of our agrarian economy.
    The Press.
    NZ banks ‘some of the most profitable in the world’

  2. Sign the petition all of us, try to get into the sealed tin can of goodies that NZ had but have had locked away from us. Have you noticed how poorly the lower priced tin openers work and last? My suggestion, save up and buy the dearer stainless steel ones, nearly $20 each. And get that tin open, and share out the stuff inside, NZ made and grown hopefully in the main. Be proud of ourselves and our doings!! But do something to be proud of yourself.

  3. Normally I’d be in full agreement that saving quality TV news and current affairs was of high importance.
    I am however firmly of the opinion that the battle was lost decades ago.

  4. It’s probably WAY PAST time for RNZ to review BB’s ban. The longer they leave it, the less credibility they’ll have. But……if they want to play I’m the boss man, and continue to employ managerialist people who have fucked up royally (such as He of the Concert FM debacle), so be it.
    At least Mora is better suited to his current pozzy than as leader of the panelistas, but the whole concept is very CNN/FOX pontificating parrots. I always used to think of it as the RNZ ZB hour. Christ! it’s now 2 hours. Commercial talkback radio without the ads.
    Not one of RNZ’s best efforts, but then I don’t expect 24/7 my way or the highway, and it’s probably the best we have at the moment for background noise I don’t specifically solicit.
    We are entitled to expect better however. We could start with the management, as we could with TVNZ (and Newshub for that matter)


    * There will be No questioning or other research of the facts WE give you.

    * Engagement of, or reckons of any other Economists other than Tricola Witless will be illegal

    * Headlines of political issues and activity will have to be dictated and approved by the Broadcasting Minister’s Office before publication.

    * Only the ruling Parties can be interviewed.

    * Reporting on ethnic issues or using any other language other than English will be illegal.

    * Climate and environmental issues     do not exist therefore any images
       purporting to be evidence are

    * Descriptions of NACTZI’s on government media releases must only be those taken from Government’s officially published list of ‘ block and bridge’ phrases.

    – The Right Hon ..being the best           
    expert said
    – The genius Mr.
    – What I am saying to you is
    – The reality is
    – ..he replied, 100% truthfully
    – Our saviours the farmers, the             

  6. Fair Go was the best consumer protection institution – now gone. How many thousands of times was the mere mention of Fair Go in a letter of complaint to a corporation the spur needed to get action for the little guy. Marketers for airlines, insurance companies, electricity utilities, travel bookers, real estate agents will be breathing a sigh of relief and sending bottles of champagne to their National party mates.

    • “Fair Go was the best consumer protection institution – now gone.”

      You are having a laugh. Only an infinitesimal fraction of tips and complaints to Fair Go make it to air. They have to be egregious, particularly if the culprit capitulates as soon as a it is obvious that FG are investigating, threats of “I’ll go to fair Go” are largely toothless.

  7. The paucity of comment betrays the reality that no one cares about Newshub and TVNZ woes. I can’t remember the last time I watched either. I wouldn’t notice if they slipped into the sea.

  8. New Zealand MSM is utter garbage though. There is zero merit in saving anything at TVNZ. Let someone else fill the the void (if there is demand for it, it will happen organically) rather than subsidising trash with taxpayer money.


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