Soooo, shall we talk about the geopolitical reasons Warner Bros bought TV3 in the first place?


Ultimately Newshubs demise is a story of ruthless Trans National interests and geopolitical cultural hegemony.

Corporate Hollywood soft power wants to continue its cultural dominance as the South Pacific friction continues between US & China.

New Zealand is an important plank for American hegemony in the South Pacific and as China and American competition heats up, Warners Bros suddenly buying a large stake in our media was always a geopolitical calculation over a commercial one.

Cultural dominance doesn’t require nor want an active journalism, so they will keep the channel open purely as a means of dominating domestic culture without any of the Fourth Estate Obligations.

That bitter angry feeling you have watching Warner Bros destroy our Fourth Estate is righteous.

They bought a media outlet that has a 35 year history of being a structural part of our media environment and dumping it trashes their social licence in this country.

That feeling of rage you have watching a multibillion Trans National vandalise our environment is going to be repeated the millisecond you see the American mining interests lining up to mine Conservation land with all their promises to repair anything they break.

Remember – the Trans National ain’t your friend regardless of its pronouns!

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That prick they rolled in with the soft glazed CEO face to do the sad sad crying is  disingenuous and condescending.

If they go ahead with killing Newshub off, we have no option as Kiwis but to boycott whatever is left of TV3 and kill off Warner Bros remaining interests altogether!



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  1. Very true. It is important to starve these alien foreign interests of revenue. If you must watch some awful superhero film, do it from a Bittorrent download.

  2. ” Cultural dominance doesn’t require nor want an active journalism, so they will keep the channel open purely as a means of dominating domestic culture without any of the Fourth Estate Obligations ”

    Just what I was looking for in this debate and you covered and posted it.

    Excellent work Bomber.

  3. Why don’t we do to Warners what we should do to the foreign owned banks?
    Give the staff 4 hours to pack their office stuff then go home as we boot the fuckers out of OUR AO/NZ. Warners, like the foreign owned banks are a foreign enemy, not an ally. If they were friendly they’d be helping AO/NZ with it’s day to days. Not, closing down a news infrastructure they’ve stealthily made us reliant upon so they could reverse us up a dead end to then take advantage of our lack of information.
    It’s Sun Tzu stuff.
    “The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy, so that he cannot fathom our real intent.”
    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War
    “If his forces are united, separate them.”
    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War
    “Yeah, in my opinion the heart of the problem is Marxism-Leninism itself―the very idea that a “vanguard party” can, or has any right to, or has any capacity to lead the stupid masses towards some future they’re too dumb to understand for themselves. I think what it’s going to lead them towards is “I rule you with a whip.” Institutions of domination have a nice way of reproducing themselves―I think that’s kind of like an obvious sociological truism.
    Noam Chomsky.
    As I’ve written here before. we’re about to lose our AO/NZ.
    The only forces capable of the resistance of that seeming certainty is Maori with the Treaty and Farmers with the money and the fact that we’re a British Commonwealth country. But perhaps we’d be better off. Let’s see shall we.

  4. Marx said religion was the opiate of the masses. This was true right up until the 1970s. Since then the masses have substituted the religious opiate for the sports opiate. Our national obsession with this triviality is disgusting ultimately a complete and utter waste of time and talent. Because it prevades and dominates news and culture, with its sickness and single minded focus on winning, it creates the background to NZ tolerance of foreign policies and influence, especially American and British while imprinting the ethics of free market winner takes all mentality on youngsters.
    Education may go someway to mitigating the worst excesses, but the foreign owned media who have a stranglehold on ours, set the background.
    Undoing this will take a huge change of mindset.


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