ACT at 13.7??? – What does Labour/Greens/Māori Party do next?


I told you the Taxpayers’ Union Poll was rogue!

Next day we had the Talbot Poll placing them at 7%, but there is no doubt that the hard Right with anti-Māori ACT and Antivaxx NZ First have pushed National far, far, far to the racist and stupid right!

Remember when I argued against the middle class woke handing ACT culture war ammunition Seymour and Winston have used against us for culture wars we could never win?

How’s that strangling free speech, crazy pro Trans and having people sacked for not liking Te Reo going now?

If only middle class woke virtue signals were as important as the common ground economics between us hu?

We wouldn’t be in this place if the Woke hadn’t gone crazy during their 2016 social media culture war cancellation purges.

All the woke middle class identity political activist class managed to do was alienate people suffering economically with woke dogma. No poor family in NZ was sitting around the kitchen table at the end of each week cancelling each other for misusing pronouns! They were sitting around the table trying to work out how to pay the bills!

This singular talent to drive voters away from the Left is all these middle class activists have achieved since 2016.

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ACTS race war inducing hate bait has the kinda twang that honkey loves to do the cracker two step to. This country has a large chunk who want to cement into place 19th Century Privilege by overturning the legal ruling that bound the Crown and Māori into partnership to give meaning to the Treaty.

It’s disingenuous and plays to the worst and most reactive angels of our nature.

That such malice has political representation demands a reflection on how the Left have driven people into this intellectual malaise.

So what the hell does Labour, the Greens and Māori Party do?


Time is ticking on Chippy’s Leadership

Labour won’t budge in the Polls until voters some actual policy that meets their realities.

When Labour dumped the wealth tax that would have seen everyone get $10 000 tax free, voters intellectually saw no reason to vote Labour.

When Labour dumped the Capital Gains Tax and locked into place the privilege of the mega landlords, voters intellectually saw no reason to vote Labour.

When all Labour had to offer was GST off your bananas, voters intellectually saw no reason to vote Labour.

Labour either reset the agenda by holding a ‘Rebuilding Aotearoa New Zealand’ weekend overseen by Labour that brings forward the best minds in NZ to give their ideas on how to move forward or Labour don’t look like they have learnt anything.

Chippy needs to meet and hear some of the best progressive visionaries NZ has.

Māori Legal Expert Annette Sykes – No one can give insight into the righteous anger of Māoridom like Annette can.

Documentary Film Maker Bryan Bruce – knows more about free market capitalism and poverty than the Reserve Bank Governor.

Economics Professor Tim Hazeldean – Has actual economic solutions.

Visionary Revolutionary Max Harris – His vision for a Ministry of Green Works is ahead of its time.

Greenpeace director Russel Norman – His insight and oversight on how we move to a sustainable economy is essential.

Child Poverty Action Group and Auckland Action Against Poverty – They are at the coal face of child poverty and their advice are the only ones that matter.

CTUs Craig Renney – His leadership from the CTU on economic issues has been unparalleled.

If Chippy can’t organise a reset and present Labour policy that pushes for Left Universalism and Economic Justice, then all eyes turn to Kieran McAnulty to step up as a challenger to his Leadership.

It’s as naked and as obvious as that.

Chippy either generates a reset or he gets crushed in the gravity of Labour”s failures.

What does NZ Labour stand for because we have a Party that is more right wing than the British Tory Party!



The UK Labour anti-semitism smear by Jack Tame and Chris Trotter aside, her race to become the co-leader of the Greens continues apace.

I first met Chloe in 2016 during her Auckland Mayoralty campaign where she came a remarkable third and even from that moment she was unique.

I’ve had the privilege of speaking with Chloe on many occasions and she is without a doubt the real deal.

Her intellect to connect policy to the end impact on people is remarkable.

Her criticism of bad policy is always precision targeted.

Her understanding of how the neoliberal economic hegemonic structure is built for the powerful is fundamental to her intellectual confidence.

She is one of the most intelligent MPs we have in the House right now, she’s so good, I’d argue she’s smarter than David Seymour, and I consider Seymour almost as smart as David Parker!

I don’t think the question has ever been ‘can’ Chloe become co leader, it’s ‘should’ Chloe become co leader.

Because let’s be clear about what she just called out and what will amass against her.

I’ve spoken at length with Chloe about ideas and politics and it is abundantly clear to me that she is without ego in this. She is a TRUE believer because she’s smart enough to see how the policy intersects with real people. She has an intellectual confidence because she really is a researched radical.

She sure as Christ ain’t in this to tinker at the edges.

You fight the negative populism of Trump with the positive populism of Bernie Sanders.

You promise truly free education, truly free health, truly free public transport.

It’s Left universalism that lifts all people funded by the richest amongst us.

To have that fight demands a Green Party reset in terms of tactics and strategy.

No more hugs. It’s time to fight bare knuckle and that means a total over haul of the Green strategy team who have made some disastrous calls on tactics over the years.

Remember when the Greens gave their questions to National and won’t allowing barracking?

This pious bullshit doesn’t win fights and Chloe has just picked a fight with the most self interested of political blocks.

Incremental Labour and the entire Right wing establishment who benefit from our rigged under regulated capitalism.

Stop calling it the Wealth Tax, call it the 1% Tax because we are aiming to tax the richest.

An entire raft of new taxes aimed at the speculators and the Banks and the rich need to be brought on board to lower working peoples taxes AND fund the social and physical infrastructure upgrade required.

Chloe knows this.

She is about actual fundamental solutions, not the tinkering and by doing so, she has bought an enormous fight with the venal right and self loathing left.

If Chloe is truly going to lead a revolution at the ballot box, if she is truly going to look at breaking and re-setting the neoliberal economic hegemony, then every single one of us who has ever voted left have an obligation to swing in behind her leadership, sign up and become a member and throw every ounce of effort into building the Greens into the dominant new political force for the Left.

She is the last chance of the Left having a leader who will actually reset the crooked foundations and make the fight finally worthwhile for many who are just getting by.

Chloe is the Jacinda we wish Jacinda was.

Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their country.

Māori Party:

They are currently playing full blown Nationalism with calls for a seperate Parliament, Prison system, seperate etc etc etc.

It’s like they want to hand ammunition to the Right and allow them to call Māori ‘separatist’.

This desire to virtue signal Māori Nationalism will be great for gaining another 2% for them, total crap at winning the majority. They are simply seeking to place unattainable Nationalistic goals before pragmatically working together.

Rawiri ‘s demand for Māori to have seperate trade deals opens the spectre to Corporate Iwi cutting deals with China for access to water. That would feel like Treason.

Too much hat, not enough head.

The Māori Party need to focus less on separatism and more on working together because it will require working together to beat this hard right racist climate denying Government.

The shockwave of naked racism that emboldened so much race baiting this election highlights how the Right wil always use Māori as a political punching bag for votes.

As New Zealand faces the absurdity of a referendum to redefine the principles of the Treaty and after disbanding the Māori Health Authority, the question for the Left is how to work together strategically and tactically to stop the Right from winning by race baiting.

I believe the answer lies in our existing MMP system and requires a new Rātana alliance.

The Rātana movement into politics in 1923 helped seal gains for Māori and Pakeha with Michael Savage in 1936.

Savage was gifted a potato, a broken gold watch, a pounamu hei-tiki, and a huia feather as symbols of the new alliance.

The potato represented loss of Māori land and means of sustenance, the broken watch represented the broken promises of the Treaty of Waitangi, and the pounamu represented the mana of the Māori people, if Savage was able to restore those 3, he would earn the right to wear the huia feather.

It is time for Labour to earn the right to wear that feather.

What was fascinating about the Māori electorates this election was how tactical Māori voters were, once again proving why they are one of the smartest tactical voters each and every election.

Overwhelmingly Māori in the Māori electorates voted Labour Party vote and Māori Patry candidate vote and this has generated the focus on the power of the MMP Overhang the Māori Electorates generate.

If there was a Rātana 2, the Labour Party and Māori Party could strategically work together and push a tactical voting plan that calls for voters in the Māori electorate to all give their candidate vote to the Māori Party candidate and their Party vote to Labour.

This would end up creating up to 7 overhang seats in the Parliament which would cement an enormous block that could (with support from the Greens) become an unbeatable tactic that would ensure victory.

If this new alliance could demand better material conditions for those on the socio-economic bottom, working class aspirations and Māori aspirations could combine to finally deliver the promise to Rātana made in 1936.

If Labour want to wear that huia feather, they must rethink their MMP tactics and strategy.

If Māori Party want to contribute and work together, they need to dump the separatism.


We are seeing a new hard right racist Government who are politically assaulting the most vulnerable amongst us so they can give policy wins to their rich mates.

They are implementing an anti-Māori, anti-renter, anti-environment, anti-worker, anti-beneficiary agenda and to challenge them will demand a united front.

Pushing 13000 children into poverty, 8000 tobacco deaths and taking thousands from disabled beneficiaries just so National can afford their tax cuts for rich landlords is an obscenity we should all be ashamed of.

This Government isn’t even 4 months old and the level of protest at the extreme nature of their agenda actually offends many peoples egalitarian sensibilities.

We are a fair people, what National, ACT and NZFirst have all agreed to is extreme and nasty.

Kiwis aren’t extreme or nasty. Some are, they vote ACT and NZ First, but National voters will be aghast at what they’ve seen so far.

This is the time for the political Left to walk away from woke pure temple politics and embrace Broadchurch class solidarity.

Our under funded social infrastructure, our ‘me first’ consumerism, our 30 years of neoliberal mythology, our disconnection from one another, our untreated pain, our lack of hope from grinding poverty in a first world country, our damaged masculinity, the intergenerational consequences of colonialism, our unspoken rage culture, our inability to express emotion beyond anger – all of this demands questions we don’t want to hear as a society.

The Right look for recruits, the Left look for traitors.

If we don’t provide people with Hope that there is a better way of being for us all, if we don’t provide vision that actually addresses the material well being of our voters, if we aren’t prepared to debate the expansion of State Capacity by taxing the megawealthy and funding the climate change adaptation,  if we don’t do all that, this hard right racist Government will win again.


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  1. Trying to organise and make those not in the ‘hard right’ cohesive is like herding cats ,,,,

    In the meantime the message (and truth), that Act politics want to remove our (your) state pension, our free public health system, public education etc ,,, needs to be said more.

    People do not know what they are supporting with Act ,,, as they put on a good act to hide their true Atlas (shrugged) intentions.

    • We can’t reason with irrational and hysterial moral absolutists. Yknow that Maori are poor so solution? Jail and sterilisation. You can’t reason with people who believe the solution to poverty is to mount an all out invasion on gangs.

      What the left can do is talk to them in a way they will understand which is to make there wallets fatter.

  2. War
    Forget everything else.
    It will be this issue that will either bring the Maori Party, the Greens and Labour together or make them fly far apart.

    No Peace No Justice
    Without peace there is no justice, not in the world not here.
    War is the biggest decision a government or a people can ever make. Currently this decision is being made for us by others, not by us.

    The Maori Party have the best most thought out policy position on this. The Greens and Labour need to come around to agreeing with the Maori Party; that New Zealand ditch all our military and intelligence ties and agreements with all foreign military powers to chart a truly independent foreign policy.

    When I said forget everything else. I meant war affects everything else. Social justice, civil rights, the economy, the environment, trade, you name it.
    War is the touchstone issue.
    If the three main Left parties cannot agree to agree on this issue, they can never have any meaningful agreement on anything else either. War will always be the stumbling block. At the first outbreak of war they will fly apart.

    war is the pressing issue of our time.

    What does Labour/Greens/Māori Party do next?

    A ‘Rebuilding Aotearoa New Zealand’ weekend that brings forward the best minds in NZ to give their ideas on how to move forward must have Peace and neutrality as an agenda item to be decided, War or peace, If a Rebuilding New Zealand Weekend can’t decide on this issue, it won’t on anything else either. Labour which is committed to AUKUS will not be the ones to call such a meeting. So it is up to Greens and the Maori Party to call it and invite Labour to attend.

    • No. New Zealand can not intervene militarily for a wide variety of reasons so vast its not worth going into. If New Zealand was to intervene militarily it would have been in the 90’s sending small teams of specialised U.N. peacekeepers could well have had a high chance of preventing conflict between Palestine and Isreal there are conventions in the U.N. charter that allow for conventional militarily assaults. But if we intervene militarily now we will undoubtedly kill the same or more people than just doing nothing. So we should do nothing and let them kill each other.

      • Hi Sam,

        Do you agree with my contention that the issue of war is the deciding issue of our time and that this issue could be a vote winner, for the Left?

        We know from our history the issue of nuclear weapons (and nuclear war generally), forced a snap election and a landslide electoral win for the Lange Labour Party, against the pro-war, pro-nuclear Muldoon National government.

        “No. New Zealand can not intervene militarily…..”

        Unfortunately we are intervening militarily.
        New Zealand is currently intervening in the Red Sea conflict.

        Would you agree with me, that the government have no mandate to involve us in this dispute?

        With growing threat of bloody conflict in the Pacific, involving China (our biggest trade partner), the US and Australia. Do you agree with me that it would be in our nation’s best interest to stay out of it?

        • It’s a kind of yes and a kind of a no. For example we don’t intervene in the genocidal tendencies of Indonesians vs West Papua. Hell I still holiday in Bali. I think that what you want to know is that the point of intervention for New Zealand was when West Papua tried to vote on independence we should have sent a relatively small contingent of kiwi soilders to over sea the vote but we still would have had to have a full battalion or two on stand bye just Incase. There are reasons to intervene militarily but economics is one of the weakest arguments for war.

          Another example would be that we should have every right to intervene to prevent nuclear super powers coming to blows and we have to agree that any nation that fires a nuclear weapon that we go 100% at sending them back to the stone age.

          But do I think that Luxon is the guy to lead such operations hell no.

          I think that if intervening kills more people than it would if we had not intervened then we should do nothing.

          But if intervening saves more people than it would have done doing nothing then we intervene.

  3. I can kind of see where Labour is coming from that if it’s going to harm the economy then they won’t do it. Let’s say if vaccinating the whole country harmed the economy then Labour wouldn’t have done it but if vaccination improved the economy then they did do it.

    In the case of government interventions it’s not clear that bloating the public services would prevent anything. Organising and protesting is seen as the wrong thing to do. Working class have been convinced that union bosses are corrupt individuals and driving all of this home are trans rights. Yknow if promoting and enforcing trans rights doesn’t hurt the economy then let’s do that.

    Overall small specialised teams of expert can intervene to prevent a crises from getting away on us but it’s not clear that a large bureaucracy can prevent it.

    For example a few army field hospitals like the ones John Key sold off with the argument we have to shift spending from the back to the front office to “save” money would have been crucial in the early stages of corona we could have isolated and treated anyone, anywhere in New Zealand with in 12 hours and not risked the whole public health system to the point that the whole elected surgery wait list had to be frozen for months.

    That’s the irrational fear of a large government. Attacking the left is to attack the organised approach to preventing crisis which has already undermined the bureaucracy then you get that fat bloated government staffed with overweight and childless or single bureaucrats a large chunck I would guess watch trans porn. Okay I don’t know that last bit it’s just a gut feeling.

    But it’s a massive theme. Schools need lunch programes. Pools. Gyms and equipment. Wood work and vastly vastly improved metal works and computer science labs. NZDF capabilities need to be vastly, vastly improved. Health, welfare. Back to work programes. Yknow real organisation.

  4. A separate parliament is needed if Maori are to be given real change of circumstances especially politically Maori are weak. If Maori continued to be used as a political football by pakeha society than its time for Maori to incorporate “Tino rangatiratanga” and take back control of our lands and resources.

    Maori society have been too accommodating towards pakeha since their arrivals to our shores. Our people have shown too much manaakitanga towards a culture that just hates us. They use my people today in similar fashion how their ancestors treated Maori in the late nineteenth century.

    Maori nationalism reared its head in 1776 when French explorers overstayed their welcome in the Bay of islands then again in 1843 with Te Rauparaha and his cousin Te Rangihaeata froughting off land greedy speculator child molestor Edward Wakefield in the Wairau affray then again with the establishment of the kingitanga movement in the 1860s and so on.

    Maori collectively aren’t going nowhere with this unicameral system so I can agree with TPM on advocating a separate parliament.

    Free Aotearoa

    • Would a sperate Parliament come with a seperate tax system where only Maori taxes were spent on Maori health, education, housing services, etc? And no non-Maori tax revenue provided to the Maori Parliament to spend on Maori?

      • Haaa a nice thought Ada, but I think you know what belongs to maori is maori and what does not belong to maori is still maori…that includes taxes.

      • The taxes will be from all NZers towards creating a Maori parliament. Remember maori are the rightful owners of this country and “tino rangatiratanga” is mentioned in Te tiriti in article 2 of the Maori version which is the true document signed between Maori and the british crown. Maori never ceded sovereignty neva eva

        Free Aotearoa

        • Funding a refurbished town hall somewhere – Wellington would like to offload theirs – is one thing.

          But for the rest of the Māori Parliament funding of services – that is ‘no taxation without representation’ and everyone else will reject it.
          You are welcome to try proposing it.

    • Give Maori a separate parliament but they have to fund it’s activities themselves. While the rich iwi corporations have the money they might be reluctant to allow “politicians” to get their hands on it. That only leaves taxes from Maori and that wont work – will it.

    • I’m against the idea that 800,000 Maori can run a nation of 5 million. They can have oversight for the purposes of stopping targeted programes that take or assault the rights of Maori but as far as running the place we have to net the widest group of intelligent kiwis possible.

  5. The Opportunities Party are rising in the polls. Even if they are not in Parliament, there is clearly a disaffected middle part of the spectrum who don’t trust the Parliamentary parties to do any good.

    T.O.P. offered a Land Value Tax in exchange for the first $15,000 of your income being tax free; legalization of cannabis and steps to a universal income.

    Might not be perfect but it was far better than what Hipkins offered.

  6. A big part of the problem is noone seems to pull up Luxon on his blatant lies. Today he said there was the equivalent of Napiers population (70000) extra on the job seekers since Labour came to office in 2017 but a minimum of research tells me that the unemployment rate in 2017 sat at around 5.5% but now its at a smidge over 4% and steadily climbing since they took office. His statement also ignores the fact that the population increased by half a million over that time. He also makes much of the fact that about 50000 have left the country in the last year but ignores the fact that it has been evident for the last 12 months that national were likely to win the election.. never mind that well over that amount returned to NZ during the pandemic and never really had any intention of staying. They just came back to sponge on NZ’s public services and relative safety and left before they had to actually pay for any of it through taxes. Didn’t stop them moaning about us tho. If they want to go, fucking go. Good riddance to you. But next time fucking stay away.

  7. Agree that Labour/National needs to listen to academics of all colours, after all why do we promote academia when we never use them for betterment of this country;

    Chloe has Jacinda’s charm and ability to communicate, she needs a co-leader that focus solely on
    green/environment matters; and that will be a team to watch; The current co-lead should move to the Maori party.

    Maori party- they will never amount to much as they stand for separatism. Asking them to curb that tendency to work for betterment of all will not fit their narrative. Hence will remain a fringe party.

    • Benny ” why do we promote academia when we never use them for betterment of this country;” So why has the Waitangi tribunal been successful for ova 40 years if as you claim that we neva use them for the betterment of Aotearoa?

  8. ‘Maori’ don’t want a separate parliament let alone country. Only a handful of radical maori academics and activists want that, knowing it’s all about big money to be claimed from the crown. Everyone else just wants to be a New Zealander and get on with life and go fishing on weekends.


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