Political Caption Competition


We welcome our Chinese Overlords!


  1. NZ can adapt to other cultures; except to changing our attitudes to co-operating with Maori on respecting each other and planning our future. What, me Worry says Alfred E. Seymour.

  2. When we all have huge salaries as directors on the board of Chinese banks all the eating sharks brains, anteaters innards, dog livers and praising the Chinese Communist Party will be worth it. SEE WHO LAUGHS THEN YOU LEFT WING PEASANTS!

  3. The specific nationality is beside the point.
    Resist foreign ownership of NZ assets across the board.

    All foreign investment ultimately siphons off more wealth than it injects, otherwise its a pointless exercise for the investor. It also drives capitalism’s unsustainable pursuit of infinite growth in attempt to reverse the first observation.

    • This should be copied and hung behind every NZ/AO politician’s desk just like Savage’s photo was for old-time Labour, when we used to get around by horse and cart! R-Christie you have set out financial truths so clearly that even people who need their ears – and heads- syringed would get the point.

  4. Having literally shat themselves over TDB’s coverage of their Atlas links, Seymour and Van Velden steal the drapes from a nearby massage parlour


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