New Poll: People Chippy needs to talk to for Labour re-set or his leadership is toast

Time is ticking on Chippy's Leadership

National extends lead in latest Talbot-Mills poll, Chris Hipkins falls

National is extending its lead over Labour, with support for the party lifting two points to 38 per cent, a new poll shows.

Labour’s support fell one point to 29 per cent. The figures come from Talbot-Mills’ poll for corporate clients. Talbot-Mills runs a separate internal poll for the Labour Party.

The Greens were steady on 12 points, while Act fell one point to 7 per cent.

NZ First was on 6.2 per cent, Te Pāti Māori polled 4.9 per cent, and Top polled 1.4 per cent.

I told you the TPU Poll was a rogue poll!

Labour won’t budge in the Polls until voters some actual policy that meets their realities.

When Labour dumped the wealth tax that would have seen everyone get $10 000 tax free, voters intellectually saw no reason to vote Labour.

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When Labour dumped the Capital Gains Tax and locked into place the privilege of the mega landlords, voters intellectually saw no reason to vote Labour.

When all Labour had to offer was GST off your bananas, voters intellectually saw no reason to vote Labour.

Labour either reset the agenda by holding a ‘Rebuilding Aotearoa New Zealand’ weekend overseen by Labour that brings forward the best minds in NZ to give their ideas on how to move forward or Labour don’t look like they have learnt anything.

Chippy needs to meet and hear some of the best progressive visionaries NZ has.

Māori Legal Expert Annette Sykes – No one can give insight into the righteous anger of Māoridom like Annette can.

Documentary Film Maker Bryan Bruce – knows more about free market capitalism and poverty than the Reserve Bank Governor.

Economics Professor Tim Hazeldean – Has actual economic solutions.

Visionary Revolutionary Max Harris – His vision for a Ministry of Green Works is ahead of its time.

Greenpeace director Russel Norman – His insight and oversight on how we move rot a sustainable economy is essential.

Child Poverty Action Group and Auckland Action Against Poverty – They are at the coal face of child poverty and their advice are the only ones that matter.

CTUs Craig Renney – His leadership from the CTU on economic issues has been unparalleled.

If Chippy can’t organise a reset and present Labour policy that pushes for Left Universalism and Economic Justice, then all eyes turn to Kieran McAnulty to step up as a challenger to his Leadership.

It’s as naked and as obvious as that.

Chippy either generates a reset or he gets crushed in the gravity of Labour”s failures.

What does NZ Labour stand for because we have a Party that is more right wing than the British Tory Party!



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  1. sounds like a good plan .Get people from the coal face to set policy not some one sitting in an office doing bugger all .Then dont deviate from the plan for fucks sake just to please a 1% fringe voter lobby group that might vote for you .I would also find a decent farmer rep to be on the think tank as well .Clearly Rennie would make a good finance or wellfare minister but then he might get swallowed up by the caucus and shut down .Kerin should be made leader as he seems able to stick to the program and wont be making captains calls every second day .

  2. Chippy needs to GO! Full Stop, the Man’s as useless as a one legged Man at a Ass kicking contest, his insipid & pathetic Leadership & Jacinda & Labours hopeless incrementalism saw them routed at the last Election & they won’t win the next Election with chippy in charge? Jacinda Ardern left Labour in a shambles after she resigned, she squandered her huge popularity & Election mandate to implement teal change for the better by implementing everything you suggested Martyn, then Jacinda could have departed with a real legacy to be proud off then departed the scene for another Leader but Ardern cut & ran like a coward leaving Labour to be defeated? And Chippy had no spine to implement all the suggestions you put forward in this article Martyn, he might have been governing from the Front benches right now & not the Opposition benches if he had the Political courage & will to make a difference instead of taking GST of Bananas as you said it? Also, some dumb Labour Policies like the Ute Tax, Speed limits & Speed bumps all over the damn Place & other ridiculous bureaucratic wokeism Policy nonsense which just pissed ordinary NZers off, just made people sick to death of them & people voted for a change, any change, even if it was a change to vote against their own self interests which voting for this Rightwing Govt Coalition of Alan Gibbs acolyte’s was the result & this is finally dawning on NZers now? And Labour flirting with Blackrock to enter into deals with this vulture, disaster capitalist corporation was the height of foolishness & stupidity? If Labour showed the same ruthlessness as the Natzi Coalition who have fast tracked reversing every Policy decision & Legislation that Labour made over their 6 yrs in Govt in only 3 mths, then they wouldn’t be in the dire situation they are in now? Labour have a target rich environment to go after the Natzi’s now with their slash & burn arsonism with no Policies to replace Labour’s but where the Hell is the Labour Party, they are still on friggin Holiday, the silence from Chippy & his hopeless mob is deafening & the only one taking the lead & speaking up is Kieran McAnulty, but whether he has the intellect or vocabulary to be the Leader is debatable, he’s a good man but you need some populist appeal to make it as a Leader these Days & some decent policies? Labour just has University trained, phoney & fake Leftwing pretenders who are just lightweight Neoliberals but less extreme, a lukewarm version of them! It’s going to be a hellish & long three yrs till the next Election Martyn & the damage this Rightwing Coalition is going to inflict of this Nation is going to be unbelievable, it’s going to be a firesale of selling what little remains of our Sovereignty & assets & Labour & it’s Leadership is asleep at the wheel?

    • “useless as a one-legged man at an ass-kicking contest” LOL. The best of your speech – shoulda quit while you were ahead.

    • You would have to ask if Chippy had campaigned on a Wealth Tax and CGT, even Labour faithful may not have cast a vote for Labour….

    • Antforce62 “ Chippy has to go.” Yes. When he expressed regret at not joining in terrorising women in Albert Park in his eagerness to embrace the national hysteria about gender bending, he lost the big picture. I’ve not ever seen collective concern about deprived children, or the challenges of the handicapped or homeless, or jiggerypokery with hospital waiting lists, like we witnessed on that day of shame. An event to give women voices was hijacked by a powerful vociferous group determined to silence them.

      Just because politicians, police and media enabled and supported the madness, doesn’t mean that they were right. Kids at school being taught that they can choose their own gender, and falling further and further behind in essential basics like numeracy and literacy, suggests that too much decision making is being made by persons who are not particularly intelligent. Luxon’s team are looking equally inept, and that woman’s cavalier attitude about children living beneath the poverty line is chillingly brutal, if not sub-human.

      • Snow White: changing the leader won’t change LINO’S stance on trans. The evidence – every single LINO MP voted to keep trans in the “Conversion Practices” legislation, effectively criminalizing any parents or medical practitioners who are reluctant to endorse “Gender-affirming care”. Let’s see if this comment gets past the moderator.

  3. ‘Labour’. There is no ‘Labour party’. Just another MMP minion to AO/NZ’s customised version of neo-liberalism. Chipkins is like all the rest dating back to 1984. A gate keeper to greed related crimes and how do I know that, you might ask? Nothing’s changed, that’s how I know.

    • The fake ‘Labour’ party’s greatest crime since the 80s has been to allow the total control of media by neoliberals. Not even public media was allowed to be neutral. That one guy who was editing RNZ stories to be slightly less biased got fired to cheers and applause from the Labour rats.

  4. ” If Chippy can’t organise a reset and present Labour policy that pushes for Left Universalism and Economic Justice, then all eyes turn to Kieran McAnulty to step up as a challenger to his Leadership ”

    Kieran has said very forcefully he does not want the leadership. If Hipkins goes within a year Robertson will step up. There is no one else which is a major problem if you look at the intake of MP’s LINO has and none of them advocate or believe in left wing working class ideals or strategy and neither do most of the party members either !

    LINO is a middle class managerial party that represents around 25% of the voting public , no where near enough to be of any use or provide a ” real ” alternative to what we have just had six years of and what we are dealing with now with the current government.

    The only politician who is talking about the current economic misery and forced austerity on many of us is Chloe. The others just pay lip service to the reality of life outside of their world of six figure salaries and investment portfolios.

    Hipkins and LINO are silent.

  5. What I don’t understand is why there *appears* to be a fear in Labour leadership of upsetting the 1%-ers and their acolytes by advocating the policies Martyn outlines.
    If it’s a fear of MSM backlash then that is completely illogical. The MSM & it’s corporate owners already heavily propagandise against Labour and for the current donor-class parties ANYWAY!
    If suggesting policies to benefit the majority over the donor class cause hysteria, then all the better! It throws the spotlight on the specious arguments deployed by right wing muppets in the MSM (and Atlas-aligned “special interest” groups) in their pathetic attempts to spike them – surely a good thing!

  6. Well if you accept politics is merely the parliamentary form, then you can get into this type of debate. The Labour Caucus has had 40 years of Rog’n’Ruth instilled and the neo liberal state is like a biblical tenant carved in stone–State Sector Act, Reserve Bank Act, State owned Enterprises, contracting out, Bennie bashing, Māori bashing, Union busting, administrative bloat, free in and out flow of capital…

    What Chloe offers and media channels definitely do not want to hear–is community organising, and the re-involvement of ordinary people in politics. For it is mass action that will ultimately turn things around.

  7. Hopkins must quit the top job, he should have been long gone. No to McNulty and yes to Willy Jackson as leader. He is the only one with the chops and personality in Labour.

  8. Lone comet. U can’t have Willy. Enthusiasm yes, but logic know. I think they may need to look outside the party. Like Luxon came in.

  9. They also need to back away from Trans promotion.

    There is NO objective data supporting what is laughably called gender theory, and it should never have been able to gain access to schools.

    LGB is 3% of the population (Australian figures), T= 1:30,000. The latter costs a lot more votes than it will ever win.

    Labour need to decide whether they are Labour or Gay Bar – the only political capital they spent last term was being the latter. There are no votes there.

      • I think Stuart is right, and I have nothing against LGBT+ people at all. Identity politics is just such a huge distraction from the real issues of class warfare. I’ve seen it in the schools and I’ve witnessed classes where the kids are way too young for this stuff. Of course it’s important to teach tolerance and respect for all people but it should be couched in the same discussions as racism and, what the schools seem to be obsessed with, American Civil Rights history.
        I don’t actually think it was Labour’s fault, it was more a case of popular culture setting the agenda, but I knew long-time Labour voters with kids who were voting for the Nats over this issue. The political left certainly copped the flak for it, not helped by Marama Davidson’s ridiculous outburst.

  10. Child Poverty Action Group and Auckland Action Against Poverty are hopelessly comprimised they were righteous in their protest at the Key govt and were a regular feature ourside John Keys house for better or worse… under Jacindas Labour govt… crickets… while on the ground more people were sleeping in cars more kids in dive hotels…

    • Ohhh Cricklewood, don’t mention Ardern and the fact the number of those doing it worse in society increased in numbers and got worse under her sainthood leadership….’cos, well you know, St Jacinda, kindness and all that.

      • Ohh Im righty, don’t mention that girl from McGehan Close that Key held hands with and promised to walk her out of poverty and the fact the number of those doing it worse in society increased in numbers and got worse under his knighthood leadership…’cos, well you know, St John, slippery assassin and all that.

        • Ardern was useless as PM, all stats got worse under her leadership, then she ran (‘nothing left in the tank’…but plenty in there for lucrative speaking engagements and job(s) in good old USA)
          Ardern was PM a year ago….Key was PM 8yrs ago, why would I bring up Key?


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