The Economy is tanking and this Hard Right Government’s user pays agenda will make it far worse


World’s Major Economies Fall Behind U.S.

Economies in the U.K. and Japan shrank at the end of last year, underlining the widening gulf between robust growth in the U.S. and more anemic conditions in the rest of the world. 

The decline in activity in Japan came as a surprise to economists and meant that it has slipped in the global rankings of the world’s largest economies behind Germany and into fourth place.

In the U.K., the economy shrank for the second consecutive quarter, the shorthand definition of a recession. The U.K.’s statistics agency Thursday said gross domestic product fell at an annualized rate of 1.4% in the final three months of 2023, compared with a 3.3% increase in the U.S. over the same period. 

The UK and Japan slump into recession as China looks increasingly brittle.

Global economic slow down impacts a trading nation like us and the ongoing domestic inflation inflammation and up tick in unemployment bodes poorly for 55% of first time home buyers with mortgages leaving low mortgages to the super steep ones now and the 600 000 kiwis needing food banks monthly.

Look at the reality between Labour and National…

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Extra $$ per week from min wage increase (40hr)

2004: $30
2005: $30
2006: $30
2007: $40
2008: $30

2009: $20
2010: $10
2011: $10
2012: $20
2013: $10
2014: $20
2015: $20
2016: $20
2017: $20

2018: $30
2019: $48
2020: $48
2021: $44
2022: $48
2023: $60

2024- $18

…National have gone on to strangle off Public Transport with no solutions to traffic gridlock; they have committed to 8000 Tobacco deaths to fund tax cuts for their rich mates; have committed to putting 13 000 children into poverty to fund tax cuts for their rich mates; scrapped 3 Waters and replaced it with 20% jumps in water rates; planning to open up conservation Land for Trans National Mining interests while giving Dr Pork Shane Jones fast track powers; started an anti-Māori campaign that culminates in the Treaty Referendum Bill; dumped the Cook Straight Ferry despite only 22 ships globally being able to fulfil the design requirements and none of them are for sale; have attacked worker rights, renter rights and done it all by abusing the Urgency process which limits oversight.

Oh and they have joined us in America’s latest war.

National’s solutions are lobbyist Talking Points as policy and they are scrambling to try and flesh these out with little leadership as a weak Luxon gets played by Seymour and Winston.

All the Right have are privatisation agendas and crony capitalism where they give their donor mates less regulation…

Seafood industry donors lobby Jones over wine and oysters

Shane Jones has met with leaders of an industry that he’s promised to champion.

Heavyweights of the seafood sector including Moana NZ boss Steve Tarrant, Sealord head Doug Paulin, Talley’s Group chief executive Tony Hazlett, Sanford wildcatch general manager Colin Williams and Seafood NZ lobbyist Dr Jeremy Helson gathered at Eight Plates restaurant in Nelson for the meeting on Tuesday evening.

But some of the attendees like Sealord and Talley’s have previously donated to NZ First election campaigns, so the meeting has raised eyebrows among environmentalists.

Barry Weeber, the co-chair of Environment and Conservations Organisations NZ, said despite requests for meetings with the new minister, they hadn’t received any invitations.

Jones has already come under fire from environmental groups at international fisheries talks this months, after New Zealand backed away from a deal to protect seamounts, while the new minister takes stock.

And he’s harpooned plans for a vast Kermadec marine sanctuary – it’s now sunk as deep as the 10,000 metre ocean trench.

Weeber says a politician who’s receiving donations from the fishing industry should not be put in charge of fisheries: “There’s clearly conflicts of interest,” he says.

…while Chris Bishop tries to find loopholes around Winston’s anti foreign speculator stance…

Leaked Cabinet paper reveals Government considering allowing potential influx of overseas landlords

Newshub has been leaked another Cabinet paper which reveals the Government is considering allowing for a potential influx of overseas landlords. 

The Housing Minister’s preferred option is now allowing foreign buyers to invest in not just large-scale build-to-rent housing, but any residential land, if they intend to develop even one house on it.  

There’s also a big legal warning: if they do this, it can’t be undone.

…This Landlord loving, renter hating Government who have already given Landlords their tax loop holes back and the right to evict are looking to allow their foreign landlord mates access to NZ’s residential market even if they only build one house AND once National do it, it can never be undone!

This what we replaced Labour for, rich pricks manipulating our fear and ignorance for their corporate donor mates and other rich prick friends.

Oh NZ, you have fallen so low.

13 000 kids pushed into poverty to pay for rich landlord tax cuts!

For shame NZ, for shame.

The obscenity is that it’s all going to get far worse!

Bernard Hickey highlights the disgusting abuse of power here…

Tax cuts paid for by up to 13k more kids in poverty

The Government has reverted indexation for main beneficiaries to price inflation from wage inflation under Parliamentary urgency to save money for tax cuts, which it has been advised could drive an extra 13,000 kids into poverty.

The savings are also $1.36 billion less than National estimated before the election, expanding its fiscal hole created by the rejection of its to $2.96 billion foreign buyers’ tax to a total of $4.33 billion over four years.

The National-ACT-NZ First Government used urgency in Parliament yesterday to revert indexation for main benefits to prices from wages, in a move expected to save less than a third of the money National needed for tax cuts, MSD advised.

MSD advised the indexation change, which won’t apply to those on NZ Superannuation, is likely to put around 7,000 extra children into poverty and up to 13,000, reports Thomas Coughlan via NewstalkZB.

The change will also only generate $670 million in savings over four years, which was less than a third of the $2 billion in savings over four years hoped-for by National in its pre-election tax-cutting plans (page 7).

…taking money from the poor, for the rich, rammed through under urgency!

The sanctions promised against beneficiaries and State tenants will generate a tsunami of desperation and homelessness.

The only winners will be the prisons.

Ain’t it funny how the factories doors close?‘Round the time that the school doors close?‘Round the time that the doors of the jail cellsOpen up to greet you like the reaper?

Rage Against the Machine, ‘Ashes in the Fall’

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  1. Shane Jones needs to go. The last coalition he was in wouldn’t give the filthy con artist Fisheries because of the conflict of interest but no problem with these a’holes.

  2. The good news is Simeon Brown has no answer on water infrastructure other than giving it back to the people who f’cked it up in the first place. What’s the bet we end up with large entities because the councils can’t solve it on their own. Of course this will be when things are even worse.

    Simeon’s latest: “ Local Water Not Done, Oh Well”

    There’s clearly a number of places where the word “asset” is a very generous interpretation of their infrastructure.

  3. “If part of the policies around controlling inflation involve putting pressure on the economy so that unemployment rises, which is what’s happening at the moment – unemployment has risen by 22,000 – lower-income households, households on the margins that we are working with … they are the groups of people most impacted.” Salvation Army analyst.

    It’s sad that we leave it to a religious organisation to say this. No doubt Labour and the Greens will have something to say some stage but I guarantee they won’t put it quite like this, because Labour at least is after a share of the middle-class vote, and they can be very, very mean-spirited when it comes to the “undeserving” poor. I hope to Christ they prove me wrong.

  4. “The Economy is tanking and this Hard Right Government’s user pays agenda will make it far worse”
    It is, and absolutely and here’s why.
    That’s the way they like it. It’s one thing to parasitise your country’s [agrarian] economy for more than 88 years, it’s quite another thing to launder the money then spread enough bullshit around to hide one’s crimes.
    AO/NZ desperately needs a royal commission of inquiry to rub the truth in our faces, then we need a team of forensic accountants to follow the yellow brick road to where our money currently languishes.
    14 multi-billionaires, 3118 multi-millionaires each with a $50 million base line and now four foreign owned banks pocketing $180.00 a second 24/7/365 in net profits.
    Isn’t it also odd that the MSM isn’t reaching out to us with those stats? The tee vee’s dripping in blood as the working poor eat each other alive but the msm is all about showing the three stooges smiling proudly at each other for their tireless efforts to hide our money then keep it. The economy’s tanking all right but it’s not for why you think.
    RIP Navalny btw. Just like Julian Assange, the West really leaned over their piles of money to help him too.

  5. Labour can’t really say too much as they wouldn’t tax the rich. Leaving the Reserve Bank no choice but to further up interest rates.

    And National, they are even worse. Not only will they not increase taxes on the rich, they want to give them tax cuts.

  6. Christopher Shrek Luxon the ogre of nazareth, and his opportunistic side kicks, winky wonky Seymour the donkey, and 9 lives puss in boots Peters, on their way to far far way land to visit the wicked witch of the west Slick Nicky Willis, stirring her cauldron of invisible tax relief for struggling landlords, and pointing her magic wand at public servants, making them disappear into the neoliberal ether, along with te reo, the clean car discount, smoke free NZ, the gun register, and the hopes of children in the nations poorest families… Slick Nicky, unwanted dead or alive, for gross public indecency and conduct unbecoming, is dangerous and unpredictable, and should not be approached.

    You can predict that by the coalition’s end, aka when itchy feet Mr Peters pushes the self destruct button, we will be paying slightly less tax, cut back govt depts will be even more useless than they already are, council water rates will be skyrocketing, race relations will be at an all time low, polluting clunkers will rule the road, we’ll be smoking more ciggys, enduring periodic rampages by machine gun wielding extremists…and if we’re lucky the middle east will not have sparked ww3.

    Does the coalition have any good ideas themselves, or are their only ideas, to get rid of the good ideas of others? What I want to know is, why can I by petrol at $2.75 per litre now, even though the red sea is fast becoming a no go zone, yet before the election I had to pay $3 a litre to fill up. Was there price gauging going on, or some other malevolent influence? If donors were happy to give millions to National, then maybe there were less scrupulous ways they tried to influence the election?

    Rip Alexey Navalny, rip Arjen Kamphius, nothing changes,
    you rub the wrong people up the wrong way, and you become yesterdays news (

    • Navalny, was probably controlled opposition. Putin has this habit of setting up fake opposition parties and funding his opponent(s). I belive that Yeltsin started this off by having a fake opponent in the 1996 election that would split the vote against him.

      • Economy was heading down the toilet before the election, it’s why Labour were humiliated.
        National and the new Govt will turn it around, get rid of about 20,000 public service middle and upper management workers….cut down on all the crazy spending Labour has done over 6 years.
        The biggest government debt jump over a 6 year period in NZ, ever!

        • Before you get carried away Bob the “m” is next to the “n” on the keyboard so honest mistake but I’m sure a man of your high Dulwich education( and Dulwich sexual background) will understand we all make mistakes.

  7. I wish the author would focus on 1or 2 issues per article, instead of cutting and pasting the rants from article to article…..there is no constructive discussion….just complaints…

  8. Very sad. There is no reason to anticipate that human countries will suffer seriously from the failure of s**thole regimes like the US and UK to govern themselves. But as long as we allow American loving five eyes dogs like Hipkins and Luxon to tie our fate to them, we will suffer alongside the American loving trash.


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