How bats*t crazy are NZ First?

The rare moment when both Māori Party and ACT candidate are thinking, 'what the fuck is this Cracker talking about'

This is NZ First candidate Lee Donoghue.

He was NZ First’s representative at The TVNZ Young Voters’ Debate where he made a total fool of himself over his claim woke politics was the end of Western Civilisation.

He only missed out becoming an actual MP by a couple of points.

Here is a tweet he sent last week…

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Just. Wow.

How fucking insane is that?

That is Cooker Lord level cray cray.

The mainstream media AND the Spies all rounded up together?

He could have been an MP!

NZ First had to cull some of the circus freaks who joined their political cavalcade because even for NZ First they were too crazy, but the Antivaxx movement have taken over internal structures of NZ First and catapulted Conspiracy Theory Swamp Kingdom ideas like not signing up to the latest amendments from the W.H.O., threatening community sports group funding if they have a Trans player and mutating the Covid Royal Commission into an anti-vaxx Grievance Carnival.

Lee seems to believe in some epic Nuremberg Trial conspiracy where all the Marxists and Pharma Liars and Deep State Groomers will all be summarily hanged in the Town Square as Sovereign Citizen Justice for being asked to wear a mask in public!

He could have been an MP for NZ First!

The crazies they do have are bad enough.

NZ First are nothing more than a hot mess of Conspiracy Swamp ideas melded together with crony capitalism for their donor mates who want sweetheart deregulation deals.

Their inclusion in the Government turns New Zealand into Q Zealand.

Less Brave New World, more Frightened Old World.


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  1. “The mainstream media AND the Spies all rounded up together?”

    Sure, why not? Heck let’s ship them off to Mars.

  2. Democracy is just so much harder when dealing with total f’ing idiots. There’s a big difference between disagreeing on a policy with someone as opposed to dealing with a flat earth nut job.

  3. Is his suit too big or is it trying to devour him? The latter preferably.
    NZ First is a roger douglas neo-liberal Machiavellian confederate party created to deflect focus away from the crimes of privateer criminals stealing farmer money from the exports of their agrarian goods. winston peters is the anti-christ AND a lawyer so what’s not to worry about?
    As for Lee Donoghue… He doesn’t surprise me. Or rather [it] doesn’t surprise me. The lee donoghue’s will be lining up to take our AO/NZ off us and no matter how cray-cray they seem, they still install their soft ware into our softer heads. He’s effectively installing ideas and agendas into our minds which will slowly take root then flourish at some appropriate time in the future and all entirely without our being conscious of that. We’re effectively being pre-programmed. Yes, it’s a thing. Read Professor Stanley Milgram and others.
    Our minds are far from our own, particularly within the confines of the neo-liberal autocracy that now defines our politic and since we’re a scant few 5.2 million awesome people on a highly agriculturally productive few islands in a West to East airflow ( Which will always deliver water to our mountains to fill our plentiful lake systems like Lake Hauroko in the south west, the fifteenth deepest lake in the world.)
    If we were a well informed populace, evil little half wits like lee donoghue would, as of this moment, be running while screaming.
    We’re not though, and so most of us will be seriously considering his opinions as roger douglas twitches in glee while he hangs upside down in his crypt as winston peters changes his blood boy for him.
    If we Kiwis don’t get our arses into fucking gear we’ll be swapping out the New Zealand Flag for the stars and stripes. That’s the flag that’s already covered in the bloodtstains of many other countries, as we’re seeing happening right now. Here’s another chilling fact. There’s no money to be made in times of peace.

        • Lol, makes sense to Andy.

          Hey Andy, I hope you enjoyed Michael Mann trouncing a load of your climate data pals/liars in court.

      • Very true. How interesting that the Labour/National uniparty decided to go with the (less effective) MRNA vaccine being pushed by notorious war criminal Albert Bourla over the Moderna option, which is more effective, and Novavax, which works considerably better than both.

  4. I think it was on this site a few years ago, that Curwen Rolinson wrote an article warning that the alt-right/far right was in the process of taking over NZ First.

  5. Further interesting reporting coming out in the last few days on 5-Eyes potential role at US state request. No explicit NZ mention.

  6. It’s not just Lee Donoghue. Those of you on Twitter will know that Kirsten Murfitt is as equally crack pot with her obsession around vaccinations and the COVID-19 jab – she th. If you have followed Casey Costello, you will know that she raises some red flags around her past associations, particularly with Hobsons Pledge and links to the tobacco industry.

    And Shane Jones’ contemptible war on the environment is scary to watch.

    The whole party is nothing like the sane, moderate outfit that I left in 2017. It’s definitely moved to the right and I wonder how the people who remain in the party can honestly say Winston et al are in it for New Zealand.

      • Hi. Just saw this.

        At the time I was trying to get answers out of the Board of Directors about how they were going to help the northeast South Island electorate committees following the Kaikoura earthquake. No one wanted to answer. I complained to the Youth Wing whose then leader was Julian Paul and he told me was being disrespectful to the Board. There ensued a pile on and about five or six people told me to pull my head in or leave.

        But, I am centre-left and Shane Jones’ entry into the party angered a lot of people. He had no prior membership or contribution to the party that he could speak of, and there were many people more deserving of a chance to stand for Parliament than him. I could see even then that he was going to drag the party to the right, alienate the left-wing of the party and cause some grief.

        And he has done exactly that.

  7. Well, in fairness, the US intelligence services did conspire to invent the ‘Russiagate’ nonsense against Donald Trump, and to the extent that SIS- which is full of foreign traitors who love Americans- was involved, that’s as good a reason as any to shut them down.

    But Trump won’t actually do anything about this, just as he didn’t from 2016-2020. That marks Donaghue as a QAnon kook/conservative who should be stripped of citizenship and deported.

    • “Well, in fairness, the US intelligence services did conspire to invent the ‘Russiagate’ nonsense against Donald Trump”

      That’s garbage. All inquiries have established legal and reasonable grounds for the investigations. Even the Mueller report identified significant attempts to establish co operative activities between the Trump campaign and Russians presenting themselves and operatives for their government.

  8. Winston always played the chaos card. It failed him against Jacinda, leaving him bitter and disillusioned – working with Shane Jones would do that to anybody.

    But he doubled down, and the internet trolls are still feeding antivax lies to the uncritical masses. Crazy works for NZF – and it’s Winston’s retirement plan.

  9. But trans identifying males shouldn’t play in the women’s sports category even at community level. They can play in their own sex category or develop a transgender category. Anyone who thinks differently doesn’t give a dam about women and girls

  10. Isn’t NZ First the party that enabled Ardern? English had far more votes. NZ First were wonderful then when it was pragmatic rather than principled.

    • NZF didn’t have any where near the number of f’wits it does today. It was funded by loads of tiny donations. This time around it was brought by one or two. At least Ardern told Peters to F off when it came to Shane Jones being Fisheries Minister.

  11. Q and the other conspiracy freaks are like a plague of mental illness zombies, eating away at the edges.

  12. I like that Winston absorbed the psychos as he’s done for 40 years and turned it into Petersism. A much better version of Trump. Turns all their extremist conspiracy theory nonsense into another 3 years of him at the ‘Green Parrot’ cafe. Draws the poison rather than spreading it like the Ozzie Right and the Fascist Republicans.

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