Simeon Brown’s most urgent first act – to remove a Māori name for an english one right wing politicians can’t name

The sadness in Mark's eyes at having to be photographed with Simeon

This Muppet Show of a Government becomes more of a joke with each passing day.

Simeon Brown’s most urgent first act is to demand NZTA uses only English and dumps Waka Kotahi.

Hilariously his idiot right wing MPs can’t even name NZTA…

…they are dumping a Māori name for the English name because apparently no one can understand the Māori name and Right wing MPs can’t even properly name the English name???

This Hard Right Racist Government is being protested against from day one.

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The NZ Political Right have mistaken anger at Labour as a mandate for culture war vengeance, Majoritarianism isn’t Democracy!

The shock wave of how far right this Government is taking us is generating an enormous amount of voters regret as what Kiwis have done to themselves by voting against Jacinda for having the temerity of saving us from a mass death event.

Sleepy Hobbits be realising how bad they’ve fucked things up by voting in this hard right racist Government.

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  1. Good first move, de-virtue signal the public service and get them working again.
    Road to zero woke fuckwits.

    • And the right wing woke fuck wit lies keep coming, caught out by an ex National MP…

      Oh for a return of the days of road to zero woke fuckwits, at least they were truthful!!!

      “ACT deputy leader Brooke van Velden has been accused of misquoting Simon Upton, the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.

      Upton publicly rebuked van Velden, in a letter published to the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s website.

      The allegation came after Van Velden appeared on TVNZ’s breakfast show last Tuesday in which she said,

      “And when the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment looked at this ban after the fact, he said it’s likely to increase global emissions because we still need electricity as a source”.

      Upton said this was both “incorrect and misleading”.

      He also pointed out a comment that came from ACT’s Energy Policy which claimed Upton had found that the offshore oil and gas exploration ban would “actually increase global emissions by forcing activity offshore.”

      In his letter, Upton said “I most definitely did not say that the ban would increase global emissions. In fact, I said that those opposing the ban must acknowledge that: “There is no firm basis for claiming that it will increase global emissions.”

    • What utter bullshit KCC. What the hell does a name have to do with delivery of a service? Are you saying they will work better being called NZTA? Does English make the difference?

  2. They want everything to be in English so it would be really good if Luxon were to brush up on his English and use it, instead of American Slogan-ese or whatever nonsense he talks.
    From stuff, on the subject of going to Waitangi,
    ‘People may project onto us a whole range of things, and me personally, but the bottom line is my job is I want to model out what I want to see in this country, which is more unity.’

    He’s forgotten what a sentence is and pads every idea out with weasel-words which mean precisely nothing. He just loves the sound of his own voice.
    We get either meaningless slogans or meaningless word salad.
    How does he expect to get unity or anything else, speaking like that?
    So, when he says, ‘Let me be clear…..’ we can all go to sleep because as sure as eggs is eggs, he won’t be clear, at all.

  3. NACTNZF are like a Christmas present we don’t like and surely don’t need, given to us by our rich but regressive uncle who always postulates he knows best what we need.
    Can we put it on Trademe and hope to get some other mug to buy it?

    • Trade Me has a few standards. Even if they do allow rubbish to be sold now and then, that’s asking a bit much.
      Try Fly-Tipping.

  4. I look forward to a return to a common language everyone can access. They should expand this to academia as well, we fund universities so university surveys should be accessible to english-only speakers.

    I grew up with hours long untranslated Māori speaches in high school, I got banned from the NZ subreddit for politely asking a survey author to translate their own work since they are ones who know what they meant (and google translate spits out nonsense). Enough is enough, I demand linguistic access to my own country.

  5. Voting against Labour was not just because of covid action it was because they were taking the country backwards and making it a more divided and racist country.

    • “Taking the country backwards”, simple nonsense Trevor, it was Nationals election jingle, again pure nonsense. In just two weeks and the repealing of the smoking policy, your government has taken us back decades. That is an evidence based fact not a throw away election jingle line like yours.

      • Smokers are bat crazy but is it the governments role to save people from themselves. If you go down that rabbit hole over eating junk food is not good , alcohol is not good, many sports are dangerous .We do not need to be cared for .

        • So legislating how much people can drink before operating heavy machinery is the “nanny” state intruding into the publics personnel lives?

        • And yet here they are banning phones from schools that some young people depend upon. So much for your freedom of choice theory. In a modern world this government is taking us backward without a doubt.

        • So Trev you now compare smoking to playing sport? Another quality job by ‘Trevor’s Turd Polishing Services’

    • Do you ever get tired of spouting falsehoods? The country was keeping ahead of pretty much every other OECD country thanks to Labour’s handling of the pandemic. Every single country that tried the standard National-esque approach suffered massively, and are in a much worse way than we are.

      Just because NACT race-baited doesn’t mean Labour actually doing what they/or you claim.

  6. Firstly, troll it’s not your country it’s our country. You demand linguistic access and I demand all of my thousands of acres land be given back by the thieves who took it (the crown)

    • If todays @ Maori and non Maori don’t get together and protect what we have we’ll lose what we have to hyper wealthy foreign fascist capitalists. One of our own has just floated into Auckland in a yacht larger than his nose with its self described abilities to smell money and since the planet’s in a death cycle they will be the new owners of the planet.
      Sometimes enemies of the street become allies against the tyranny of the neighbourhood across the river.
      Dividing us then pitting us against each other is an ancient war tactic described by Sun Tzu. A damned Chinese person who wrote, and I likely paraphrase, “Know your enemy”. @ Maori and Pakeha? We’re not each other’s enemy. By using any means necessary our soon to be masters and rulers are stirring up shit to have us at each other’s throats.
      @ Covid is Pa. You have a right to be angry but you have an obligation to be smart about it.
      “Divide and rule, the politician cries; unite and lead, is watchword of the wise. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe”
      Sun Tzu
      The back seat Mouse Man and the front seat psycho are fleas. Little fleas on our backs to bite us. It’s the bigger fleas still who we must be ever vigilant for and the irony is that it’s only the Crown who keeps us from being swept away.

    • Being our country makes it your country and also my country, unless you’re using an exclusive definition of “our”. Which brings me to my second point: where is my British citizenship as promised by the treaty? Why am I stuck here just because my ancestors were lied to by the crown?

  7. English is must more inclusive as more people understand it. That is probably a good thing but Maori language should still be able to work its way in naturally which it does. Forcing it like Jacinda did was not acceptable to most.

  8. Finally! Mitchell’s fessed up to being Simeon’s dad!!

    I always wondered why Simeon got to hang around parliament every day for the last few years. Bring a kid to work was a thing then ay?

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