What should we do with Tobacco?


Smoking kills 67% of users, no product that addictive should be allowed to have that hold over the market!

We want people off ciggies and onto vapes without addicting a new generation of vapers while respecting individuals right to choose after 18.

We need to deal with our vices in ways that are different to other industries because of the social harm making them illegal would cause. That’s why we need a Vice Tax on business activity whose social damage doesn’t get covered by the taxation they pay!

Gambling, Tobacco & Booze, all of them need the heavy jack boot of the State on their throats at all time!

The Vice tax would be special super tax on top of the total profits made on products that are a blight upon society.

Why should the Gambling Booze Tobacco Barons peddle their harmful products with the barest of responsibility?

Rather than constantly making it a tax the consumer pays, hit the booze barons, Tobacco Pimps and Gambling dealers with a ring-fenced super tax on their profits margins.

To allow 8000 to die because National want tax cuts for their rich mates is outrageous.

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  1. Duncan Garner: The tax cuts to die for
    Scrapping smokefree legislation means we’re trading people’s lives for tax cuts.

    End of story.

  2. Decrim everything – no advertising, no retail sale.. do whatever dumb shit you like, but no-one gets to profit from it.

  3. Let them smoke up a storm! Like guns. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. The gun is just an enabling tool. Or dumb people can’t learn new tricks. Or fuck’em! Let them die. Anyway, what about them houses? 25,000+ living in motels at the cost of $1m a day and not word has been said about that. Why?

    • Because those people in motels are being kept alive idiot and so doesn’t need recognition, unlike the promotion of smoking.
      As an aside, have you ever seen someone pointing a cocked finger at another person and they die, no you idiot, guns kill people.

  4. Free smokes for everybody over 65 who wants them, excepting wandering minds who might set their sofas on fire, and instant fines for lowlifes who dispose of butts in public places. If Singapore can do this, so can we.

    Abolish government departments Friday night boozeups which encourage complicity in drunkenness, dangerous driving, lushes fulfilling ratepayer-funded public roles, vomit on the pavements, and violence in both A&E Depts and the kitchens and bedrooms of eggshell walkers and terrified children.

  5. “What should we do with tobacco?” Smoke loads of it according to Nicola Willis. She has a hole that needs filling if you’ll pardon the expression

  6. I hear that Nicola Willis is “waiting to hear back from officials”. So probably a no-goer. Which begs the question of where the dollars for the promised tax cuts will come from. Science-based evidence and common sense may well prevail. A vice tax is another matter however. But agreed its needed for tobacco.

    And as for Dr Shane Reti. Didn’t he look hangdog during question time. Simply lost for words. The fact that he delegated the decision to his Associate Minister doesn’t excuse him.

  7. Listen to the science of how to reduce its use; certainly not make it easier to get to increase the tax take – totally immoral.
    Whilst we are about it, clamp down urgently on vapes. Allowing a new generation to become addicts for commercial profit is also immoral and plain stupid.

    • Yes to that, I can’t believe that so many people think that vapes count as giving up smoking so are considered a stop smoking device. The delivery is different but the aim is still to get people hooked and take their money.

      • Bonnie E-cigs are much cheaper than regular tobacco cigarettes, and as the price of cigarettes has escalated so astronomically, addicted smokers have turned to them as a less costly substitute, but I gather that they’re being dumped. Ascertaining the nicotine content is difficult.

  8. Martyn can you do a Waterworld Meme with Luxon as Head of the Smokers Gang, fags hanging out of his mouth, it’s the perfect trolling meme to describe the current Coalition of Ciggies & Anti Climate change Mob? Dennis Hopper as a Bald headed Psychopath fits the bill perfectly Martyn for a Luxon lookalike? I await your response good sir & thank you Martyn for everything you have done this year & into the Future 3 yrs as we watch how this shit house Clown Show, Trinity of Fucknuckles comprised of Baldylocks Luxon, Old Geezer Peters & Weasel Boy Seymour as they destroy this Country, thanks to the enablement of moronic, embittered Kiwis who voted these assholes into power! Keep up the great work Martyn, judging by the latest polling, stupid kiwis have gotten a dose of buyers remorse on the reality of how bad these Bastards really are, 63% say this is the most chaotic Govt ever & they have only been in power 1 week, Bahaha, so much for the Political Honeymoon period, keep up applying the blowtorch to this right wing Disaster Capitalism Govt, Merry xmas

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