National MP for Rangitata James Meager may be Māori but his aspiration is all Settler!



Left doesn’t own poor, Māori: National MP James Meager’s revealing and personal maiden statement

James Meager’s experience as part-Māori, growing up poor, and hailing from a family of freezing workers proves left-wing parties aren’t the sole authority of New Zealand’s marginalised communities, the National MP claims.

Meager, elected by the Rangitata electorate, has delivered a boldly personal maiden statement in the House this afternoon as the first MP of the new Government to give his first address in the House.

…The left sure as fuck do not own the poor, workers or Māori but it sure as fuck is always the Right who bash the Christ out of the poor, workers and Māori first!

Meager is Māori, but his aspiration is the same white settler aspiration of pulling yourself up by your boot straps and ignoring all the injustice in the world to ensure you finish first!

That Meager believes far right ideological Frankenstein experiments like social investment is the solution shows how the Right will screw over the poor, workers and Māori!

It’s an audacity beyond audacity that Meagre is lashing the Left while his new hard right racist Government is ripping away worker rights, denigrating anything to do with Māori while taking $555million from the poorest families.

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This new Government has made New Zealand Q Zealand and Meagre has the audacity to call the Left out?

Meagre’s word are pretty, they are the usual ‘I can do it, why can’t you’ mentality of settler  culture.

Meagre is just another in a long line of people who overcome their past to use that as a weapon against everyone else. He didn’t learn compassion, only how to blow his own trumpet.

He’s just another Paula Bennett!

For those rich pricks screaming they are self made and fuck us for wanting a slice of their bread to properly fund society, let’s remember the email Steve Jobs sent to himself before he died…

…we are all in this together and if you have benefited from society, you owe it.



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  1. Why the surprise? There’s plenty of poor Pakeha and plenty of Pakeha in Parliament that will see those poor Pakeha screwed over for the well off. This guy just gets to do it to both.

  2. I recall Tom Scott writing of Labour MP’s, some time around ’80-81?. lustily singing The People’s Flag at some Parliamentary Christmas do, only to be joined at the last by National MP’s chorusing:
    The Working Class can kiss my arse, I’ve got the Boss’s job at last

    It seemed funnier back then.

  3. This ponce James is a classic potato like Tama Potaka and Dr Cigareti. Shane Reti was raised a mormon with the subsequent values, and was picked to “move up the ladder”, as was Shane Jones. The chosen one scenario is well known in Māoridom.

    Māori are not required to have a particular view any more than pākehā and other tauiwi are. The facts are though in class left terms; that Māori are overwhelmingly working class, with some middle class and in academia, and a tiny group of full on capitalists.

    A country still dealing with post colonial fall out and mass inequality does not need sellouts and aspirationals to help keep the bottom 50% in their place.

  4. I came back hoping that you’d written about this Bomber.

    And I’m glad I came back.

    But I didn’t realise you’d gone full Greta.

  5. What a load of racist wankers we have for a government and for what ?? Can someone please explain why we need a bonfire. What happens to the space it leaves behind , because those spaces are jobs. My prediction is that we will have the biggest exodus out of the country of the jobless because there is no incentive for people to stay.

  6. What’s the moral of his story? That if your Maori father exits your childhood early, your non-Maori mother will raise you to be a success?

  7. The guy is a fucking class traitor who has turned his back on his fellow workers. He wanted to make it harder for people like his parents by slashing wages and conditions and destroying the social safety net. Fuck him

    • Agree millsy. There is no need for anyone of whatever ethnic stripe, to crap on their own from a great height.

      Crawlers, sellouts and opportunists impress few. The boss class love ’em for their usefulness, but also privately despise them.

      • If wanting wages to go up, and for healthcare to be free makes me a wokie, then so be it. This guy is a sellout who wants to cut wages and conditions across the board, and the guy can go and fuck himself.

    • He aligns himself with a party that wants to erode wages and conditions for his father, throw his mother out of state housing and erode social services. We should be protecting them, not throwing them to the wolves, like you want to do. Suggest you piss off the the USA

    • wee jackie, trevor and bob the fister. Squeek-squeek-squeek. For Gods sake oil your jaw hinges.
      Our population could easily be divide into two. Greedy and stupid.

      • countryboy you and your close friends,bert,millsy,NSC,Wheel,etc are firmly in the group stupid.You all struggle to construct a simple sentence.

    • It’s not about stereotypes jack, if anything James expresses himself the same as many of his right-wing colleagues, he is a tad patronizing, smug and arrogant. So, he has worked hard, good on him so do many other NZers including Māori.

  8. Here you go Natzo’s. Anything to help you sell us out.
    Brian Tamaki. He’ll help you find your lost souls. Not.
    RNZ. With scum like tamaki on their side the Jews can’t lose.
    Pro-Israel protest organised by Brian Tamaki underway outside Parliament
    Conversation between Israel and Tamaki. ” Gidday Brian? Israel here. I hear you like money? You do! So do we! You want some? You do? Great! All you have to do is brainwash the already moronic. You have! Wow! Cool.
    Should be easy then. It was! And they believed you? They did! No shit!? Wow! So? How much you want?
    Nah man. You’re way to high. We’ll try the National party and its co-leaders. Fuck, they’ll do anything for any amount just so long as they can humiliate and subjugate then impoverish the already at risk. What? You’re saying the National party are sadistic sociopathic narcissists? Hey, nobody’s perfect. Besides, so are we.

  9. The suit and tie say all you need to know about what this guy’s values are and which culture he identifies with and it aint Pasifikan inclusive of Maori.

    Just another brown guy doing his best impression of a 19th century white guy politician.

    Should go far. Maybe challenge Winston for the Uncle Tom award eventually.

    Kia kaha bro!

    • Why ‘Kia kaha bro’?
      You are not Maori but in islander, your island is still there should you wish to go back…no welfare or benefits, like free healthcare though, so best stay here and moan about being here?
      At least we know where you stand eh!

    • I’d suggest you grow up Bob, however there is no chance. Please, please leave this site to us grown ups. School’s out for Xmas there must be a playground you can hang around.

  10. Those who put in the effort to personally profit from colonial capitalism, whether they succeed or fail, can only be party to creating an unequal and bitterly divided society.
    Those who put in the same effort for the well being of all, for kotahitanga and mana iwi, will be party to creating a community in which justice, equality and harmony reign.
    I urge James to reflect on that.


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