How correct was this Election prediction by voters?



How correct was this Election prediction by voters?

The blitzkrieg of culture war revenge fantasy alongside Q Zealand conspiracy theory is a mutated cavalcade of damaged social policy that will only generate more divisiveness and ranker.

Has there ever been. worse week for a new Government in NZ history?

This race baiting, spiteful and bewilderingly gleeful Government  will cause enormous social carnage for vested corporate interests.

Things are only going to get a lot worse and 63% of the population knows it!


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  1. And 6% of voters are delusional beyond belief. The fact that idiot that leaked health data, referred to Winston Peters then went on the Alex Jones show just shows how much that self centred old tosser has made these crack pots feel vindicated. If you think Alex Jones is anything other than a vile a’hole that profits off the unhinged then there’s no helping you.

    • @Wheel
      Tosser’s right! Complete and utter tosser. A competent but average DBA who thinks he’s also an expert in everything from virology to anthropology to psychology to law, life, the universe and victimhood.
      He exudes conceit. What worries me more is how the hell he got past public service vetting processes because is says as much about His managerialist public service and BNZ bosses as it does Him.
      I wonder if Sue Grey will be representing Him. She’ll need to bring her crystals and potions

  2. What I can’t believe is that the author of this clusterfuck election result is still the head of the Labour Party.

      • Chris Hipkins should have been made an example of, as a warning to the other seat warmers, that policy matters.
        But, as long as Labour refuses to have any policies to the Left of National it won’t make any difference if Hipkins is dumped.

        Still it would be an improvement not to have to put up with the sort of cringe worthy, patronising, sausage roll PR bullshit, that was used to fill Labour’s policy vacuum.

        Let Them Eat Sausage Rolls: Hipkins Tries to Kill Labour Again
        Sometimes you despair. You really do.

        “…the economic status quo benefits people like him[Hipkins] as much as it benefits people like Chris Luxon. He just hides the fact that Labour’s modern business model is a middle-class party relying on working class votes, and does it through nonsense like sausage rolls….
        ….Setting yourself up as economic managers of the status quo is fine, if the status quo is fine. If not, people are going to blame the tough times on you, and since Hipkins trashed every meaningful economic idea to bubble out of his party, he was left trying to sell an unacceptable status quo…..
        ….because Hipkins has abandoned any broad Leftist vision of the economy, Labour had zero to offer. As National showed, even bad policy is better than no policy, so far as the frustrated voter goes. And yet Hipkins still thinks the defeat had nothing to do with policy.
        …Hipkins seems to think that 2026 will see a similar anti-incumbent mood, and National will face similar punishment. Forget policy or ideas. Because really, Hipkins doesn’t want anything to ever change….

  3. I think one of two things might happen. Either Chippy and co will return to grass roots Labour policy, and fight the next election on them, or Labour will be supplanted by a new left wing party that might take a few elections to bury the Gnats and ACT.

    • It’s been tried. Didn’t work before, probably won’t work again. There’s a lot of inertia in the two-party system.

    • It’s been tried. Didn’t work before, probably won’t work again. There’s a lot of inertia in the two-party system.

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