Under this new Hard Right Government we have become Q Zealand


Winston’s arrogant smug Parliament Speech is riddled with conspiracy theories and bile because Winston is the new King of the Conspiracy Swamp Kingdom that allowed him to scrape back over the 5% threshold and haunt us all with Qanon conspiracy theories masquerading as legitimate social policy.

This Hard Right Government has turned us from New Zealand into Q Zealand because the feral antivaxx movement are deeply entrenched within NZ First and have pushed crazy conspiracies to the forefront of our national policy platform.

The conspiracy theory against the WHO, the conspiracy that the media were bribed, and the conspiracy that Jacinda knew about the Christchurch terror attack before it happened all lead back to QAnon conspiracy that a shadowy one world child molesting Satanic Cabal is promoting the vaccinations to weaken us using 5G technology.

These people also think crystals can cure cancer.

Having suspicion, spite and malice as the bonding values of these three parties to push an anti-Māori agenda and toxic stew of culture war revenge fantasies while slashing public services is a knee-jerk response that will only generate a furious political backlash to this Hard Right Extremism.

We should all feel deeply embarrassed about becoming Q Zealand.


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    • After 6 years of touchy Feely the police have been told they can once again start getting tough.The police I know are delighted.

      • What a load of bollocks Trevor. How have the police been touchy feely really? They are not in charge of sentencing and they don’t write the laws ( thankfully). Did they not bash enough protesters for you? I think they did when it mattered.

      • Tough talk is cheap…. and easy….

        Effective non quid pro quo delivery is a whole different animal….

        That skill set does not exist within the Coalition of Chaos…they are, and will continue to be the most unskilled dumbest Government in N.Z’s history…. which is a big call when you consider Muldoon, Shipley, Richardson, Key, English, Joyce and Muller, but their you go.

        Not all, but we now have enough of a dumbed down electorate to run this country into the ground…good old ignorant shoot yourselves in the foot N.Z…well done!

      • The police I know Trevor are very concerned for their jobs. History proves them to be correct, underfunded and under resourced under right wing governments. The public service is now at threat.

        • Yes, Mike last time National were in power they got rid of the police backrooms people, they shut down local Police stations.

    • MHK, Winston will probably float the idea those black marks on the road are from alien space craft that stopped by for a slice of pizza and a child sacrifice

      • You’re right @ jack. Israel is a multi party multi ethnic democracy. You can tell that by the reports and photographs of mangled bleeding Palestinian children and wailing mothers minced to pieces on their own lands by the multi party multi ethnic democracy you get your tiny dick out and wank all over in the hopes turning a profit for the U$A military industrial complex, you double fucking evil little idiot with a moron on top.

      • Yea, as long as your white from what I can see. You need to learn that there’s a difference between what people say and what they do

  1. These people are crazy, and their ability to propagandise their idiotic views kills people – it’s that simple. I admit it has affected me personally, since my BIL decided to beat cancer using diet, meditation, and general bullshit. Just like Steve Jobs, it didn’t work. I’d have the buggers charged with manslaughter to be honest.

    • “Oi!
      Where’s my tax cut?”

      In your landlord’s or in your bank’s pockets. If not already there, it soon will be.

  2. ” Under this new Hard Right Government we have become Q Zealand”
    But we’ve always been that. We bash up our farmers who not only feed us but they bring in foreign currency and if just a little few dollars gets past the multi-billionaires and multi-millionaires and the foreign owned banks there just might be a little left under the table for us to snuffle through like the cringing dogs fighting over the crumbs that we are. We’re not so much ‘Q’ as ‘Fucked’. And dumb! Jesus Christ but are we fucking dumb of what? You voted in a roger douglas tainted Labour Party which never had steam to run out of. And now, you voted for a shiny bald psycho with God on his side to tell him ” …You’re a very, very good boy and this is how you fuck everyone on every deal. Now go forth.” If you can barely see past your dripping nose and think mummy’s a great decorator what with that matching Made in China Leaping Dolphin set then you probably shouldn’t vote at all. As for breeding? Heard of a vasectomy? You have! Great! Go and get one now! Today!

  3. “Arbeit macht frei”.

    Translates – “Work sets you free”… was written on the entrance of Nazi concentration camps, including Auschwitz.


  4. I think you’re wrong here. Let’s attack the real thing. That’s bad enough. Q has nothing to do with it, the sinister threat seems to be ACT, held back by its coalition partners. Just by itself the coalition is a threat to the continuance of the species. By which I really mean my old age. Anti-rationalists.

    As Trotter said to me, he thinks, probably very rightly, there is no hope in the climate change respect. That prick goes jollily on — to the Right. Never really for the people? Plenty of egos on the Left, after seeing the focus group Left I prefer them.

    A big favourable thing I can say about my socialist ancestor is that his egoism prevented any material reward after 1935. At his end in 1950, as his National Party (railway worker’s daughter) supporter dau-in-law told me with relish, on one arm of the chair were shares in failed co-op societies, on the other, shares in failed socialist newspapers. Mostly, he couldn’t be nice, which Labour had determined on from the start. He wasn’t wrong.

  5. Q and the rise of konspiracy thinking has been and still is a brilliant political ploy. It is the ultimate harvesting and control of mass stupidity that humankind has ever witnessed. It’s terrifying.
    You just have to admire its architects, whoever they are (I have some suspicions) – at how they have exploited social media in particular.
    Everything rational has been powerless in its face – the traditional media, Science and democratic governance.

  6. Yeah, good point Stephen are our media complicit in this. I noticed there seems to be a lot of arse kissing going on by our mainstream media. And out the Hutt where I live the police are running around like blue arse flies’ sirens going etc it seems over the top.

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