The Daily Blog Open Mic – 3rd December 2023

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

The Editor doesn’t moderate this blog,  3 volunteers do, they are very lenient to provide you a free speech space but if it’s just deranged abuse or putting words in bloggers mouths to have a pointless argument, we don’t bother publishing.

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  1. National campaigned on less government spending but as the days tick along we will see that was one big fat lie with plenty of money for landlords, new government positions and bureaucracies a much larger cabinet, two deputies just to start with. Nicotine Willis will be spinning like a top soon. Luxon said his new government would be able to hit the ground running that is not what we are seeing.

    • No worries it’s the PTB (pakeha and tauiwi) keeping certain aspirational PTB (Maori) on side; but remember all that glisters, or is it blisters, is not gold, but some don’t care to see the falsehood behind the facade.

    • Yeah. It shows you how thick the union leaders are when the place a $300k bet on a losing horse!
      That’s workers subs they’re throwing away! Wankas!

  2. I’m beginning to think about force as a factor beyond our Left morality. Trotter suggests it for Israel’s justification. Sophisticated fellow. Now the realpolitik Kissinger is gone.

    Just, the truth. Sophistication never won a peanut. He’s gathered in the idea of force too much in my view. Hard to call yourself Left when you conglomerate with the wen.

    Ideals are Left, you’re going to have to make lengthy arguments to explain that away, by which no one is viewing.

    • Well, ole Trotter has shown us his fascist tendencies over the past 12 months or so. The Stalinist in him he can’t suppress. All the old crustie lefties tend to lose their marbles about now.RIP time I guess?

      • You seem a little disconsolate. Trotter has been writing, presenting ideas for the left for decades and he has seen them swept away or under the carpet where they have gone mouldy. I feel that you are a wee bit younger, perhaps middle aged, old enough to accept that past ideas have to alter somewhat after being talked through.

        You may not be right yourself – it is one thing to observe obvious faults but how to stop them, what way to avoid them; what better line and not just the same despotic leadership from another phalanx of fellas or fee-males? We must stick with argument, discussion, to make a case and not abandon someone with a head of centuries of knowledge and which is still functioning to get a high overview seeking the way forward, while so many stay low and join the flat earth society. It’s the only rational way.

        • You could be right G. But what I’ve noticed over the past 12-18 months is that he’s gone from being pissed off with the reign of terror by Jacinda and co, then the shitty woke policy and then he progressed to personalise his biases, and prejudices by projection with the justification by pontification.
          Smoke and mirrors bigotry. With a little touch of racism but mainly bigotry. His historical accounts are great reminders and lessons for some. But it’s his prejudices that sell him out GW. They’re blindingly obvious.

          • Look at it from Israel’s point of view. The October 17 Intifada conducted by hammas successfully halted peace talks between Israel and regional players. It was a great succes. Now they get to shoot it out.

          • I must think on that. But over the past year it has become obvious and unalterably apparent that hopes of growth in some small fertile areas might result in an improved direction are to be abandoned. I felt that there could be a managed retreat from previous ground, to be followed by a reasoned way forward from those moving to serve the country and the people, coming from an amalgamation of committed, intelligent, wily political athletes able to compete in a new olympics.

            I know, dream on Grey but I read a lot of books and the authors have their characters survive and prosper. Truth can be stranger than fiction. But we have climate change to cope with and that is fast and inexorable, and we now know for certain that mind and understanding cessation has affected the majority of NZ/AO. Hopefully it is just a simple majority, though in both senses of the word.

          • Jacinda did the perfect response to covid, as then. ‘Woke’ is looking after minorities to the extent of discomfiting the majority. Trotter has certainly gone off majorly in the last year and certainly from something personal to him. He came from privilege, was always an egotist, and apparently now wants to find his way home to that beginning of comfort, no matter reality.

            • Harsh sumsuch. Perspective from such an eminent height too. An awe-inspiring critique from a working class meister.

    If misdeeds could be dealt with faster by our ‘justice’ ‘system’, faster being a short word for more expeditiously, the person injured may have had a happier time and a longer life. Are we drawing closer to Mordor or perhaps it’s Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast-like? That name seems to fit the mucky life the wealth-accretors have fashioned for us.

      And further you lovers of action and machines – you could not contain yourselves in your 4WD which are so essential for your images, from running down endangered birds. What does the real natural world matter provide you have your coarse, crude toys making loud bangs and slams, really manly. Or you like tossing your bikes and yourselves into the air showing your skill and bravery. ACC will pay for your recovery from injuries, or someone; you expect and demand it.

      They should all be sent on dangerous missions clearing land mines left over from attacks on people and areas that it pleased the PTB to lay, to menace, maim and kill. It’s the same evil spirit as running over animal breeding grounds. And in your spare time you love to watch horror movies, spy movies, zombie movies. Then possibly go back to work administering things – probably Health and Safety. Or running Kiwirail’s ferry service on a loose shoestring which breaks in Cook Strait. No wonder people are wishing to change genders; males want to intrude onto female territory withheld unfairly, or to divorce themselves from The Green Hulk connection; females look to assume some male privileges of brash or amoral forays or

  4. You’ve heard it mentioned no doubt. RadioNZ tells all.
    …How many are left?
    In the 1980s, the pūteketeke population dropped to 200.
    In 2012, there was just one breeding pair in Wānaka.
    The pūteketeke is extinct in the North Island and there are now an estimated 1000 birds in the South Island…

    The combined population across Aotearoa and Australia is believed to be less than 3000.

  5. I’m venturing on a 600 page trade paperback story by Sebastian Faulks. Called Human Traces. The blurb states it to be his most ambitious novel – at the time. It’s about two young men aged sixteen, Jacques Rebiere and Thomas Midwinter who end up as psychiatrists – from the squalor of a Victorian lunatic asylum to Pars, to Sierra Madre in California, to unexplored Africa. The story starts in 1876…They are united by an ambition to understand how the mind works and whether madness is the price we pay for being human.

    As I have been wondering about that very point I might find some answers that help my understanding. I’m going in. I may be some time. Today’s direction seems on a continuing irrational bent and we seem to be rooted in past thinking which appears to be rooted. All those who think they can’t manage to read and learn anything more, are still sucking up the STEM stuff and I suggest we need more as humans before we are out-scammed by our own devices. PD James book Devices and Desires comes to mind.


    Interesting. What alternative transport when roads down? Hovercrafts as previous were heavy users of fuel so not effective – have suppliers got round this with other fuels that are viable?
    Why are hovercrafts not used anymore?
    First, the fuel costs were prohibitive. The vehicle’s four Rolls-Royce engines consumed 1,200 gallons of fuel per hour. That was fine during the 1950s and 1960s, when fuel was very cheap, but the costs became more burdensome. The Neoprene skirt that encircled the craft created another problem.24 Apr 2013
    FYI: Why Aren’t Hovercraft More Useful? – Popular Science › technology › article › why-are..

    What then?
    ..The airship, filled mostly with helium, can carry 20 tons of cargo, but can easily be scaled to roughly the size of a football field with 500 tons of capacity. It has a fuel capacity of 5,000 gallon with a range of 1,400 nautical miles, and can cruise at a speed of 60 knots…

    The airship’s four hovercraft-like landing pads allow it to set down on flat land without being required to be moored on large towers like traditional airships.
    The airships can revolutionize the way oil and mining companies haul equipment to remote areas, such as the Arctic, without roads or infrastructure, enabling affordable delivery of heavy cargo and personnel.
    Lockheed kicked off sales for the 20-ton variety of the hybrid airship earlier this year and is on track to deliver operational airships by as early as 2018.

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