Q Zealand, King Cooker and the Conspiracy Swamp Kingdom: Why Winston’s accusation of media bribery is so dangerous

There must be some kind of way outta here Said the joker to the thief

I don’t think people grasp yet how crazy shit is going to get now that Winston is reliant on the Conspiracy Swamp Kingdom electorate.

This Hard Right Government has turned us from New Zealand into Q Zealand because the feral antivaxx movement are deeply entrenched within NZ First and have pushed crazy conspiracies to the forefront of our national policy platform.

The conspiracy theory against the WHO, the conspiracy that the media were bribed, and the conspiracy that Jacinda knew about the Christchurch terror attack before it happened all lead back to QAnon conspiracy that a shadowy one world child molesting Satanic Cabal is promoting the vaccinations to weaken us using 5G technology.

These people also think crystals can cure cancer.

As real news journalism is strangled off on social media…

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The news is fading from sight on big social media platforms – where does that leave journalism?

According to a recent survey by the News Media Association, 90 per cent of editors in the United Kingdom “believe that Google and Meta pose an existential threat to journalism”.

Why the pessimism? Because being in the news business but relying on social media platforms and search engines has become very risky. The big tech companies are de-prioritising news content, making it harder for citizens to find verified information produced by journalists.

…the rabbit hole conspiracies we are losing so many good people to continues to act as a Black Hole of self-enforcing extremism algorithmically set to hate and conflict.

To falsely claim the entire media were bribed into carrying Jacinda’s vaccination message for dark intents is a conspiracy theory only believed by the extremely frightened and alienated.

Winston is starting a war with the media for the exact same reason Trump did, to challenge objective truth and twist it into whatever Winston wants it to be.

He keeps pushing this culture war vengeance campaign because he sees himself winning sub 5% threshold antivaxx vote, the only way this breaks is if ACT finally show some backbone and turn away in disgust or National voters turns away in disgust and march right back over to Chris Hipkins.

Chippy may have not managed to inspire the Left, but right now he looks a billon moles stronger than Luxon does.

You are already seeing National Party voters showing regret!

Has there been a worst start for a Government than this venal self interested nonsense?

Welcome to Q Zealand.

Winston is the new brown Trump


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  1. On the mark: what a shambles of a start. But I wonder if Winston’s claim that msm were bribed in taking govt funding isn’t the odd one out. Could be a matter of semantics, and a bad choice of words. But from what I can gather, media organizations and editors put their hand up knowing full well what was expected of them.

    • Given the problems of various anti woke agencies – the bank, the alternative to Twitter, GB News – I think it’s more a question of go anti woke go broke.

      • yep – in the immortal words of George Carlin.

        “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”

    • Is he now…I run a stall at the Kaitaia Market on Saturdays…will look out for him, it is interesting who you run into there, some regularly and some now and then–Hone, Kelvin, Shane, Matt King, FNDC and NRC councillors and board members, public servants of various stripes, and mostly us ordinary folks of course.

  2. look at who molests kids, not drag queens, not liberal polititians…BUT PASTORS AND SPORTS COACHES there’s no liberal conspiracy but there is a religious conspiracy….GET USED TO IT

    • This was written almost 2000 years ago “if any man worship the beast and his image…” so we were warned that a religious conspiracy is coming. The events will deceive most though.

  3. My favourite conspiracy is how all the unprecedented climate related wildfires from Aus, Europe, Canada, Siberia(!) to Hawaii over the last few years have been started by SPACE LASERS!!
    Because NASA is in cahoots with a secretive group of elites such as Oprah and Katy Perry….dont ya know…..and all the celebrity elites are INFACT a secret cabal of satanic alien shape shifting lizard people or androids or something….!
    I literally get fed this shit on my FB feed.
    So stupid it’s funny….but I do not doubt there are people who read it and actually believe it.
    Oh for the days of real journalism and quality analysis…thank you for doing what you do Bomber
    But I do wonder if Winnie will start peddling that one, once a few fires start up in the coming El Nino year.
    And if so, I wonder if our esteemed leader Elma Fudd will continue to let that rascally rabbit rant his sly, manic shit from the dim dark hole he resides in, and give him a Royal Commission.
    My gut tells me Rimmer is going to want some of the limelight soon. When that happens expect the shit to hit the fan. I can say now, Bugsy Peters won’t be happy about a mere hologram getting air time.
    I only hope the all inclusive Disney Rainbow people of the Left can see it coming and prepare.
    But as the poor little weedy frog who got regularly beaten up by an angry feminist used to say….it’s not easy being green.
    We may be entering the pits of hell. But at least this is entertaining…..

  4. Just the brilliant Peters will turn it to whatever he wants.

    He’s endlessly tiresome to rationalists, but he’s turned the Rightist nonsense away from Ozzie and Yank crap. A few feints for his idiots, then the smoking shit and his non-belief in climate change. Strange brilliance.

    • Most of us call it dementia. or irrelevance. I watched him being interviewed by Moana Maniapoto on Maori TV and he was a sad old man thrusting his sad old manhood around like the sick old dog he is . He might have gained office through his mangy pack of mongrels, but he’s a fucking invalid.

      • Disagree about dementia and invalid. Yes, he’s always been horrible, but he captures what could be worse and turns it better. The anti-vax fools voted for him this time.

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