Boomer Edge Lord Winston Peters now blames media for Auckland lockdown??? – This has gone from bad to crazy

Winston is the new brown Trump

What the fuck is this new madness?

Deputy PM Winston Peters blames media for Auckland Covid lockdown

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters continued his war on the media today, blaming it for allowing the long Auckland Covid-19 lockdown.

What the Zombie Jesus is this madness now?

He’s gone from falsely claiming the entire media were bribed by the $55million Journalism Fund to falsely claiming the media were somehow complicit in the Auckland lockdown???

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In the conspiracy theory swamp Winston now calls home…

There must be some kind of way outta here
Said the joker to the thief

…QAnon feral antivaxx conspiracy theorists believe Jacinda bribed the Media to buy into the vaccine so everyone would be tricked into being vaccinated for some weird shadowy one world government run by a cabal of satanic child molesters to take over NZ.

It’s like the conspiracy allegation that Jacinda knew about the Christchurch shooting which she secretly engineered to allow so she could ban guns.

It’s like Winston’s conspiracy theory that Harry Tam took a covid infected prostitute through Auckland checkpoints.

It’s like Winston’s claim of bribing the media. I wrote last year that there absolutely were problems with the way NZ on Air handed out money in this fund and blogged that the cultural guidelines acted as an editorial policy, but NZ on Air’s attempt to ensure public money wasn’t spent on anything racist did not amount to bribery as Winston claims and the public broadcasting content generated never amounted to editorial control.

Sure, there was an enormous amount of woke wank generated…

This woke cavalcade of poorly viewed taxpayer funded content created with all the same intellectual rigor of your average suburban Wellington mommy blogger trigger thresholds has produced an editorial team who are in a daily struggle session to prove who hates heteronormative white cis males the most.

…but to pretend that mediocrity amounts to bribery is not a critical evaluation of how NZ on Air spent that money, it is a move out of Trumps ‘fake news’ playbook and that is why we should all recoil in horror at what Winston is truly trying to do here.

You want a debate about the woke wank NZ on Air has funded? Let’s do that!

You want a debate about how we fund public broadcasting journalism and its fundamental fourth estate obligations? Let’s do that!

You want to a debate about journalistic standards? Let’s do that!

But to falsely claim the entire media were bribed into carrying Jacinda’s dark vaccination message is a conspiracy theory only believed by fuckwits.

Winston is starting a war with the media for the exact same reason Trump did, to challenge objective truth and twist it into whatever Winston wants it to be.

To now claim that it was the media’s fault we had the second lockdown is utterly disconnected from reality!

On the pandemic, Peters said: “If they [the media] are so concerned about the state of the economy with respect to their industry, why did they allow the second dramatic lockdown with only one case in Auckland of our biggest commercial sector in the country in terms of volume and number?”

The decision to lock dow nAuckland  was based on the best medical and scientific advice we had, it wasn’t a conspiracy with the media to trick Auckland into a lockdown, for Winston to suggest this is actual senility!

Chris Luxon is the weakest Political Leader of the National Party since Todd Muller.

This madness can’t last 3 years.



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  1. Wait till Peters gets his bullshit inquiry into covid going. All this performance will seem mild and harmless by comparison.
    On top of this was Nationals 100 day to do list. Ban Ban Ban Repeal Ban Repeal Repeal They seem intent to not only slash and burn but to put salt in the wells for good measure.

  2. Don’t be distracted by the hot air from this demented old cooker.

    The spotlight needs to be focused on the vicious anti-worker legislation the Coalition of Clowns want to ram through Parliament before Christmas.

    You’ve seen how they’re already “hard at work” for the transnational Smoking lobby and local Real Estate parasites.
    And now, instead of the promised $250/week better off, it’s $38/week WORSE off for struggling Kiwis.(

    These incompetent liars will quickly sink the NZ economy.
    Expect more of our youth to head across the ditch as house prices/rents rise and wages stagnate.

  3. Whether dishing out money to the media with conditions is bribery or corruption, may be a semantic issue, in which case linguistic, chocolate, gender, race and violence expert Marama Davidson’s opinion could be sought before any more journo’s feelings get hurt.

  4. So we can obvioysly look forward to an impartial inquiry into the covid response now.
    Luxon will use Winston’s tirades as a distraction from the damage National are about to inflict on the country.

  5. It is not okay to knowly lie about issues of this importance from a person who is Deputy PM. Winnie is obviously a fan of Trump and knows his only chance politically is to dupe his idiot supporters (or anyone who thinks he is even 0.00000001% competent for office) into supporting him and his ideas. Any positive thoughts I once had about Winnie (challenging authority and being the tail that wags the dog) are close to gone forever.

    While Seymour and Dickhead make some effort to connect their ideas to reality (very flimsily), at least they don’t appear to be intentionally full of shit and misleading the public with blatant lies. Nicola Willis fits somewhere between these two and Winnie von Trump. It is truly sad and unpatriotic to take our politics in this direction – disgraceful at best.

        • I wouldn’t give Bob that much credit, just an idiot is suffice.

          And on behalf of Bob the idiot..


        • Don’t worry Bob, Bob the first idiot is renowned for making ridiculous comments without evidence. In regard to the bribery claim, from this mornings Herald…

          The PIJF supported over 200 journalist roles, projects and training programmes across the sector. It seems implausible that none would have blown the whistle on government interference if it existed – which would surely have made headlines.
          Ironically, as the Cabinet paper behind Labour’s Fair Digital News Bargaining Bill reveals, this was apparently considered by the minister at the time – but rejected in part because of concerns about perceptions of state influence over the media.

          If one is looking for political conspiracy theories, this surely indicates disinformation has begun to affect the scope of public policy. The weaponised dissemination of political disinformation – whether deliberately or through ignorance – is surely the real threat to democracy.”

          So yes Winston is a threat to democracy.

    • Could Winston be showing signs of early onset dementia? Because if thats the case, he probably believes half the shit he is saying.

    • National’s pretense of economic competence, while they pursue corrupt policies that will further degrade our economy look like “intentionally full of shit and misleading the public with blatant lies” to me.

  6. What a knob head Mr Luxon is–has no idea how to run his political team that are giving him the middle finger already.

    Winfield Peters is doing his best MAGA imitation but how far will it get him in the end?

    Initiatives such as Local Democracy Reporting are actually very good value because they are approaching old school “proper” journalism and reporting as opposed to “gotcha” and clickbait.

    A lot of local and provincial media channels dropped their Council and Court “beats” years ago and the funding has helped revive that area of news and provide some accountability at least for citizens, ratepayers and taxpayers.

  7. The media were hapless cheerleaders for that second lockdown when they should have been pishing the govt very hard about the consequenes of the border etc. So yeah the media very much played a role in length of the lockdown

    • Want a fancy term? Msm pushed a narrative of complicity. In Chomsky’s terms not exactly manufacturing consent, but manufacturing compliance. In the beginning for good reason, if ‘the science’ around infectious viruses and the impact on the health system is to be believed. Most of it modelling but itwaswhatitwas. The extended lockdown of Auckland did piss a good many off when they were well over it. And shortly after when the curtain was lifted the world didn’t collapse, but fair to say high vaccination played a positive role. Not a silver bullet of course but helped get things back to what things used to be, more or less.

    • it is a classic piece of art for sure–could be mass produced, or home printed, for all purpose fightback use.

      “Dr Cigareti” and “Knobhead Luxon” take control of the narrative people!

    • An irresponsible comment from the self appointed messiah countryboy.
      At least it was short enough to read.

  8. Why people defend Peters is just beyond me. But it’s all a side show to distract from the mostly stupid policy decisions that these guys are implementing for their donors.

    • And voters. NZF has a snowball’s chance of hell in 3 years unless they are seen by their ragtag of supporters to walk the talk.

  9. The Auckland voters certainly showed with the election results what they thought of Labour’s way of dealing with covid .The lock downs were extremely over the top in the view of many
    .The Press did not push any opinion other than the governments way

  10. I don’t see what hubbub there can be about Winston being a blatant liar. Judith Collins has a fine record in that department even when she was Minister of Justice. Doesn’t seem to have handicapped her career.

    • The person connected to the leak of ACC files is now Minister of SIS & GCSB, a real treasure trove awaits exploitation for both political and personal gain.

  11. what a bunch of fuckheads NZ elected .The old fucker is just makeing noise to distract people from the revenge shit they are pushing through to fuck us all over .After xmas everyone will be asking what the fuck has just happened
    Kiwis are a bunch of thick shits and stop blaming us boomers I am one and did not vote for these fuckers

  12. Hey – Kissinger’s just died. Most of the stuff about him is disgustingly sycophantic – Rollingstone being the exception at the moment. To paraphrase what they said about Thatcher – they say you should only speak good of the dead – Henry Kissinger is dead – good.

  13. Hmmmm…me finks the hybrid Winnie-Donnie display photo looks like a guy you could have a good beer, durie or yack with.
    Relatable to the working class maybe???

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