Israel returns to war crimes as scale of intelligence failure exposed

This is 'proportional'

Gaza death toll spikes despite US plea for civilian protection

Israel pounded targets in the crowded southern half of the Gaza Strip on Saturday (local time) and ordered more neighbourhoods designated for attack to evacuate, driving up the death toll even as the United States and others urged it to do more to protect Gaza civilians a day after a truce collapsed.

At least 200 Palestinians have been killed since the fighting resumed on Friday morning following the week-long truce with the territory’s ruling militant group Hamas, according to the Health Ministry in Gaza.

Several homes were hit across Gaza on Saturday, with multiple casualties reported in a strike that flattened a multi-story building on the outskirts of Gaza City.

Separately, the ministry announced that the overall death toll in Gaza since the October 7 start of the Israel-Hamas war surpassed 15,200, a sharp jump from the previous count of more than 13,300 on November 20.

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The repulsive lapse back into war crimes in the disproportionate response to the brutal Hamas attack on October 7th by Israel has been made more grotesque by the latest news that the IDF had seen large scale intelligence reports highlighting the very attack Hamas launched…

Israel ‘obtained Hamas plans for Oct 7 attack more than a year before’

Israeli officials reportedly saw a blueprint for Hamas’s October 7 massacre more than a year before it was carried out, prompting fresh questions about intelligence failures over the attack that claimed 1,200 lives…

…the IDF arrogantly wrote the fears off.

The problem of America giving Israel $3.8B each year in military aid is that level of power and abuse of power over occupied Palestinians creates a false sense of security.

The failure of intelligence here is just breath taking in its scale of hubris.

The IDF refused to believe that the intense pressure of a 17 year blockade and continued theft of Palestinian land on the West Bank could generate the anger required to pull off the attack Hamas barbarically did.

900 dead soldiers, 300 civilians and 150 hostages do not justify killing over 15 000, 70% of whom are women and children!

Israel has killed more people in 2 months than Russia has managed against the Ukraine in 2 years of war and we are very clear about calling Putin’s violence a war crime!

The IDF dropped 6000 bombs on Gaza in the first week which was more than America dropped on Afghanistan in a year!

No one can pretend what Israel is pursuing here is a legitimate response, it is a brutal group punishment that steps well over the war crime definition!

Telling us repeatedly that the IDF doesn’t target civilians, they target Hamas – sure, fine and good. But when Hamas are under a Hospital, bombing it to hit the Hospital has the exact same outcome as targeting the civilians in the first place!

This isn’t eye for an eye, this is eye for a face, for a limb, for a body organ!

There are an estimated 4000 trapped under rubble, that added to the known death rate is pushing this to 20 000 dead.

This is a frenzied attack of hate and vengeance on a biblical scale.

People of conscience must keep calling for an immediate ceasefire, and let us all be very clear that criticising the disproportionate war crimes being committed on a civilian population in the manner Israel has conducted is not antisemitism!

This is carnage, unnecessary, cruel carnage and it must end.

No one of conscience can defend this any longer.

I stand with the people of Palestine and the people of Israel.



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    • According to whom, Nathan? According to media half/most of the promised aid didn’t make it through – Hamas resumed firing first, but was the deal ever really honoured?

      Not that “give us our citizens back so we can resume the raizing of Gaza” was ever much of a deal.

      • Just some troll – So, Hamas did break the ceasefire…encouraging IDF to counter attack on Gaza…Shame on Hamas

        • Considering the rank childishness that your comment displays, and encourages, I can confidently rate your real world knowledge as bereft of relevance, or actual knowledge.. So why did you need to show us this?

      • Color me surprised, there’s a tunnel and “Command bunker” in the basement
        Who ever heard of such a thing, I have. there’s a tunnel under Christchurch Hospital running from the car park on one side of the street underneath
        to the main hospital.
        “Command center: Hamas was holding stand up media meetings underneath the hospital from as early as 2006. Israelis are so smart.

      • And yes Israel built the ones under Al Shifa. This has been acknowledged publicly. It was somehow painted as the IDF “finding” them. Again this is all nothing to do with bombing everything. The IDF are just slaughtering kids to take care of their interests. It’s f’ing disgusting

        • The Israelis built a storage facility, a cellar, under the hospital. Hamas turned it into a terror tunnel complex. They use hospitals, mosques, schools clinics and UN facilities as command centers, always have done.

  1. I’m with Bomber on this one.

    The Israeli butchers want nothing less than to reduce Gaza entirely to dust and rubble. How any civilised person could accept this genocide is beyond comprehension.

    BDS hard!! Call out US Imperialism!!

  2. In 2001, Daniel Bernard came to public attention when, as French Ambassador to the United Kingdom, he was quoted as saying: “All the current troubles in the world are because of that shitty little country Israel.” The diplomat added, “Why should the world be in danger of World War III because of those people?”

    Indeed, that shitty little country, the jew state where 85% of chosenites agree with their state’s actions or want it to go harder. Baby killing scum.

    • Interesting, I remember hearing about some German or was he Austrian? He dad a funny little moustache like Charlie chaplain, anyway this guy back in the 1930’s had similar ideas about the Jews, apparently he went mad and shot himself

    • I hate the Israeli flag now. They didn’t want to be trampled on again so they trample others. No ideals are involved in Israel. Though we thought so growing up. Ideals matter! Kissenger’s machiavellianism cut to death the post-WW ll idealism under which I grew.

  3. I’m not pro either side in this argument but It is impossible for Israel to defend continued bombing when their military is on the ground throughout Gaza. Bombing an area then having your soldiers pick up the bits and call the area clear is effective but won’t win them any friends. Netanyahu should be removed and the UN should be in there with military overseeing some sort of recovery.

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