Political Caption Competition

The new Health Minister: "Sorry you're fired but here's an AR15 and a packet of fags"

The new Health Minister: “Sorry you’re fired but here’s an AR15 and a packet of fags”


    • Jeepers Trevor, Reti’s first two moves..point out they probably won’t go ahead with the Whangarei hospital upgrade as per plan and then silence on the smoking move….nothing/no comment. If you meant ‘safe’ pair of hands I am not reaching that conclusion

    • Fuck off, repealing the smoke free policy is not smart you dumb fuck. Nil mana, in fact embarrassing.

  1. The national tin foil anti vax coalition.
    If you are feeling unwell next deadly pandemic.

    Take one cigarette, followed by two vape puffs, and an extra strong dose of pseudoephedrine. Repeat dose for as long as you like.

    If still unwell take out your AR15 rifle.

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