Gang Funeral Back Down??? Oh no you don’t Mark Mitchell!


Head Hunter funeral: Incoming Police Minister Mark Mitchell ‘pleased’ with robust police response ahead of William ‘Bird’ Hines’ funeral

Incoming Police Minister Mark Mitchell says he is pleased with the “robust” police response to an increased gang presence in Foxton ahead of what is expected to be New Zealand’s largest gang funeral.

Police continue to have a significant presence in the town north of Wellington, where three gangs have gathered for what is expected to possibly be the biggest gang tangi in New Zealand’s history.

“It’s very clear they have communicated there is going to be zero tolerance for gang members breaking laws or intimidating members of the public, or disrupting and interrupting people going about their daily business,” said Mitchell.

Oh no you don’t you little thug!

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You promised crack downs!

You promised paramilitary policing!

You promised gang patches would be banned and that these funerals would never happen!

Luxon infamously promised Paddy Gower during their debate that he would order Police into Gang Tangi’s and rip gang patches off them!

And yet here is former mercenary Mark Mitchell giving the Police a pat on the back for their ‘woke’ policing???

Mungo no understand!

Pre-election it’s all smash da gangs, smash da gangs with the new Prime Minister promising Paddy Gower he would send in armed police to rip gang patches off gang members at Gang Tangi’s and yet with the largest ever Gang Tangi happening right now Mark Mitchell is all purring approval?

What a fucking fascinating turn of events form our former mercenary Police Minister.

Least we forget, Mark Mitchell was part of Simon Lusk’s and Cameron Slater’s attack plan to radicalise the National Party

Simon Lusk is a far right-wing apparatchik who runs a private, self-styled “candidates school” for potential National Party candidates. Amongst those National MPs linked to Lusk are Taupo MP Louise Upston, Maungakiekie MP Sam Lotu-Iiga, Napier MP Chris Tremain, Rodney MP Mark Mitchell and former list MP Aaron Gilmore. Disgraced Minister, Judith Collins, is also an  associate of  Simon Lusk.

The media reported that some National Party insiders were so concerned by Lusk’s activities  that they leaked documents to the media in 2012, and the following year. At least one senior Minister, Michael Woodhouse, discussed his growing unease with National’s president, Peter Goodfellow .

National Party insiders were terrified when they discovered that Lusk and Slater were planning a take over of the National Party using MPs like Mark Mitchell to create a new hard right Government.

Looks like all the had to do was wait.

I am expecting Mark to make a symbolic hanging of the current Police Commissioner to stamp his authority and implant some gung-ho dickhead to undermine all the good work Police have done and to attempt some stupid symbolic crackdown that will generate counter productive results.

This is who we is now. This is what we have become.

A former mercenary Police Minister with dark connections to Dirty Politics.

If that scares you, don’t forget that Judith fucking Collins is now the Minister of the GCSB and NZSIS.

It’s like all the Chess pieces on the board have suddenly moved.


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  1. Around the Foxton tangi, the police are abiding by the law, as they should. Mitchell’s featuring in Hager’s “ Dirty Politics” revelations isn’t a big positive, and nor is his back story in Iraq where he made himself a rich man in the aftermath of that tragic blood bath, about which John Key shrieked for Labour to get some guts and go, while Bill English sat pretending not to hear. They’re all disgusting, but IMO Mitchell’s seeming brain cell deficiency doesn’t bode well for law and order anyway.

  2. If you are into politics (no, not NActFirst) buy a hard hat and steel caps people, you are going to need them at some stage in the next year, I won’t say three years at this point!

    The three leaders are clowns in their personas, but the real world damage they are itching to inflict on behalf of landlords and capital generally, makes them the Three Vandals.

    Mitchell talked big…another blowhard fat bastard…and as Martyn has drawn attention to it is worrying to have some of the Dirty Politics squad emerge from the crypt back to top political roles in the state forces.

  3. I think you will find the National and ACT parties dirty tricks brigade also played a big part in it………..

  4. Yet the Media will give Mitchell a soft pass and probably give him the credit for the falling ram raids rates as well. The dairy owners and Tobbaco Lobbyists must be wringing their hands in glee now they can keep selling poison, with all their shop security paid for by the taxpayer. We have all been played.

    • Jules. “ a soft pass” ? What a joke. Tracy Watkins sugary ode to Mitchell as the cuddly dog rescuer of Iraq and the next John Key, likely triggered diabetes or pre- diabetes conditions from Red Rocks right up over the Rimutakas to Ekatuhuna and beyond. Money speaks. Mitchell barely opens his own mouth when he speaks. I think it’s psychological.

  5. You can almost hear Mitchell saying from the co pilot seat “ do you have Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries on iTunes, I’d like to have that blasting out when I fly over the gang funeral …..I love the smell of facial foundation in the morning, it smells like …..victory”

  6. To all you stupid fucks who voted for right wing thuggery? Go you, you’ll all have your little dicks and slack vag’s out in the mass and mutual wank fest you could have only dreamed of. The rest of us will get what our complacency serves us.
    But wait, there’s more. It was the pale, gutless, pretend-left politic who paved the way for this day. Sappy hipkins and his weak tea legion let this happen because they knew old labour never survived post roger’s treason and hipkins and his pathetic crew were simply too cowardly to challenge that. We should remember, indeed always remember, it was roger douglas, the mutant regan/thatcher clone hiding up old labour who did this. What a fuck up.

  7. “We’ll be tough on gangs and rip their patches off”…in reality…

    “we will fine all cyclists $180 for not wearing a helmet”

  8. Now how many people did he murder as a mercenary, everytime that man’s name comes up that is all I think about.

    • Michal. I think about how utterly obscene it was that Americans, and our own, benefitted so materially as the dogs of war in a country whose own people’s lives were terribly wrecked through no fault of their own. I think about the hypocritical garbage which politicians spew when they try to justify participating in other people’s wars, and that includes Helen odious Clark as well as John slippery Key. Then along come the so-called journos.

  9. Me thinks Coster is smart enough to know Mitchell is going to stab him in the back the first opportunity he gets.
    Weasel words so far about how the Federales are handling Foxton well from the Mitch.
    Unfortunately Mitchell is as dumb as he sounds. Well, perhaps fortunately

  10. The only way that they could enforce the patch ban at a funeral is with guns pointed at the gang members. That’s just a fact. They could never overpower them with batons alone. That would be a first in NZ and no govt could survive another election afterwards.

  11. Wouldn’t surprise me if Mitchell instigated the Ginny Anderson beat up after all she is a woman in obviously a man’s world.

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