Israeli Embassy propaganda


With no evidence and complete disregard for UN and international medical personnel witness in Gaza, a press release by the Israeli Embassy would have the world believe that, in savagely blitzed Gaza “hospitals are not hospitals, schools not schools and mosques not mosques.”

Instead, the Zionist Embassy describes desperately-needed medical care facilities as “camouflage and cover for missile launchers and weapons depots.” The Embassy even claims that “terrorists emerge from tunnels below children’s beds and shelter in hospitals.” The Press Release also imagines that “recordings of babies crying are played to lure Israeli forces into death traps.

What Israel is desperate to hide is the true character of its war on Gaza and its contempt for the whole of its population. According to a UN report: “In Gaza, Israel has been deliberately blocking the delivery of water, food and other essentials to the besieged enclave’s 2.2 million people.” The latest warnings from UN relief agency for Palestinians,UNRWA and the UN World Food Programme, WFP, “highlight the threat of starvation and disease in heavily built-up areas, where tens of thousands of people have fled intense bombing campaigns in the enclave’s north and centre.”


  1. Leslie – UNRWA is 100% bias AGAINST Israel – it was founded to support PLO, then Hamas…interesting point, recent release hostages are claiming that they were held hostage in UNRWA facilities within Gaza…Israel has issued a ‘please explain’ to the UN.

  2. Leslie Bravery is a Londoner with vivid World War Two memories of the Nazi blitz on his home town. In 1947/1948. His Arab father taught him from a very early age to hate Jews and that woman were inferior…..

  3. You should have headed this “Hamas propaganda,” which is what it is.

    Sure, the embassy left out the word ‘just’, as in “hospitals are not *just* hospitals, schools not *just* schools and mosques not *just* mosques.” They’re also used by Hamas exactly as the embassy claims.

    UNRWA is run by and for Palestinians, which in Gaza puts it effectively under the control of Hamas. Take any “UN reports” on this conflict with a good few grains of salt.


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