New Zealand urged to support the South African claim of Israeli Genocide in Gaza at the International Court of Justice


PSNA has written to the Prime Minister urging New Zealand to support the South African case against Israel in the International Court of Justice in the Hague.

“In particular we want New Zealand to give active support to the first stage of the ICJ appeal in the coming days as South Africa argues for an interim injunction to demand Israel cease its wholesale slaughter of Palestinian civilians in Gaza” says PSNA National Chair John Minto.

“We have asked the Prime Minister to act with integrity and humanity and support the South African initiative”.

“If the ICJ issued an interim injunction this would be a game-changer for humanity. It could put in place an immediate ceasefire to end the war and Israel’s indiscriminate slaughter of Palestinians. It would allow un-fettered humanitarian aid to enter Gaza where the need for food, water, fuel, medicine and vaccinations is desperate”

“This is the outcome the vast majority of people in New Zealand, and across the world, want to see. New Zealand should actively support it”

Two years ago New Zealand supported the case Ukraine brought to the International Court of Justice against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We sent a legal team to the ICJ to support Ukraine’s case – we should do the same to support South Africa’s case on behalf of Palestine.

New Zealand governments for many years have said we believe in an “international rules-based order” in international affairs. This is an opportunity to used international law to end the slaughter in Gaza and pave the way for peace based on justice for Palestinians.


    • The former apartheid regime worked hand in glove with Israel. They were best buddies.

      Those who suffered under apartheid in South Africa can relate to the plight of the Palestinians and that is what perhaps drives this commendable action of the SA govt.

  1. Winston is on his overseas holidays, sorry, trade and diplomatic mission, and is unlikely to jeopardise any chance of complimentary diplomatic gifts, sorry, duty-free whiskey and fags, by upsetting the Yanks on this, so it’s likely a non-starter.

  2. Well it would be interesting to see how many kiwis would sign an online petition requesting Luxon support the request the court orders a ceasefire. Half a million signatures?

  3. You should have said something about Ukraine’s ethnic cleansing, murder of civilians, terrorism, racism, corruption, and their shutting down of churches, news outlets and opposition parties while you were at it.

    • Plus they very rudely changed the date of Christmas.

      Still at least they got a nice present for New Years form the neighbours

  4. We need to be on the right side of history with this. That is, not siding with America and their interests and Arms trading to commit Genocide in Gaza!

    Let the Americans go down on their own.

  5. Our Gov’t will never affirm the lies about Israeli genocide. SA are making fools of themselves. with their eye-watering hypocrisy.

    • Arabs have been trying to “free Palestine” via war and terror since 1948. You’d think if they really cared for the women and children they claim to safeguard they would seek more conciliatory methods.

      • The Hasbara Ann E pushing the Arab meme again! This BS and the knowledge of Israeli apologist being the biggest bullshiiters to ever walk the earth isn’t a shock anymore. Apartheid Israel has lost its soft-power propaganda even when unsubstantiated accusation of Hamas gang rapes are littering SM no ones buying there crap and rightfully so.

        Free Palestine

  6. Mark – They worked once on the Nukes…South Africa is trying to move opinions regarding South Africa from crap to awesome by using this trick


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