Trump’s Orange Fascism and the rise of Amerika


While our collective attention is on the war crimes being perpetrated by Israel on Gaza and Putin’s ongoing war of aggression in the Ukraine, the world is ignoring the dangerous rise of White Christian Fascism in America with the election of Mike Johnson as Speaker.

Johnson is the kind of Handmaid’s Tale nightmare amalgamation of White Christian Nationalism and MAGA Fascism, his legacy of Hate has been decades in the making…

Mike Johnson symbolizes a new turn for the religious right

The arc of Rep. Mike Johnson’s career encapsulates the shifting priorities of the religious right in the era of Donald Trump.

During his first decades in political life, the newly elected House speaker was a vehement opponent of legal abortion and greater legal equality for LGBTQ people. That focus reflected the dominant public focus of religious conservatives on issues of sexuality and gender roles from the 1980s until Barack Obama’s presidency.

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Without abandoning those views, Johnson in recent years has embraced key priorities of Trump’s MAGA movement, describing illegal immigration as “the true existential” threat to America’s future and leading congressional efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election, which he claimed suffered from “credible allegations of fraud and irregularity.”

…that someone as hateful as Mike Johnson has been elected Speaker is deeply alarming and just another step towards White Christian Fascism, the fears of which have alarmingly jumped this week with the leak of plans Trump has for mass detention camps if he wins next year…

Donald Trump plans to deport millions of undocumented migrants if he wins second term

Donald Trump plans to carry out sweeping raids to round up undocumented migrants and put them in camps while they await deportation if he returns to the White House, according to reports.

The former US president is plotting a series of hardline migration policies if he wins a second term, which includes combing the country for millions of unauthorised people to expel.

Trump, 77, is also understood to be planning to bring back Title 42, a Covid-era ban on asylum applications, as well as blocking citizens from certain Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.

His plans come as the US struggles to cope with record numbers of migrants crossing the southern border as they flee violence, political unrest and poverty.

…Jesus wept!

This is a naked White Christian Fascism rising, if he creates an internal Police State, he will never give it up!

If Trump manages to get elected next year, the planet will go from bad to worse with such speed it will cause us all to gasp in alarm.

New Zealand needs to consider our Independent Foreign Policy as a geopolitical life raft as our Political Masters in Washington go crazy and our Economic Overlords in Beijing demand loyalty.

America 2025

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  1. He is also going to build a missile shield, so all those leaders who fear and respect him will not be able to make a first strike threat against the USA (or retaliate to an American first strike) after he leaves politics.

    This giant of nuclear strategy, who has no fear of nuclear fallout above America only blast damage at ground level, will no doubt complete the space laser missile shield within a term to reduce the risk of a window of opportunity for those who fear and respect him. Greater than Reagan – one can imagine the MAGA caps being thrown in the air in rapture.

  2. Watch this. ‘Saving Capitalism’ isn’t what you might think it is. An enlightening documentary on the manipulated financial chaos that’s the U$A. I began to understand that Trump’s not so much a cause as a symptom. And be honest. Do you see mechanical parallels between AO/NZ’s ‘economy’ and that of the U$A?
    ‘Saving Capitalism’.
    ‘Saving Capitalism’ is a 2017 documentary film directed by Jacob Kornbluth and Sari Gilman, following former Secretary of Labor and Professor Robert Reich, speaking about the current state of the American economic system, and presents ideas [on] how to “save capitalism”.

  3. We New Zealanders live in an almost impregnable castle surrounded by thousands of miles of angry, shark infested ocean. Pretty much nobody gets in here without government approval. Yet here we are wagging a finger at the USA for wanting a secure border! Calling them fascists for wanting what we already have.

    I’ll tell you what: How’s about giving Indonesians, all 275 million of them, residency rights here? Let’s see how that works out, and then we’ll see who the fascists really are.

    • Grow up Andrew. Get some principles and also political nous instead of just striking poses according to your bias. We and USA aren’t a simple comparison that’s true, but we are small and tend to follow the big guys and USA and though we once had UK with slightly different policies, now they have gone weak on their knees to the USA, it all seems too similar. And the USA are behind many of the problems in other countries that have broken up people’s settled lives. And their economics of excessive capitalism, money before people despite any icons to the opposite, is affecting us right now and making many Kiwis sad, impoverished and miserable, and angry as well – very destabilising for us right here in our so called impregnability.

    • And the American (and many other Western countries) migrant ‘problem’ is a direct result of American foreign policy!

      • Oh… and Globalisation- One of the key tenets of Neoliberalism. The endless search for cheap labour to increase profit margins and feed consumerism… to which we again thank the USA.

  4. “New Zealand needs to consider our Independent Foreign Policy as a geopolitical life raft as our Political Masters in Washington go crazy and our Economic Overlords in Beijing demand loyalty.” MB

    Americans will suffer from their country’s lurch to the Far Right, the whole world will suffer.

    In New Zealand, our local military and intelligence community, through force of habit and strong and binding military and intelligence ties, and largely free of democratic oversight, trained to obey the chain of command, will unthinkingly follow the US down the plug hole.

    Out of force of habit, our military and intelligence community will work to undermine our Independent Foreign Policy, to continue to slavishly tag along behind the US, even as America descends into Far Right politics.

    As well as working, at US behest, to undermine our Independent Foreign Policy, our military and intelligence community, will work to over ride our democracy to continue to drag us into unpopular foreign wars without any democratic mandate.

    To force through this country’s total subjection to Western imperialist economic penetration of our, and our neighbours economies, and to support wars to extend this control to other countries, our military and intelligence community will, out of necessity, require harsh repression by local enforcement agencies of any anti-war or independence peace movements. The suffering will be immense.

    As there always is, at least some members of our military community will have the courage and leadership to break ranks and speak out, putting their personal self interest and career paths in the military secondary to the best interests of the New Zealand people, probably at great personal cost to themselves.

    Am I being a catastrophist?

    I don’t know. But it has all happened before.

    • You could have added there is a social, religious, economic and political component to the control of the secular left of the domestic population – those most likely to question an international regime designed in America for its security partners.

      This goes far beyond our Five Eyes defence/security/foreign policy co-operation.

      Clark held the ground on war in Iraq because of longstanding bi-partisan policy on international law and UN collective security parameters. The same applies on a two state peace – as the 2016 UNSC Resolution (acting for May and Obama, so that made it easier for National).

      • “Clark held the ground on war in Iraq because of longstanding bi-partisan policy on international law and UN collective security parameters.” SPC

        What a load of B.S.

        There is no such thing as a Rules-Based International Order.

        If such a thing as a Rules-Based International Order exists, it exists only in theory and only on paper. In practice, naked force is how states settle their differences.

        Clark held her ground not because of any International law, but because of the powerful New Zealand antiwar protest tradition. A tradition Clark is familiar with, and personally took part in as a student at Auckland University.

        I put more faith in New Zealand’s tradition of protest, to get our political leaders to hold their ground, more than I would put into any impotent international law.

  5. Speed up the coming of Armageddon to bring on the Rapture earlier…Accelerationism.

    Capitalism on meth!

  6. It’s simply a knee-jerk reaction to Biden’s equally insane “open=border policy”, that is creating chaos across the US right now.

    • Yep the lefties on our streets would change their positions in a heartbeat when they realise the freedoms and tolerance available in the west and in Israel are just not an option in Islamic states.

  7. Anybody still left wanting immigration from cultures and religions with values vastly different from our own need to pay close attention to what’s happening on the streets of Europe, Britain and the US right now.

    • The influx of immigrants from all parts of the World has made NZ a better and more interesting place to live in . When I arrived in 1973 it was very dull very white European dining out was a toss up between a steak or fish and chips and shope were full of expensive items and groceries were very limited.

      • Not all parts of the world no.
        Immigration from parts of the world that respect and value liberal democratic values and that uphold our laws and social acceptability are welcome.
        Those that promote genital mutilation, stone age religious beliefs, endemic corruption and calls for jihad and intifada on our streets should be deported.

      • Your historical context is spot on.
        Maori were overwhelmed by an alien culture which became dominant in a short space of time. Immigration continues to weaken not strengthen Maori rights and status.

  8. Has it occurred that the way to fight the American Right in all of its flavours is to eject it from the Dems. The party that used to, or purported to support the “working Joe” now appears far more a danger to the Republic and democracy than the GOP.

    How you get a clear out of the rotten Dems I don’t know but unless that happens any bleating about Trump is pointless.

    • Their 2 party, gerrymandered electoral college system mutated from the westminster model needs a 21st century trade in also.

  9. “Orange fascism”. WTF is that? Is it standing in some fake TV show shouting, “You’re fired?”
    Is it merely owning a heap of real estate?

    It certainly is not being integrated into the corporate elite. Or the really unaccountable “Deep State”.
    So who the fekk are the “fascists”?

    Do you think it possible that the average Joe in the Rust Belt is not so much a fascist pupulist as somebody reacting against what actually is a vampiric plutocracy.

    • Trump is the most racist, homophobic, fatphobic, transphobic, athiestphobic, aporophobic president in USA history.

      • Maybe, although the competition is steep. Which one of those bad qualities makes him a fascist? You know, like Benito. And do you think the Don actually has a working political theory, let alone one that could equate to fascism?

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