The Working Group with Matthew Hooton, Maria Slade and Damien Grant



TONIGHT: Legal representative of Slytherin House and Union Delegate for the Sith Matthew Hooton, NBR Senior Journalist Maria Slade and Libertarian Voldemort, Damien Grant.

Issue 1: Latest negotiations to form Government becomes the dance of the 7 veiled threats

Issue 2: Pacific Island Forum and our future with China

Issue 3: 300 000 in housing and power poverty plus 600 000 needing food banks monthly plus 55% of kiwis struggling financially – what does the new Government do?

and Issue 4: Global temperatures are almost 6 sigma above normal – when should climate change panic set in?

It’s Politics done unlike anywhere else.

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The podcast broadcasts from our purpose built studio bunker ADJACENT to Mediaworks studios on YouTube &  The Daily Blog and posted up afterwards on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Rova & YouTube


    • It’ll be live @ George, but not what we used to refer to being ‘Live and Direct’
      The cadets are still working out issues (cos they’re down with the kuds), but I’ve suggested they could take some learnings from Selwyn Manning in this space, IF it’s not too much of a hit to their egos.

      It’s not the most urgent thing on your mind (hopefully) @ George is it?. Wait till tomorrow. Read a book. Listen to some music. Interact with some humans in real time. Go throw a coin in a doorway when the filthy lumpentariat might come to inhabit.
      They’ll be just as bloody gorjiss tomorrow as they think they are today

    • And now that you’ve had the opportunity to indulge @ George, are you feeling fulfilled?
      I am.
      I was talking to Andrew Kingston ( whilst gently massaging His prostate ). We were having a gentle chat discussing matters of life and the universe whilst comparing our collective wealth statistics, and setting the direction of our media profiles going forward.
      Most of the discussion was truly revelationary. Just how magnanimous Damien was in acknowledging a Fits Simon as but one example.
      The hee he he hee he he aha ha ha ha ha reminded me of the Panel, but with Gravity advertisements.
      I had wonderings whether or not TWG has actually applied for NZull on Ear fundings recently, or whether he’s actually claimed the test as to whether He/Her/It/Them have been banned for life

  1. Do we currently have two Prime Ministers clipping the public ticket?

    A Prime Minister in waiting and a caretaker Prime Minister

    Are they both getting paid Prime Minister’s salary by the taxpayer?

  2. It has been proven ‘with certainty’, that your purpose built studio bunker ADJACENT to Mediaworks studios has a hidden hospital secretly built underneath it. Ask for proof, you are a basically getting into that holocaust denying idea.

    @2:25 minutes

    “It has been proven with certainty…..” David Friedman, Former US Ambassador to Israel

    “….Since it’s a proven fact, who told you?” Mark Lamont Hill, Al Jazeera interviewer.

  3. Why on earth would you say 6 sigma? Mate. Just say 6 standard deviations above the mean. Be clear what that means, only 0.00017% of events occur six standard deviations above the mean, that’s insane!

    None of this info was in the podcast… not clear to a casual observer just how unlikely it is for that to happen.

    • All good Andrew Little got the caretaker position but y’all just not taking these times seriously. Y’all just making a hard time of everything.


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