When Todd McClary is your ‘brains trust’ and Chris Finlyson is warning ACT they are too racist

This is the worst threesome in NZ History – they all cry out their own names when they orgasm

National MP Todd McClay hints at hope of coalition deal within days

Senior National Party MP Todd McClay, who’s been part of Christopher Luxon’s “brains trust” – a group of trusted advisers – appeared to think there could still be a chance of the unofficial Wednesday deadline being met.

I think anytime Todd McClay is considered part of a “brains trust” you are in terrible danger of becoming ironic. Todd is part of a “brains trust” the way a brain hungry zombie in a maternity ward is part of a “brains trust”, in that you can trust Todd to eat your brains.

Meanwhile the dance of the 7 veiled threats continues with Shane Jones warning negotiations were at the crunchy level as the worst threesome in NZ political history continue their Black Widow mating ritual.

The diametric policy differences will produce a buffet of dead rats that will lead to the same incrementalism that doomed Labour.

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The full bite of the new mortgage rates many first time home buyers are rolling onto is denting hospitality, advertising slumps is destroying media and inflation keeps a new rate rise before Christmas a possibility.

600 000 require Food Banks each month, 300 000 face energy and housing poverty, 24 717 languish on the social housing wait list and the planet is melting.

Meanwhile the smartest Right wing politician to ever hold office, Chris Finlayson, is crystal clear that ACTs race baiting referendum will tear this country asunder

Former National Government Minister Chris Finlayson has told David Seymour it would be “a disaster” if ACT’s proposed Treaty referendum goes ahead.

Finlayson was the Attorney General and Treaty Negotiations Minister under the John Key-led Government.

He stopped to talk to Stuff about the negotiations this afternoon, saying that if the parties agreed to a referendum on the Treaty of Waitangi it would “bring all the nutcases out” and cause division.

“It would be a bit of a disaster really, and I like David Seymour and have told him so,” Finlayson said.

“It would bring all the nutcases out of the woodwork… and it would cause unnecessary division.”

Finlayson said there was no reason for a Treaty principles referendum, and said he’d told Seymour it was a bad idea.

…when bloody Chris Finlayson can see it, COME ON!

Unfortunately because ACT/National/NZFirst are so politically incompatible, all they will have to woo the electorate with are symbolically stupid raw meat social policy ideas like paramilitary police force against  gangs, throwing Kianga Ora tenants out onto the street, penalties for parents of truants, robbing workers of collective bargaining, robbing renters of security, punishing prisoners more harshly, kicking beneficiaries, drug addicts and the disabled off welfare AND a race baiting referendum!

All ACT/National/NZF will achieve are right wing revenge fantasies against those their supporters despise.

The idea this grudge fuck of a Government can last 3 years without imploding is optimistic in the extreme.


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  1. Finlayson is a whiny elitist completely embedded in the treaty industry, and a part of the cause of the co governance farce, or at least is being used as such.
    Treaty Troughers on all sides are nervous their tap might be turned down.

    • Alternatively he’s got a legal background and takes the foundation documents of this country to actually mean something. It’s laughable you refer to him as a trougher when that’s essentially who is funding national and act now. Fee loading wankers who think it’s everyone else’s responsibility to pay tax.

    • Finlayson is many things but at least he still has a social conscience which is very rare even on the left. Look at how many lefties shed away from Three Waters Finlayson didn’t. Credit where credit is due.

      • You’re correct Sam and Wheel.
        Key’s govt. didn’t do much good but at least he left Finlayson alone to get on with important stuff which the present lot reject because they didn’t know what he was working on at the time.
        And it’s politically expedient to say they don’t like 3-Waters now. Hope none of them get tummy bugs over summer.

  2. Fun and games ahead. There will be fight backs all across the country as the Natzos try to implement their various clawbacks. For example, even Pharmacists are pissed off with the withdrawal of free prescriptions–because with less admin work they have been able to offer other health services, and have seen better outcomes for customers that previously did not regularly pick up their medicines.

    All uneccessary really if NZ Labour had the bottle in 2020 to go for it…but that is history now, so Greens and Te Pāti Māori will be the major opposition this term, as Nashnull tries to shovel the wealth upstairs as per usual. If Act get their white supremacist referendum some of you whimps and trolls out there might want to invest in a crash helmet and sturdy footwear…

  3. Lately Inredictable is this? Who didn’t see this coming? When will the next election be? Within 12 months or less?
    Labour won’t make it, nor the parasitic gweens and then what, who’s left? Some kind of an ‘Alliance’ configuration? Whatever it is it needs to be nothing like the last 6 years or so and definitely not anything to do with the gweens and their shit.

  4. Ugh. The cheap, tacky stage production where the natzo’s the ACTzos and Nu Zillind Furst pretend to be different as they brawl over who can best serve us shit sandwiches is saddening, pathetic and vile.
    We know they couldn’t give a fuck about we who pay their salaries, they don’t care at all about what our needs and necessities are, and remember, while you see them grouped together they’re costing us hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, in salaries and sundry costs.
    Our government isn’t that. The pretence that’s our gubbimint’s owned by lobbyists and media goons sent in by corporations to sculpt and design a public image to keep us sedate while we throw our money away at them and now, as they swagger about all shiny in nice expensive cars all warm and comfy with the heater cranked up as they drive past the homeless living behind the decorative shrubbery along greedy little Ponsonby Road we should be mindful that they’re owned by corporate criminals we never voted in and can’t vote out.
    Watch this. Enlightening and generally a superb piece of work
    Saving Capitalism.
    Saving Capitalism is a 2017 documentary film directed by Jacob Kornbluth and Sari Gilman, following former Secretary of Labor and Professor Robert Reich, speaking about the current state of the American economic system, and presents ideas how to “save capitalism”.

  5. The 3 way ain’t working.

    “In August, Peters posted on social media, in response to National’s tax plan, that “they are clearly relying on mass immigration and a mass foreign buy up of Kiwi homes to fund its tax cuts – and their ‘squeezed middle’ will be squeezed further.”

    In addition, the party is committed to seeing revenue from polluters destined for the CERF being spent on adaptation and mitigation, such as flood protection, not in tax relief that landlords will largely benefit from.”

    Act. Stuck in Roger Douglas’s error of 1984+.

    Luxo will be struggling to form a government by the end of the month unless he gives up cutting budgets for tax cuts.
    He’s been set up by Willis! She’s meant to be the economics expert!
    ‘Yeah Right!!’

  6. I’d give it a year, then roll chippy for Kieran McNulty and reach out to Winnie to dissolve his axis of ignorance and switch to a coalition of the willing with the cack handed side of the spectrum.

    Finlayson ain’t wrong. God won’t defend Old Zealand in a race war and neither will Pasifikans, inclusive of Maori currently employed by the porkers and military.

    ACT’s priority is to build prisons not houses. Nationals is to build slums. NZF’s is to build retirement homes.

    There’s money to be made in misery. Fill yer boots!

  7. There is already racial division in this little country and the outgoing government, plus Geoffrey Palmer’s undefined “ principles”, have contributed largely to this. Key did his bit too, with his ill- considered UNDRIP sneakiness.

  8. I see Shane Jones from NZF is set on a reset of Māori policies all this from a party that got bugger all Maori votes working with two other parties that got even less Maori votes. But it seems NZF think they know what is best for our people. The Waitangi tribunal has no power either just makes recommendations, but it seems they want to pullout what teeth they do have and make them more toothless.

  9. How can we have a national debate on treaty principles when we don’t have the required fora from which to do it? Other than one reasonably grown up effort at a current affairs prog at 9am on a sunday morning, what is there?

  10. National, ACT and NZ First are the same ‘thing’. They’re the heads of the same neo-liberal Hydra. Failing to comprehend that will lead to very unfortunate surprises. National, ACT and NZ First are thick as thieves, it’s the sad pretence they try to sell where they’re trying to appear to be at logger heads with each other about how best to serve us is gag worthy and humiliating for all who bare witness to their fake, cringe worthy bullshit. My grave concern is what do they have waiting for us within the depths of their deep, dark state down in there within the dank rotting catacombs where roger douglas still hangs upside down.
    Watch this to better understand what I mean.
    El Conde.
    It is a satire that portrays Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet as a 250-year-old vampire seeking death.[5]

    • Well I find it very interesting watching the right hide the fact they are imploding politically even as they’re scrapping like a pack of weasels over who gets to publicly eviscerate the policies that support the vulnerable members of our community and pretend to their voters, that the “squeezed middle” aren’t next on the block. These guys couldn’t negotiate their way out of a wet paper bag let alone into a functional coalition.

    • You think the left are having kittens. Seeing some dickhead real estate head from Ray White freaking about the foreign buyers not being allowed back ( apart from Australians and whoever comes through Singapore) just summed up what arseholes this country has. According to him that’s how you get an economy going, and MMP is wrong blah blah. It’s those wankers that funded a good of this shit show

  11. Well I find it very interesting watching the right hide the fact they are imploding politically even as they’re scrapping like a pack of weasels over who gets to publicly eviscerate the policies that support the vulnerable members of our community and pretend to their voters, that the “squeezed middle” aren’t next on the block. These guys couldn’t negotiate their way out of a wet paper bag let alone into a functional coalition.

  12. A referendum on our originating agreement would require Maori to have an equal say.

    It would most of all say the Right has nothing. Willing to throw over the general interest for very short-term self-interest, like Amerika.

    It would be war, as the originator, Prebble, realizes. Douglas keeps to his ideals, Prebble wants political vindication. War. I hope National will follow up on Finlayson and Graham (two fair Scots! Amazing on that alone v. the ‘bad Scot’, Prebble).

    Finlayson is terrible, but I won’t deny he has ideals. Like Douglas.

    The former a kind chap in my experience, finding a difficult way for himself. And more importantly dealing fairly with Maori re treaty settlements.

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