20 000 Palestinian Dead! Chippy strikes back, breaks Caretaker PM convention and calls out Israeli disproportionate violence


The fog of war indeed.

In the same weekend the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor claimed 20 000 Palestinians have been killed in over a month by the Israeli Defence Force…

Geneva – As the war on the Gaza Strip enters its seventh week, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor said today that the death toll from Israel’s genocide campaign has likely risen to 20,000 dead Palestinians, including those missing under the rubble with little hope of survival.

Euro-Med Monitor estimated that at least 15,271 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed, including 3,561 women and 6,403 children. Over 32,310 additional people have been injured by the Israeli attacks, many of whom are in critical condition and unable to receive even the bare minimum of medical attention due to the Gazan health system’s collapse.

There are reportedly 4,1500 people missing beneath the debris of buildings hit by Israeli air and artillery strikes, with little chance of their survival. Hundreds of bodies that cannot be recovered remain on the roads, according to Euro-Med Monitor, particularly in areas where the Israeli army has conducted ground incursions.

…after Israel revised down the number of dead from the Hamas October 7th attack to 900 civilians and 300 soldiers (not 1400), after it appears no Palestinian missile strike was committed against a hospital and it was in fact a failed missile from the Iron Dome defence system, after it appears there was no Hamas control centre under the other Hospital the IDF bombed, after America bans Israeli settlers from entering America because of the spike in Israeli Settler attacks against Palestinians on the West Bank, after it turns out an IDF attack helicopter accidentally opened fire on their own people at the Nova dance festival, after Israel has managed to kill more civilians in a month than Russia has managed in almost 2 years.


Chippy finally decides enough is enough and makes the unprecedented move to step aside as the Caretaker PM and speak as the Leader of the Labour Party by denouncing the appalling level of Israeli disproportionate violence and demanded an immediate ceasefire .

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Labour leader Chris Hipkins calls for a ceasefire in Israel Gaza conflict

Labour Party leader Chris Hipkins has called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, saying “the violence and the killing has to stop”.

He has stressed that he has made the announcement as Labour leader, not caretaker Prime Minister.

But Hipkins said it had become “untenable” for him to remain silent.

“It runs against Labour Party values to see the horrific scenes we are witnessing without calling for a ceasefire,” he said.

“Israel and Gaza need to immediately ensure that conditions for a ceasefire be met. We call on all parties to strive to restore calm and restraint.

“We remain very concerned about the humanitarian impact of the conflict.”

Hipkins has called on Israel to allow supplies to be delivered and for Hamas to free its hostages.

“Ultimately we want to see a just and lasting peace.

“The violence and the killing has to stop.”

It is a bold move, it is a humane move, it is a courageous move.

This is what political leadership looks like.

You can’t mourn and weep for Israeli babies while turning a blind eye to dead Palestinain babies!

We know the game now, the NZ Political Right will now try and claim that for standing against Israeli aggression, Chippy is now an antisemite!

The NZ Political Right did it with Chloe Swarbrick, and they are did it to Nanaia Mahuta and they sure as Christ will attempt to smear Chippy out as an antisemite as well.

Meanwhile the National/ACT/NZF hustle is still frozen in time doing nothing but playing to their venal self interests and egos.

Chippy is crap at bringing us a Capital Gains Tax and Wealth Tax, but he has more moral courage than Winston, David and Luxon combined!


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  1. As it turns out it generally takes a sapper a lot longer to clear out booby traps than it does for a missile strike.

  2. Hamas control the media and always inflate the stats. How many of the dead are Hamas terrorists? The bulk of them.

    • gaby – Correct…the Double Standard of some people is surprising.

      – Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen = not much noise
      – Syrian Leader killing tens of thousands of Syrians = some noise
      – Israel defending itself = Outrage

      • Yeah Nathan – I think 20000 dead in response to raids that killed under 1500 is somewhat of an overkill response don’t you?

        I get that Israel have the right to defend themselves, but who is attacking them now? Have the Hamas raids continued? Palestinian does not equal member of Hamas. If Hamas is “Hiding” with civilians then this is not okay – but I have concerns about far too many innocent civilians being hurt in the cross fire.

        • Bob – Hamas is providing those causalities…so ignore them…remember that Hamas stated that 500 were killed on the rocket attack on their Hospital — real figure 2.
          Hamas is still firing rockets into Israel

        • Check “charts show a stark difference in the human cost of Israeli/Palestinian conflict” CNBC.
          Clue the harm done to Palestinians nearly always lag harm to Israelis.
          Cause and effect is very clear and the 7 October 2023 numbers is another clue.

      • Brian. The dust may never settle so long as big bucks are to be made by the financiers of warfare, who, coincidentally, may also control global orgs.

    • Sure Gaby, Hamas control MSF and every other independent organisation. If you want to talk stats how many Israeli were born in the promised land? There s probably some enormous number from New York

    • This particular count is by an independent organisation, and as to media control there’s a long list of Israeli lies already uncovered here as well.

    • Hey Gaby how many children do you have to kill to feel that smug self righteousness? 1% of the population or do you want more?

  3. While we should appreciate the call for a ceasefire, this is no call out This is bare minimum politicking designed to placate his base while not upsetting any party, chiefly the US and Israel, that has the ability to stop this massacre.

  4. It was important New Zealand’s ex second worst prime minister broke convention and made this announcement as Labour leader.
    Or something.

    • Or he thought he would be doing other things by now. The muppet that you think is so wonderful can’t get a government in order. Perhaps Luxon can’t close his self serving, Foreign Buyer deal because (a) it’s a dumb idea and (b)his numbers don’t add up and every man and his dog knows that. Trouble is he has taken so much money from vested interests he’s in a pickle

    • It is totally pathetic, how many people have been killed why he dilly dallied!
      I am not surprised they lost the election far too gutless.

  5. Gaby hangs around this blog like bad smell, waiting for a chance, any chance, to push their zionist death cult agenda.

    How low can a punk get?

    • I don’t see that you have missed any opportunity, tits for a name, to post and praise the Islamic terrorists when the thread is about Israel/Palistine!
      Must mean Gaby is as low as you then, or are you ‘different’?

        • So you don’t want to hear/read something that is not 100% what you believe in ‘tits for a name’?
          It’s called free speech and if you don’t like it, The Standard will happily take you in as long as you toe the labour/green party narrative.
          Off you go to your safe space…we won’t miss you.

      • @ im right.
        If your blow up sex doll has ‘tits’ like two + symbols in a pair of brackets then you’re ok. Go you.. You should send in pictures with you and it expressing your love for each other. All the other INCEL’s like you might find it illuminating.
        You ever heard the word pareidolia btw?
        This is also interesting further to pareidolia …
        Apophenia (/æpoʊˈfiːniə/) is the tendency to perceive meaningful connections between unrelated things.[1] The term (German: Apophänie from the Greek verb ἀποφαίνειν (apophaínein)) was coined by psychiatrist Klaus Conrad in his 1958 publication on the beginning stages of schizophrenia.[2] He defined it as “unmotivated seeing of connections [accompanied by] a specific feeling of abnormal meaningfulness”.[3][4] He described the early stages of delusional thought as self-referential over-interpretations of actual sensory perceptions, as opposed to hallucinations.[1][5] Apophenia has also come to describe a human propensity to unreasonably seek definite patterns in random information, such as can occur in gambling.[4]
        So you should perhaps get yourself checked out @ im no longer so sure about anything anymore.

  6. The New Zealand Labour Party leader Hipkins’ call for a ceasfire is far reaching. No less for New Zealand Labour’s sister Labour Party in the UK. Hipkins stance Is a poke in the eye for the British Labour Party Leader Ken Starmer, who sanctioned 53 of his MPs for daring to vote for a ceasfire. They may not realize it now but enablers of genocide will pay a heavy political price. That goes for our political leaders here.
    (Luxon take note).

  7. 20,000 deaths. Where are all the photo’s of the piles of dead bodies, mass graves.

    Just a crock like everything else from Hamas.

    • DS, do you not watch national and international TV. You don’t need to see piles of bodies to see that many many people are being killed, most of whom are civilian.
      Where do you draw the line between defending and attacking.
      We all know how dishonest the Americans were about Iraq, I don’t think they and the Israelis are any better now.
      And of course hospitals have tunnels under them as do most large buildings, they are called service tunnels.

    • ds – Correct…I still remember Hamas supplied figure of 500 killed on the Hamas attack on their Hospital…real figure 2.

    • When US President Joe Biden, (just like you have), questioned the number of Gazans killed by the Isreli bombing and shelling, the Gazan Health Ministry released the official list of names and ID of the dead. The WHO and other humanitarian organizations all agree that this official list of the dead is an underestimate.
      Minimize and lie all you like. This is genocide.

    • Destroyed buildings have people working or living in them & there is an abundance of video coverage to show the destroyed buildings, most people understand that it is difficult to remove bodies from a war zone due to the risk of further building collapse or further attacks so it is understandable that there are no piles of bodies especially when most of us will allow some dignity in death for most situations.

  8. 20,000 deaths that’s 1% of the population in a month. So much for those who don’t want to talk about this being a genocide…

    • Ignatius – That figure is brought to you by the same people who claimed 500 killed on a Hama rocket attack on their Hospital…real figure 2…stop believing Hamas nonsense.

  9. There is no doubt, failure to speak or act against these atrocities as an elected official is the same as condoning these atrocities. It follows that these officials are then complicit in crimes against humanity and genocide.

    • Exactly. I think many don’t realize just how big the crime is. Most wars are fought over territory. This situation however is unique. It is not a war. Gaza has already been conquered many years ago. Its just straight out one giant massacre.

  10. ” Chippy finally decides enough is enough and makes the unprecedented move to step aside as the Caretaker PM and speak as the Leader of the Labour Party by denouncing the appalling level of Israeli disproportionate violence and demanded an immediate ceasefire ”

    After his track record in government where he did as minimal as possible to alleviate and stand for his own long suffering supporters outside of the managerial Wellington elite he decides not as PM but a party leader with no credibility to make a stand when his so called ” values ” where never represented before now. Chloe has done more when it has come to making a stand at this atrocity we are watching unfold.

    This from No right turn-

    Chickenshits !!!

    ” After a month of watching Israel bomb hospitals and murder children and threaten starvation, ethnic cleansing, and nuclear strikes in revenge for a terrorist attack, Chris Hipkins finally seems to have discovered his conscience ”

    ” Once upon a time the Labour Party had leaders who didn’t have to wait for a month to do the right thing. We wouldn’t have had this craven bullshit under David Lange, or Helen Clark (or, for the Boomers, Norman Kirk). But those days are clearly long gone. And Labour wonders why no-one believes in them anymore? Its because these days, they don’t seem to believe in anything other than their own careers. They’re chickenshits all the way down.



    The death toll in Gaza reaches 10,000 after a month of Israel’s brutal air and ground attacks.

    Shame on Hipkins and his silent complicity in this atrocious war !

    ” One of the videos out of Gaza that really just… I’ll just say it bluntly: it made me cry. A baby was… These two young boys who had been pulled from the rubble, they had been rescued, one was maybe three years old and the other was maybe five or six, and they’re just trembling. And the littler kid is just looking at his body, he’s looking at his hands shaking, and he sees a wound on his hand, and he’s looking at it himself. And then he’s showing it to the older child, and that child is also trembling, and trying to comfort him, and it just really … On a gut, human level, it just brings home who is suffering the most, here ”


  12. When US President Joe Biden, (just like you have), questioned the number of Gazans killed by the Isreli bombing and shelling, the Gazan Health Ministry released the official list of names and ID of the dead. The WHO and other humanitarian organizations all agree that this official list of the dead is an underestimate. DS and other Zionist trolls can minimize and lie all they like. By all technical and legal measures the mass murder and the statements of by Israel’s leaders of their intention, meets the internationally recognized threshold of a genocide.
    Whether the perpetrators are brought to justice or not wil be a test of the so called ‘Rule-Based International Order’.

  13. So anyone who condemns these genocidal War criminals & mass murdering Zionist Jews or speak out about their immoral actions or condemn its Apartheid Israeli State is considered antisemitic? So what, if the glove fits, wear it? These bastards are killing & faking & staging events to try & make it appear Hamas is to blame because they know that the Global outrage & condemnation has reached fever pitch levels? And all of this is enabled by the Yanks who supply the Money, weapons & Media cover to disguise their criminality? Putin was charged by the ICC for the Crime of getting Children evacuated from a Warzone but Netanyahu & Biden are not charged or punished for the Mass Murder of thousands of unarmed Civilian Men, women & children in Gaza, it’s disgraceful & disgusting & so hypocritical!

  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military%E2%80%93industrial_complex
    ‘President of the United States (and five-star general since World War II) Dwight D. Eisenhower used the term in his Farewell Address to the Nation on January 17, 1961:[12] ‘
    “…we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military–industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist…”
    “The term is most often used in reference to the system behind the armed forces of the United States, where the relationship is most prevalent due to close links among defense contractors, the Pentagon, and politicians.”
    So there ya go. The 3D horror film playing out in Gaza is also good coin.

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