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U.S. DepartmentofDefense

Rules-Based International Order Must Be Protected With Allies, Partners, Indo-Pacom Commander Says
Nov. 22, 2021 | By Terri Moon Cronk , DOD News

“….the order is under attack by revisionist, autocratic powers that seek to disrupt and displace the order in ways that benefit themselves at the expense of all others, Aquilino said.
Coercion and intimidation are the tools they use to achieve their objectives, he said, adding, “This assault on the rules-based international order should be concerning to all of us.”

What a load of bullshit, there is no such thing as a Rules-Based International Order, the genocide in Gaza, proves it..

Noura Erakat says it better than I ever could.

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@10:01 minutes We begin with Noura Erakat Palestinian human rights attorney and associate professor from Rutgers University


…Israel and the United States are jointly complicit in the ongoing Nakba in Palestine. Together they are rendering international law worthless and irrelevant. Every single Tribunal from Nuremburg, to Rwanda, from Bosnia, to Cambodia, every prosecution at the ICC were meant to atone for our moral failures, to protect us from ourselves, and today we failed to stop, today we failed to stop the sky crashing down in White Phosphorous flames on Palestinian dreams, memories, potential, and on to Palestinian babies not old enough to beseech you to have mercy upon them.
We are here now with them, and for them, to demand a ceasefire. We are here because Palestine reveals the naked hypocrisy of Western Universalism, it reveals our enduring colonial reality, and it offers a glimpse into a future without colonialism….

There is no Rules-Based Order in the Middle East, there is no rules-Based order in the Pacific region, only the anarchy of international military and economic competition and imperialist rivalry, decided by force of arms and gunboat diplomacy.

Gun Boat Diplomacy

From Wikipedia the online dictionary

The term “gunboat diplomacy” comes from the nineteenth-century period of imperialism,[2] when Western powers – from Europe and the United States – would intimidate other, less powerful entities into granting concessions through a demonstration of Western superior military capabilities, usually represented by their naval assets. A coastal country negotiating with a Western power would notice that a warship or fleet of ships had appeared off its coast. The mere sight of such power almost always had a considerable effect, and it was rarely necessary for such boats to use other measures, such as demonstrations of firepower.[citation needed]

The ongoing genocide in Gaza proves Western economic and military powers make the rules and decides if they are going to obey them or not.

Naked force is the only coin they deal in, fuck any rules.

Nuclear submarines for Australia to threaten China with, is just the latest iteration of gunboat diplomacy in the 21st century.

America sending a nuclear submarine to the coast of Gaza is another example.

Gunboat diplomacy once enforced by steam powered surface ships is now decided by nuclear powered sub-surface ships. The difference is one of degree, not of essence. Imperialism has not changed its nature in 300 years.

But the people of the world are tiring of imperialism, imperialist rivalry, and imperialist wars. The people of the world are heartily sick of competing economic and military empires clashing, striving to divide and re-divide the globe for their own interests and setting the people of the world against each other.

We are being conditioned to accept the indefensible.

We are being groomed to fight a global war to defend a Rule-Based Order that doesn’t exist.




Patrick O’Dea is a staunch Unionist and human rights activist


  1. Oh it’s “rules based” alright, the rule is any thug with a UN security council veto can do whatever they like.

  2. There is growing instability in New Zealand’s free trade zone and more and more news and accusations that corporations are operating in war zones turning free trade zones into there own personal fiefdoms levying fees/fines and taxes of their own at the same time there are accusations of price gouging and below minimum wages and many other malicious actions mostly due to the presence of regulators, in our free trade zone.

    The future of New Zealand isn’t clear. It’s true that people are looking towards military powers to intervene into situations like Ukraine and Israel Palestine war but those are massive challenges they could potentially remove by force non western corporations and tax them, raise tariffs and sanctions on imports and exports out of those regions and bring regulations and taxes to these new free trade zones. But of course that would enrage western corporations many of whom already have direct representation how else could they be operating in a war zone directly challenging foreign leaders.

    There’s something odd about Disney and Netflix posting massive losses on the back end just to name of few because corporations are making so much reprogramming everyone on the front end.

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