We are now feeding the extremism that will generate political violence in NZ

The Far Right in NZ

When I warned Woke Identity Politics activists in 2018 to stop attacking Free Speech by cancelling Don Brash and Crypto-fascists Southern/Molyneux, I was doing so from a perspective that the woke identity politics activists had no comprehension of the political backlash they could inspire by waking the dormant political fault line of ACT.

In early 2018 ACT polled .7%.

After the woke identity politics activists attacked free speech, ACT soared in popularity and are now polling 9%!

Fucking woke identity politics activists!

We all build our own mountains of education from quarries of ignorance to give us oversight and insight to the world around us, and from where I am sitting, we are now feeding the extremism that will generate political violence in NZ.

My argument as to why we urgently needed to de-escalate the Dumb Lives Matter protests on Parliament Lawns were basically boiled down to 3 points.

1 – These angry and frightened Lumpenproletariat wouldn’t be so easily manipulated by Bad Faith Far Right Fascists if we on the Left had actually been economically and materially transformative in the first place.  

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2 – We risked radicalising protestors into political violence.

3 – The State Security apparatus would immediately pounce on such a threat and demand a ratcheting up of powers and resources which would begin to feed the hate loop of State repression and further radicalisation.

 I think the first is true and the following two points we are manifesting now.

I argued the arrest of the Counterspin duo was poorly conceived and a knee jerk reaction by Humpty Dumpty cops spooked into ‘doing something’ by Stuff’s middle class propaganda Fire and Fury docudrama.

For arguing this was counterproductive, the Wellington Woke Twitteratti piled on and claimed I was supporting fascists.

The dangerous CounterSpin Duo have now opted for a Jury trial which they will successfully turn into a publicity stunt and recruit more to these ill conceived charges, just like I said would happen…

Founders of far right media platform Counterspin opt for trial by jury

The co-founders of a far right disinformation group charged with distributing objectionable material have elected to have a trial by jury.

Kelvyn Alp, 51, and Hannah Spierer, 37, were expected to make their second appearance in the Christchurch District Court on Wednesday to enter a plea on charges of distributing an objectionable publication.

Instead, the couple addressed waiting supporters on the court steps, with Alp saying they had “filed papers which would allow them to have a trial by jury”. The courts confirmed an election of jury trial.

…wow, the exact fucking thing I warned would happen is happening!

The immediate threat of political violence comes from the far right. The QAnon movement in NZ is disconnected from this dimension of reality, they believe in Sovereign Citizen Sherifs who are ’empowered’ to hang enemies of free people. They are fucking lunatics who are capable and philosophically compelled to commit an act of political violence.  Add to them far right white supremacist bad faith actors and Alt-Right extremists and you have radicalisation combining with fear grifters to generate a febrile landscape of existential fears that can only be combated by justified political violence.

Out of this cauldron of self loathing and projected cultural hate is the possibility of a lone wolf actor or small cell group committing an attack on a Politician…

PM death threat: Richard Sivell evading arrest six months after being charged with threatening to kill Jacinda Ardern

A Bay of Plenty conspiracy theorist who allegedly threatened to kill Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern remains on the run six months after being arrested by armed police.

Richard Trevor Sivell, now 40, was arrested during a raid of a Te Puke address on March 29.

The police operation was filmed by a nearby associate of Sivell’s, showing a row of police cars outside the property where Sivell was living, including multiple officers armed with rifles.

He was charged with threatening to kill, related to an alleged threat made against Ardern online, with the details of the threat currently subject to a suppression order. The charge carries a maximum penalty of seven years imprisonment.

…ultimately the only winner here is the domestic state intelligence apparatus. The sudden need to police and use mass surveillance to control and monitor internal political dissent in the wake of an attack on a politician from far right protagonists will be immense and we already see the woke demanding new hate speech laws.

We haven’t seen radicalisation like this on a mass basis before and with economic conditions set to only get far worse, the triggers for political violence extremism are already smouldering.


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  1. “We” have been feeding that for decades. Have a look at the outlier migration levels next. But non-citizen, i.e. foreigner, voting rights? That’s civil war crazy. And you know it.

  2. Yes. The millennial neo fascists have weaponised GenZ via mental health funding of 500,000 sessions so far!

    Theyre turning the yoofs into a ‘Hater Army’ and the government is funding this within the Health Budget!

    The Millennials get Rich Quick Scam! I mean scheme!

    Who didnt see this coming during and after the global riots and protests of 2014-2018 just before the lockdowns happened. Theyve had nearly 5 years of re-programming!

    Theyve cancelled Climate Change because its racist and are now nearly old enough to become politically active.

    Hunger Games-Clockwork Orange McCarthyists neofascists general elections coming to you in 2023!

    Thats about when the muddleclass neoliberal millennials will moan that their newly acquired mini mansion property value has tanked and want another bailout from Robo and his Bazooka!

  3. All this stuff, this carry on, is a plot hatched by the rich, and certainly and as sure as the sun will rise, their lawyers too will have us lot at each other’s throats instead of going after they, the rich who deliberately did this to us. Divide then concur, right? Surely you’re heard of that most basic tenet of political domination? And that, is all that this is about. It’s divisive, pointlessly enraging gibberish to have us mad dogs brawling senselessly with each other for no real reason in particular other than so’s the rich can make their escape with our loot. Why do you think Lawyers, for example, are deliberately obtuse? Could it be so they can be [deliberately] dilatory? Do you know what dilatory means? Here it is. [ intended to cause delay.
    “they resorted to dilatory tactics, forcing a postponement of peace talks” ]
    We’re still in entranced by neoliberalism for fucks sake! It’s been 40 years and neoliberalism has gone nowhere. Has anyone actually asked roger douglas or any of his cronies left alive what they think of their actions, and their reactions to their actions ? Fucking No, is the answer. And yet, that bastard douglas is where inquiry must begin. Surely I’m not the only one who understands that? He divided us and he’s STILL holding us under concur.
    Look? We’re all being played. All of us. Not just we ordinary people who think other equally ordinary people are to blame. The MSM is now being used and abused to spread a disease of misinformation in the form of Ag Action and Groundswell, for example. Or, as you like to refer to them as ” Dumb Lives Matter.” Those people are not dumb, they’re just trying to work out what the fuck it is that’s going on.
    You must watch this documentary. Seriously. It’s important.
    ‘The Corporation’. https://youtu.be/Y888wVY5hzw
    ( There’s a more recent iteration of the documentary titled ‘The New Corporation | The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel’. a pay per view on YouTube for about $5.00. )
    We should remember: When we’re scrapping with each other, the job’s not getting done. And what is that job, exactly you probably won’t ask? We need a royal commission of inquiry to go up our economy spanning the last 140 years. We need to know where, exactly, where every cent we’ve earned as foreign exchange has gone. Start at the beginning, and finish at the end. I promise you, you will be fucking gob smacked at the findings.

    • Clear thinking again from you CB. Like most of us here, we have opted for more national or international sources of threat rather than, its far right wingers. I thought it was political. But once again you bring us back to ‘What is Political?’ and that’s really just another name for Global Capitalism.

      Interesting Doco (still watching) and very clear for those who don’t get how utterly rapacious the capitalist system is. We all know its bad but people dont seem to get that it is utterly unstoppable and will dominate our every endeavour forever.

      And yes, I think that many of us here are well acquainted with the term dilatory, after all our own Labour Govt is a prime example!

  4. Just another unintended consequence of the dumbfuckery that as widespread mandates.

    That and the willful demonization of otherwise good people lead by govt cheered on by Stuff etc.

    Remember the KFC worker? The woman that went to Northland.

    Reap what you sow.

    • Kevin Alp and the idiot with him were nasty fruitcakes long before mandates came along, as were the Canadian drop kicks that came here. It’s completely misleading to say COVID created all of this (granted it hasn’t helped), and seems to be a convenient way of some people blaming Arden for everything. Their the same people who accuse others of being state dependent or not being able to think for themselves, unless it’s Arden related then it’s all her being divisive. How we treat each other is not up to the government( the current one so divisive it won in a canter).

    • Surely SK you don’t support ACT ( or maybe National) because of the “woke” trying to cancel free speech? That’s Martyn’s argument but the reality is ACT are actually very differentiated from a fiscal policy point of view. I think they are polling higher because of that.

  5. If the ruling uniparty could stop s**ting on the working classes for even one minute, it would be very difficult for the moronic ‘populists’ of ACT, Counterspin Media, and their ilk to get any traction.

    That would only require someone in National or Labour to have some morality, or more likely common sense. Won’t happen, of course.


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