HDPA fight with a 16 year old highlights all that is wrong with woke middle class activism


The issue with the climate strike last week, was NOT that Heather Du Plissi-Allan crapped all over a 16 year old who was protesting climate change but then flying to Fiji.

Heather Du Plissi-Allan is a mean, spiteful, malicious broadcaster, so if you agree to go on her show, ya gets ya licks!

If you are too dumb to know that, don’t be the media spokesperson – it’s not the shitting on a 16 year old who doesn’t have the skill set to articulate a semi-cognitive response that is the issue here, because firstly, demanding 16 year olds have all the answers to a climate changing crisis that we as adults are responsible for is the sort of tedious bullshit ZB does, no, the issue is how the Christ did a movement that had 170 000 on the streets in 2019, suddenly implode into a protest that barely thousands went to!

This is like the Pride Parade getting overtaken by woke trans protestors and their desire to cancel Police marching in Uniform. The parade went from an event that had 30 000 celebrate it to a few 1000.

As the planet continues to melt in a heatwave that is crippling economies and triggering unprecedented catastrophic weather events, our climate crisis movement has gone backwards partly because of the trauma of Covid, but also partly because of the vicious ideological knife fights that are now being waged privately inside the leadership movements of these protests where woke activists are cancelling protest movements for crimes against middle class dogma.

Last year, the School Strike 4 Climate Auckland Organization jaw droopingly cancelled themselves because they self declared their inherent racism as white people!

This level of extraordinary ideological purity currently gutting protest movements as the Professional Management Class interests merge with middle class identitarians have muted and culled off real popular support for almost all protest.

Meanwhile, the planet melts and catastrophic extreme weather events are destroying the ability for many to survive.

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But sure, let’s attack HDPA for being HDPA while utterly ignoring how a protest movement went from 170 000 to a few 1000.

The best part of NZ Twitter in election year will be watching all the woke activists who have spent 2 years spitting hate and cancelling everyone now try to woo voters over to them – I will love watching their attempt at political persuasion.

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  1. Surely white woke activists, who make up 99% of woke activists cannot front anything or woo anyone because being white equals being racist. Definitely colonialist. Definitely. And misogynist! And… phobic, anything …”ist” can fill in the blank!

    Has no one told them this? Come on people, time to self cancel, by Twitter, now!

    • But the white woke activities hate all white people, males and anybody that doesn’t agree with them. They really just hate their own identity, and created career opportunities for the useless, by pushing others down.

      As they cancel everyone and everything, chaos ensues as seen by human rights investigating emergency housing after the woke cancelled private working class landlords and actually the housing itself for being not the gold plated standards that woke activists expect from others but don’t apply the standards to their own housing or have anything better in place to house people once they cancel the status quo.

      They canceled locals in favour of anybody else to work here, now we don’t have enough workers, they cancelled older people in ok boomer, they cancelled justice as many just get released without a conviction if they are woke enough, they cancelled the British in the treaty and now just want to have Maori and other, they cancelled civil order and enabled criminals of all varieties and now we have repeated rams raids as people just help themselves to goods and other peoples money in constant scams.

      They cancelled pakeha/white children in the school strikes so now we have a society of mentally ill kids that they cancelled the professional workers from. With the ‘business led’ woke help and counselling, they get worse.

  2. Let’s see if the greens are true to their MO and campaign, 6mths out from an election, on actual environmental policy….then spend the next 2 and a half years on identity politics.
    It’s in their DNA, a protest party not one engineered for Govt, too many pesky policy details and costings to give when part of Govt, better to be on the sidelines shouting and no in-depth pesky questions on policy that way.

    • Im right you are so right.
      I’ve said it many times the Greens much prefer to be on the sideline throwing rocks.
      Plus it’s a well paid job their form of rock throwing.

      • bob and im right. You two should have babies. God knows we need a laugh.
        The very worst thing one could do to hdpa is to ignore her.

        • Ahhh Country boy, you should just get back to getting hard listening to Russell Brand podcasts and being his link pimp on this site.
          Pimping a guy worth about 20-30mil telling others that money is evil and capatalism is bad…lol

  3. the genital wart is very big on a radio show where she controls the mute button..bet she’s not quite such a blowhard in a format where she might get pushback….typical rightard talk radio hack,
    but she does play into the boer bore image

  4. Hardly. If you were to say, that I played into a hori image, I wouldn’t consider it racist. If you called me a bloody hori, we would be having a very different conversation.

  5. I think most of us, even the average middle class, never went to Fiji for school holidays.

    What f@*k’s us of no end is receiving guilt trips when we finally plan our first overseas trip.

    However HDPA is a bit of a dick, along with her husband. Having listened to both of them over the years, I’m left wondering why they aren’t running the country….

    • I’ve said it many times these two much prefer to be on the sideline throwing rocks.
      Plus it’s a well paid job their form of rock throwing.


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