MEDIAWATCH: Can we send the Masked Singer to Fuck Boy Island & will Kim Hill judge it?


Ok, so Hollie Smith won Masked Singer, and yay her, she’s a national treasure, she has earned the right to pay her bills with this shit.

What the fuck was Simon Bridges thinking though?

Retro Robot?

Judith Collins showed his career more respect with her shit smeared MeToo harpoon than he has by singing on the Masked Singer!

The show is of course banal tripe with people I’ve never heard of from the Edge or ZM talent factories hosting, judging and staring in it.

The audience are Christian Families, people who can’t afford Sky, those with Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, people who don’t have enough data on their phones to stream anything else and people who have escaped Gloriavale.

The greatest thing about Masked Singer is how the Spin-Off have to write glowing reviews each week for this type of tripe because their business model is copy writing and getting NZ on Air funding and/or sponsorship for that copy writing.

Tucked between the latest hate rant on heteronormative whit cis males, Mummy Bloggers masquerading as academic child therapists and Alice Sneddon’s latest angry angry angry feminist blog are gag inducing arse pashing for shitty television.

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Which brings me to TVNZs Fuck Boy Island, and can we send the Masked Singer there while getting Kim Hill to judge it?

I would actually watch that.

Nothing manages to highlight the desperate need to merge RNZ and TVNZ than the commissioning of Fuck Boy Island.

Does anyone for one second think Fuck Boy Island would have been agreed to if RNZ had merged with TVNZ and RNZs public broadcasting ethos was influencing production?

That TVNZ commissioned Fuck Boy Island shows a media company fixated on ratings and not public broadcasting.

I have no issue with a private media company making Fuck Boy Island, if that’s what you want to watch, knock yourself out, I’m a free speech champion and no prude, but why the fuck should Taxpayer dollars on the Public Broadcaster demean itself and platform Fuck Boy Island?

The only thing that has more audacity than TVNZ commissioning Fuck Boy Island is all the private media who are addicted to NZ on Air money (like The Spin-Off/TV3/Stuff)  screaming that they will miss out on public money to make and review shit like the Masked Singer!

So, if we have the public broadcasting merger, that means no Fuck Boy Island,  no Masked Singer, no angry Alice Sneddon podcasts AND no Masked Singer reviews?

So a win, win, win, win then?

Bring on the merger!

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  1. LOL. You actually believe this shit will go with the merger. Our whole media scape is based on these meaningless shit fests. Honestly is Close-Up (is it still called that – fuck knows?) and the (LOL) Project any better?

  2. The real issue is what Machiavellian creep appointed a former politician as head of this country’s national television service?

    A politician is the last sort of person who should be in the job. Having any drop-out or would-be influencer and lawmaker in charge of informing and entertaining the public is not just downright stupid, it is devious and dangerous. However unpalatable bilge productions like FBoys are isn’t the worst implication, and the appointment process needs to be scrutinised pronto.

  3. ” After a full belly, all is poetry” Frank McCourt.
    Unfortunately, there are many who’s belly’s are not full so the flippant wanker pictured is showing grave disrespect to them and we should be deeply offended by his pathetic antics.

  4. Post-merger, we can look forward to the TV broadcast of 15-part documentaries on the life of Norm Kirk, narrated by Jessie Mulligan.

    And a new gameshow “What’s that Pronoun?”

    • Ada. What a good idea about Norman Kirk. His bio is impressive and quite humbling, his work ethic inspiring in a way which politicians mouthing such terms nowadays could not begin to understand. They lack the reference points. Not a 15 part doc though, and on second thoughts, perhaps best not meddle with that good man at all, or raise muddy ghosts from time past. You could devise your own little “ Count the Commas” exercise if you ‘re looking for pointless time wasters.

  5. ” The real issue is what Machiavellian creep appointed a former politician as head of this country’s national television service ”

    Because the right have a fear that this country will turn socialist and we will have ” reds ” under our beds if we have anyone who is not from the right or is not a member of the National party producing anti right and left wing ideas or anything that opposes or is critical National party polices that is broadcast by the media.

    Our right wind press and public broadcasting has worsened since neo liberal economics and corporate takeovers have infiltrated our fourth estate.

    We have followed the BBC who are now an effective stormtrooper against anything left wing in the UK. Their political assassination of Corbyn was instrumental in helping discredit and destroy him. The Labour files have exposed the extent to which the BBC and others undermined him and the party he led.

    This merger will not make any difference because RNZ and TVNZ are still run by appointed National party members who don’t care about impartiality or political bias unless it is attacking a left leaning position.

    Only Kim Hill survives as a lone left leaning voice on mainstream.

    The absurdity of the so called free speech debate is ludicrous considering for decades our media landscape has has an inherent right wing bias and has denied many New Zealanders an alternative to National party propaganda.

    • O come on Mosa…fuck right off!

      You label Kim Hill as a leftie, because she is prepared to ask questions of the political left, right and middle and she is apolitcal, Mosa? She is apolitical and and a damned good journalist and erudite interviewer. She is an award-winning journo :

      We all know that right-wing fascists like Putin, and Hitler and Mussolini, Bolsinaro, ACT and National “handlers” want patsy question prepared beforehand. Otherwise the door they come in is closed and the only way out is through the 6th storey window exit!

      We all know Key hated John Campbell, because JC asked the sort of questions journos should ask, and that voters/Kiwis wanted to hear answers to!

      Key: I want that left wing bastard gone… Last year [2014] Prime Minister John Key and Mark Weldon had a phone conversation in regards to John Campbell. Mr Key was overheard saying “I want that left wing bastard gone”. The prime minister had insidiously conspired with Mark Weldon to end John Campbell’s broadcasting career and have Campbell live taken off the air. …

      The right-wing want a compliant, docile 4th estate otherwise the right will terminate their employment by showing them the 16th storey window-exit from the generic interview office.

      Labelling Kill Him, as a leftie, is a right wing hit job to rid NZ/AO of an award winning journalist in the lead-up to the 2023 election. We know Kim Hill would be a well-researched adjudicator, who would have on script and off-piste questions for Ms Ardern and Mr Luxon.

      Kim Hill would be way more professional with her than me than as adjudicator.
      I’d ask: _
      “Why do you sweat so much when you lie?”
      “I have brought a Bible along with me… Trump used the Bible as a prop.
      Will you swear on the Bible that what you are telling us is definitive National Party policy and is true?”

      What’s the bet that National “handlers” won’t permit a TV debate between Luxon and Ardern with John Campbell, or Kamal Santamaria</del).

      The only permissible adjudicators will have their names drawn from the following pool: Kalvin Alp; Mike F-Boy Hosking; F-Boy Mike; Duncan Garner; Mark Richardson; Luigi Wewegi; John Palino; Peter Thiel; Steve Bannon; Donald Trump; Ron De Santis.

      Certainly won't want Kim Hill as mediator of 2023 Leaders Debates

      • ” O come on Mosa…fuck right off ”

        Um I don’t think you read what I wrote. Stop rambling for a minute and go back to what I wrote and then I will accept an apology.

    • the bbc are proud of the ‘reithian’ concept of ‘nation will speak unto nation’ but not to keen on flagshipping his assertion that the ‘bbc supports the govt of the day’.

      worth noting that the bbc had a security services ‘vetting officer’ (programmes and employees) on the top floor at broadcasting house at least till the late 80s…in room 110 which after his time with the bbc orwell adapted to room 101..though no torture just ‘no don’t give him a job he’s not one of the chaps’

  6. Kim Hill refers to gender critical women as Terfs. So she is promoting an ideological view that is gender ideology.

    • What is this acronym Terf please Anker?
      I am sitting in my sunny Christchurch looking out at a beautiful Hagley Park, with the sun shining up my front passage
      I am elderly and am not up with these new, modern acronyms.
      How can I make a pertinent comment. if you keep making these neologranysms?
      Please be mindful of these obscurolisms Anker?

        • TYSM Pip I looked it up…but I have dial-up, so it took me a while to respond.

          “TERF (/tɜːrf/) is an acronym for trans-exclusionary radical feminist.”

          I get it now on one level … but it seems that Kim Hill is only somewhat enlightened? Please forgive me, I was born in the era of Bill Maher, so I was brought up under the binary labeling of M – F.

          It takes a while for me to work out who is being included, and who is being excluded. Anyone these days, who comes up my sunny front passage is welcome into my house, male, female or all and any of the colours of the rainbow.

          Wouldn’t it be better if we were ALL included, like the song “Melting Pot”, by that lovely Kiwi group “When the cat’s been spayed”, or like that lovely young man John Lennon, who was a naughty boy about thinking the Beatles were “bigger than Jesus”

          Life’s not a urinating contest, no matter if you are male, or female! M-F -TERP

          • Cranmer Grandma. Lovely historic Cranmer Square would not have been occupied by protestors had the divisive politicians listened to voices like yours instead of Mallard the Dip’s. Kia kaha.

    • how ironic anker that a career harridan like kim hill should come out against women and womens rights/spaces/toilets…..juzzzz sayin maybe her whole career has been jumping on any hip bandwagon that happens to pass by.

  7. It’s called FBoy Island which means Fuck Boy. Will anyone be able to call it ‘Fuck Boy Island’ or use that exact expression in print? Or we are so adult we can call it F for Fuck, and everyone knows what it is but we can’t actually say that because it’s rude and people will be offended? But we won’t be offended by F meaning fuck even though we know that’s what it says?

    The only offence is tied up in that bullshit.

    Earlier this year the Herald had some story and quoted someone as saying “bullshit,” written like that. Our provincial NZME paper used the story as it was in the Herald. I used the quote in a letter to the Editor of each paper. The Herald published the letter and used ‘bullshit,’while our local, even though it had used the whole word originally, put ‘ bull…’ or something.

  8. Simon pulling a publicity act similar to Rodney Hide dancing in a yellow jacket like the annoying little wasp that he was and no doubt is,; catch the public imagination – don’t worry about penetrating to their brain because it is still asleep after a late night and popcorn and coke?

  9. Announcing that you are XstraightXedgeX in your pseudonym, seems to be a little bit, overcompensating, or a bit defensive.

    Either way, XstraightXedgeX would be a perfect fit for Gloriavale – Male – Female or even TERF:

    Using Vaughn’s list, XstraightXedgeX’s new Gloriavale name is…. drum-roll….
    X S X E X

    Praise the lord for XstraightXedgeX, and S&M at Gloriavale..

    • Once was pink, now blue, but could be teal. Nunneries and their ilk are not all that they’re cracked up to be either. Michael Woodhouse’s main Catholic- acquired skill was disgusting, Bill English emerged seeing kiddies as economic units to be socially experimented upon, and Simon Power could have been hand picked to corrupt youth, but not in an ancient Greek sort of way. If Simon thinks that psychopaths and abusers and serial killers are readily identifiable by anybody, then there wouldn’t be any successful psychopaths or abusers or serial killers out there at all. Is he very thick, or very sick, or very bad, or what?

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