Why UK Labour won’t win the next election


Despite a 19 point lead, I don’t think UK Labour will win the next election.

I argued that Liz Truss was so far right that she would destroy the UK economy with her crazy neoliberal agenda, and lo and behold, she did…

3 charts show the UK’s market meltdown

A so-called “mini-budget” by the U.K.’s new government Friday has sparked a level of market volatility not seen in the country since the Covid-19 crash or the 2008 financial crisis.

…I also argued that their free market experiment will fail horribly in light of looming economic calamity and that the Party will hilariously return to Boris Johnson in terror as they face annihilation at the Polls.

While UK Labour are high in the polls, Al Jazeera release a damning investigation into how the current Labour leadership manufactured allegations of antisemitism.

Al Jazeera’s damning documentary into how Corbyn was undermined and framed as an antisemite by the Zionist Apartheid Israeli supporters who falsified and lied about the level of antisemitism inside Labour to destroy Corbyn has yet to reverberate around the activist Left in Britain yet, but when it does, it will lead to a vast wave of left activists leaving Labour altogether.

Corbin was always a left wing Populist threat to the UK establishment and his pro Palestinian stance terrified the Zionist Apartheid Israeli supporters so he had to be destroyed by Starmer.

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This antisemite game is one played all the time to silence any criticism of Zionist Apartheid Israels brutal and illegal occupation of the Palestinian people.

Starmer’s Labour UK Stasi outed anyone who supported Corbyn by playing woke identity politics cancellation Lynch mobs.

Allow this to sink in and imagine how it will play out…

I can’t see Starmer winning once that is common knowledge.

Allow Truss to keep fucking up, allow the left to turn on Starmer and in less than 18months watch as the Tories elect Boris as leader again and then watch Boris beat a divided Starmer Labour Party.


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  1. labour won’t win in the UK the tories will lose….big diff
    starmer is just another grey suited blairite who makes our LINO look like leon trotsky

  2. Starmer has the look of a plastic doll taken out of a box, dusted down, cheeks shined up, new suit and tie, with keyhole at back for official keyholder to access when the appointed time arrives. I don’t think it will outsell the blonde female version with cute foxy face. So something that is less predictable like Boris may well seem better for those in UK with an attention span of minus 10 seconds, keeps them awake – what next!

    They haven’t recovered since the treacle of Coronation Street faded from their screens, Monty Python is a memory, Stephen Fry sparks brain cells which can again be accessed by possibility of money prize in The Chase but they haven’t enough wit to arise from their political morass of blunders. Perhaps Boris the blunderbuss is needed.

  3. Jeremy Corbyn’s first General Election as Labour leader came close…“For the many not the few” a plan involving re-nationalisations and cementing in the NHS resonated well with working class people. And then the divisive Brexit intervened big time too, and he fudged it. All that was needed was a simple statement to the effect that “we will respect the will of the people on Brexit–and–implement our pro working class policies.

    Because Jeremy is a bit of an internationalist, the British establishment turned on him big time through the Labour Party functionaries and the Tabloid press. Military top brass openly declared a coup would occur if he were ever to be elected as PM.

    By Election #2 Mr Corbyn was well stitched up by the Israel lobby and zionist operatives in Labour. So, yes the pasty poms will likely stick to their mushy peas and fry oops, and vote tory yet again. They could do with a change from first past the post voting though perhaps too to shake things up a bit.

    • Funny thing is the Poms on this site promote Nact to be the saviors of poverty, housing, employment etc etc etc when.the bastards created the mess in the first place. Why do they believe they will now fix up their fuck ups when they have only ever made things worse.
      The entitled Poms always vote for Tories, the working class otherwise.

  4. never mind that the UK labour party has a women issue, a women – female adult human – issue. Non of them bar one person can identify what and who is a woman. And for a party that has more female support then male well i guess that is votes wasted.

    • Yes never mind, back to the hapless Tories and Truss running the country. She identifies as entitled, elitist and born to rule. Sounds exactly like National and.Act of N.Z.

  5. I disagree Martyn. Starmer will win because he is a centrist. Corbyn was unelectable because he was not seen as patriotic by Labour voters. His pro- Palestinian stance contributed to that. Like it or not Labour has a large Jewish constituency which cannot be ignored. Their Jewish MPs are in powerful positions – Ed Milliband, Margaret Hodge, Harriet Harman but Corbyn forced many younger Jewish MPs out of the party.

    • Amazing how ‘patriotic’ seems to just mean bombing the crap out of brown people and doffing your cap to the queen, and not about the selling off of industry and infrastructure to multinationals.

      The British working class of 2022 are cucked bootlickers.

      • But who are they supposed to vote for Millsy? LINO gave up on the working class (or at least the white working class) long ago, and instead became the party of the woking class, and of sexual and ethnic minorities. Just like here!

    • It was more about the UK and US being in lockstep on Israel/defence and foreign policy – this was posed as a litmus test of Labour (purging their left). Left wing Jews were also marginalised.

      Now Rupert the piddlingdown bully can anoint Starmer.

  6. Boris is the type of leader the British love . He is upper class and a politician both are people to pock fun at and blame for the problems they have . They do not want someone that pretends to be one of them and then gives them a kicking .Boris make a good headline .He will be back .

  7. I see hasbara here. Corbyn has huge support amongst Jews, just not Zionists, whether they be Jew, Christian right, or Keith Starmer (a proud Zionist) etc in the establishment.

    UK Labour has expelled more Jews for anti-Semitism (the self hating, wrong sort of Jew we are told by the Zionists) than any other group.

    Do check out the four part investigation on YouTube – The Labour Files. And JVL – Jewish voice for Labour.


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