Arrest of Counterspin duo a knee jerk too far

Whatever clown is responsible for knee jerking the arrest of the Counterspin duo should be taken out the back and slapped until the stupid comes off them!


Mark my words now, this is a bad fucking idea…

Angry Christchurch court scenes: Far-right pair launch diatribe at media outside court

Two people charged over distributing an objectionable publication have launched a diatribe outside court, saying the allegations amounted to a “political attack” and calling media “journalistic whores”.

Kelvyn Alp and Hannah Spierer, hosts of far-right conspiracy theory website Counterspin Media, appeared in the Christchurch District Court jointly charged that on February 23 this year at Wellington they distributed a documentary deemed an objectionable publication under the Films, Videos and Publications Classifications Act 1993.

…whatever clown is responsible for knee jerking the arrest of these two should be taken out the back and slapped until the stupid comes off them!

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This reeks of a knee jerk with no forethought.

These two are the real fucking deal, to snap them with this bullshit is like arresting a Mafia Boss on a driving infringement.

They’ve been charged with refusing to provide their computer passwords, so what! Anyone with half a fucking brain would refuse to give the cops your passwords and fight it out in court, charging them with that is bullshit.

The objectionable material sounds like a copy of the Christchurch Terror attack, that’s hardly earth shaking in any way shape or form.

They are selling this as State repression and will surf the victimisation martyrdom with all the self interest of Cameron Slater and Dr Sharma combined.


The SIS SHOULD have gotten actual judicial warrants and have spied on them legally, put together a strong and clear case for conspiracy and arrest them for that, what has happened is some bullshit ill thought out knee jerk created by the Fire and Fury Stuff doco to generate charges which they will fight and gain even more legitimacy and notoriety from.

It’s like the State can’t help but make things worse here!

If they had been seen as the real legitimate threats that they are, this would have been handled with the professionalism and care that it demands, instead of that we’ve had a panicked Police anxious to look like they are doing something because woke Twitter is getting angry.

They will fight these charges and gain more influence and notoriety.

This has been appallingly handled and someone needs a smack.

These guys are the real deal, this demands a far smarter and far more ruthless response than this sloppy bullshit!


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  1. Yes, they’re the real deal which you, Martyn, and your neutered Daily Blog certainly isn’t. That’s why they’re respected.

  2. Meh!
    Any different than the Tama Iti trial, and him using a shotgun on the NZ flag in public (gotta love those TV cameras for publicity), the running around the hills playing at being terrorists/freedom fighters/cowboys and Indians.
    Who cares!?

    • Im right ‘and him using a shotgun on the NZ flag in public’ Is that illegal? He was on his ancestral Marae Te Rewarewa and he had a firearm license then. At the time the Crown were offering a measly compensation arrangement for ethnic cleansing, murders, torture, land confiscation of his ancestor that has repercussions which is reflected in their community today.

      Im right ‘the running around the hills playing at being terrorists/freedom fighters/cowboys and Indians. Who cares!?’

      Background- On the 15 October 2007 the NZ Police and the Armed defenders lockdown and detained the citizen of Ruatoki a Maori community. The armed defenders held and detained a Kohanga Reo bus that traumatized the children and I believe there were some form of apology and compensation for that issue and other breaches of human rights to citizens of Ruatoki. The main offender Tame Iti was arrested at his homestead in Whakatane about 22.14 km or 13.73 miles away from Ruatoki. The other alleged offenders lived in other parts of NZ. The communities where they lived wasn’t locked down.

  3. Yes whilst they haven’t said what aspect of the search of their house they didn’t cooperate with I gather it was not giving their passwords. I had no idea you have to cooperate with the Pigs. Surely you have to be charged with something before you are required to give your password anyway. Sensible comments I would never ever give the Pigs my password either, primarily because I don’t trust them and most of us have very good reasons not to trust them. The big problem with the pigs is that they dare never ever held accountable for their many fuck ups, I mean big ones, Teina Pora and numerous others in prison for major crimes they did not commit.

  4. My understanding is that the “objectional material” is a link to a doco about the ChCh attacks, in which case people will seek it out

    A bit of an own goal for the authorities really

  5. It’s kind of amusing to watch though eh @ Martyn. I never liked popcorn that much but I’m being fed a husk or two while it all plays out.
    It really does need to play out though, and the sooner the better because it might dawn on the PMC what it is they’re ekshully having to deal with (in this space, going forward)
    Beks darling Kitterings was once a decent sort of human being before her PMC capture (for example) as were a few otherings.
    It’s betterentertainment though than watching the circus. Please let it rip – the sooner the better

  6. “What should have happened” and why this didn’t happen is the key point here. Could it be that saying something is ‘a’ then proving that they actually are ‘a’ are worlds apart here.

  7. Don’t like these scummy people but someone has been a tad hasty I agree better to get them properly.

  8. “They are selling this as State repression”
    They are doing this because it IS state repression along with lockdowns, masks, vaccine mandates and a bunch of other nasty crap Adern has pulled.
    She has taken to authoritarianism so so naturally.

    • Are you sheriff, judge or executioner Jays?
      Are you running for council, or mayor, or school boards to “make New Zealand/Aotearoa ungovernable Jays?
      What does Kelvyn Alp mean when her\ said on One News, “There’s way worse to com!”

      • It means Kelvyn is a lunatic who should be allowed to continue wandering around ranting rather than prosecuted for imaginary crimes, it’s very funny.

  9. The SIS should of done a ‘Tame Iti’ on these clowns instead they done a ‘Iti Tame’ in reverse!! Buhahahaha and their Qnon Trump supporters will claim martyrdom to revitalize their lost cause.

  10. As you say, Martyn, this is related to the disgusting Christchurch counterjihad attack. The interesting thing is that they seem not to have actually distributed anything that has been classified as objectionable by the Chief Censor at all.

    They linked to a stupid ‘documentary’ called ‘The Three Faced Terrorist’ which some a**istic face blind guy who couldn’t recognize that three photos of Tarrant showed the same guy and posted a stupid Word document that ‘proved’ that Tarrant’s assault rifle was actually a BB gun and “Nobody Died At Al-Noor Mosque” (FACT CHECK: Untrue).

    The Word doc hasn’t been classified as objectionable, though it probably should be given some of the images contained within, and if linking to a website about a video, a video that only after you post the link later gets classified as objectionable, means you can be hunted down and have your personal life ransacked by the less than trustworthy fellas at NZ Police, I would say that we have a problem.

    Is this dodgy interpretation of the law only applicable if the classification happens the day after you post the link? What if you link to a website and then a year later the website owner posts objectionable material? The police would obviously love to interpret the latter as constituting you committing a crime, everyone else, not so much.

  11. This is the sought of dumbfuckery you get when Cuddles Coster treats Stuff or the Herald as intelligence briefings.

  12. arps is a nazi but it would have been better to get him on tax, or uninsured vehicle, fence too tall whatever bullshit charge, rather than giving him a platform

    • Or maybe just leave him alone?
      Not liking someone is hardly a cause for persecution. Unless you are Labour or Greens that is.

      • well it’s exactly what rightards do, spray painting swastikas cos a person happens to be darker skinned…sorry rightard blowhards who turn up the rhetoric are unconvincing pearl clutchers…you guys spread shit on the field don’t be surprised if you get some on your pants

  13. ” This has been appallingly handled and someone needs a smack ”

    I would expect that heads would roll and the loss of privileges but we don’t do accountability in the shire.

    I wonder most of the time how this country continues to function ?

    Its deteriorating very quickly.

  14. Theyre both gunna get off with a warning. This is just another “Virtue-Cosplay” signal from the labour governments State Oppressors and Mowree Nark-hotline, paparoa 0900NARKONYACUZZIES. $270m+ and 27 Security Agency’s and this is all they can come up with?? Seriously!

    • The ‘karens’ of the news influencers of snowflake MSM ‘Stuff’ Andrea Vance and Paula Penfold are going hard out, calling out the fringe groups and people who are running for council across the motu.

      What’s up with these privileged muddle-class news influences? Haven’t they got any real news stories to write about? Or are they on the Ministry of Propaganda and Public Enlightenments payroll?

      What’s that saying about oppressors writing about the oppressive?

      Anyways. It’s time for the ‘karens’ of lame stream influencing to give it a rest and go and do some baking or something. Something useful like that.

  15. Martyn, these are not the same tame NAZI fashion fetishists of your childhood.
    Ask disinformation researchers to show you the content this current generation is sharing & liking on Telegram, Facebook & Twitter.
    Direct threats against individuals and groups.


    “Mr Luxon” doing what he has done gives legitimacy to the most extreme views in our community. Doing what Mr Luxon has done gives confidence to those who have threatened and harassed our health care workers, our journalists, many politicians in this House, and citizens around NZ”

    If you think I am at all overreacting then first listen to Dr. Sanjana Hattotuwa ( @sanjanah on twitter ) from The Disinformation Project.

  16. Gee what is with the threats on this site aren’t they being vetted no need to get violent what happened to freedom of speech. Some body needs to chill out its Friday for fuck sake get a grip.

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