Why the Maori Party as Queen makers hurts the Left in 2023 election


Watch National and ACT tell NZ constantly between now and the 2023 election that Labour and Greens will need the Maori Party to become the Government.

With the erratic nature of the current leadership team in the Maori Party, the Right can paint the Left’s need for the Maori Party as a threat to stability.

Last year the Maori Party had the most schizophrenic year on record with their bizarre tactics and arguments.

At the beginning of 2021, they were actually arguing for the SIS to create a Stasi to hunt down white supremacy political enemies of the State DESPITE every single example around the world showing that when you give the Secret Intelligence Agencies Stasi powers to hunt down enemies of the State, they very quickly use those powers to hunt down citizens to protect the State!

They followed this up by describing Labour’s vaccination policy as a ‘modern Genocide’ on par with the murderous Squid Games! Anyone else offensively using these terms would be severely reprimanded by the media but because it’s the Maori Party, you know, colonization.

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To date, 93 total numbers have died throughout NZ. The Maori Party ‘genocide’ doesn’t even hit triple digits!

The Labour Party should have included the Maori Party in this term so that the rougher edges of their Leadership Team could have been worn away by now and their inclusion couldn’t be painted out as a destabilisation.

The problem is pure temple politics.

In the MANA Party, we talked about feeding the kids, building 30 000 State Houses and a financial tax to force the banks, speculators and corporates to pay more tax for social spending.

MANA was centred from a position of Maori leadership but it wasn’t about grand standing in Parliament or arguments about racist shoes.

MANA was focused on all the people, the Maori Party are only focused on Maori.

MANA was all about feed ALL the kids, the Maori Party are only about feeding the Maori kids.

This kind of woke pure temple politics is the kiss of death in the Polls and as the electorate realise a Green/Labour Government will need the Maori Party, watch the free fall that Right wing pitch creates.

ACT is promising to start a race war by stripping out the Treaty from every law, polarisation of debate will be extreme enough to provoke political violence by 2023.


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  1. There is no left. There is no left left. You are right about the Maori Paati being schizophrenic, radical, one-eyed and divisive. (Although I have huge respect for Rawiri speaking up in support of Palestine).
    However the members of the Maori caucus in the soon-to-be imploded and defunct Labour Party will be looking for new homes and may swell the Maori Paati but maybe not to more than 5% of the vote.
    All bets are off. Absolutely anything can happen at the next election, whenever it is held. Maybe we will have an early one.

  2. Rawiri Waititi blamed this infamous tweet on “someone else”.


    Either Rawiri told us a porkie about the authorship of the tweet, or else the problem with “The Maaori Party” goes deeper than the current leadership. Actually the second option is true either way – the problem is the party’s ideology.

  3. The problem with the Maori Party is they are trying to out radical the Maori (squad) caucus in Labour. They are effectively the same and targeting the same audience which is the tribal elite and their hangers on.

    Don’t be surprised if there is tactical voting in the Maori electorates by the right where the edge out Rawiri ala what happened to Harawira up north. An electoral overhang will help the right and the left appear to be sleepwalking into losing 2-3% of their vote.

    That said I have a feeling it won’t matter too much in the wash up given current trends.

  4. The Maori Party, just like the Greens are tactically stupid. Both these parties, if half clever instead of totally blinded by their ideology, could achieve so much for their cause. (They should be ‘specific purpose’ parties instead of mini-Labour parties!) Think of it, say each party had a wishlist of initiatives or policies relevant to their purpose, what a great position to extort power and money from either Labour or National to get these specific policies realised. Examples: Maori Party might say “You want our votes to be the govt? No tax for anyone earning under 20K and legallise cannabis and you will have our votes.” The Greens might say “You want our votes to be the govt? No building consents without solar panels and integrated water storage and you will have our votes”. These are just simple examples, the point being, both these parties will forever be ‘sucking off’ Labour looking for love, without ever achieving anything concrete. And in the end we will ask “Why did they even exist?”

    • “Why did they even exist?”

      to prop up a party that would otherwise gain at best 27.8 % (Cunliffe). And i doubt that Andrew Little would have gotten that much, hence the shove to the front of Jacinda Ardern. And i bet that she would be quite happy today to hide behind either men, Cunliffe or Little.

      • Well reactionary bratwurst that doesn’t say much about the alternative then does it? All this flotsam and jetsam still looked more appealing than the incumbent. The incumbent that had thoroughbred stock like Jamie Lee Ross hand picked by the “rockstar” to take the party forward…..oh wait.

  5. Despite may Pakeha saying we are homogenous many Maori not only tactically vote but we tend to vote for the same party or leaders and we get rid of those that go with the right as the right policies are detrimental to the majority of Maori. The tax changes will not benefit us much as we are more likely be in the lower income bracket so Luxons is giving us 2.15 per week how kind of him. Every time National get in power our people end up worse of and we fall further behind in every facet of life and so does our PI peoples. So why would Maori vote for National when they increase immigration impacting on jobs, homes and infrastructure.

    • And what has Labour ‘given’ you/Maori?
      Labour take the vote for granted, any thing that does benefit Maori (cash, grants, settlements ) gets swallowed up the the Maori leaders/fat cats.
      Don’t sit there and lecture about how Nasty National is to grass roots Maori when the same Maori get SFA from Labour.
      You guys don’t even vote for a Maori specific Party and you have your own seats/electoral roll!
      Stop trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes by saying Maori vote wisely or strategically we know that’s bullshit!…haaaa it’s all Labour bar ONE Maori seat!

      • Have I upset you imright the Maori seats were created by the NZ government of the time over one hundred years ago to prevent us from out voting the Pakeha in control as we outnumbered them. So if the MAORI SEATS are racist we didn’t create them look at the history of voting in our country. Don’t talk shit about what we get either and dont use divide and conquer tactics they don’t work on me.

        • CIP
          Think like ‘business’. As I said in my post, if they were shrude operators, they could conquer and get what they want. Imagine them as ‘kingmakers’…who cares if they team up with National. As long as they get their policies paid for. But no, it HAS to be Labour…only to be fucked over, no love given and nothing paid for but token stuff. Ah well, that’s what ideology does…it clouds the brain.

        • Don’t worry CiP, tomorrow Im Right and Sour Kraut will be arguing that Labour are trying to handover control of the country to Māori via healthcare reform and Three Waters. That narrative doesn’t suit this post so today it’s Labour do nothing for Māori.

    • I’m not sure that’s entirely correct C is P.

      Stats NZ suggest that there’s nearly as many registered voters of Maori descent on the general roll as there are on the Maori roll.

      While there’s no doubt that a segment of this total population will vote en masse for someone or something, the numbers suggest that there will be a wide range of views, expectations and ambitions

  6. You guys must watch this.
    No. Seriously.
    If you think the subject matter detailed in this youtube clip by Russell Brand has nothing to do with AO/NZ you’d be fatally wrong.
    Russell Brand. YouTube.
    “The invasion of Ukraine has sparked talk of sanctions and financial crackdowns from Western leaders. But does this ring true and how have these leaders previously profited from connections to Russian money? ”

  7. Martyn, you’re more than smart enough to see the MSM are pushing the narrative of the Maori Party as King/Queen maker.

    The Team of 55 Million will push anything to keep their tax-payer-funding cash-cow [Labour] in power.

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