Putin the masochist is more dangerous than Putin the sadist


It is clear now that Putin’s real danger is not in the pain he is about to inflict, but the pain he can endure.

I called him invading the Ukraine after the Kazakstan coup attempt which the Russian’s concluded was another Western attempt at hybrid war.

While Kyiv is symbolic, I think the real goal here is Odessa.

Putin is clearly looking to legacy and has planned for a conflict for at least 7 years.

Putin’s mentor Alexander Dugin has argued for the invasion of Ukraine…

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Russian intellectual Alexander Dugin is the main architect of the neo-Russian imperialism called Eurasianism. In a series of lectures, articles, and books, Dugin has sought to “rehabilitate fascism in Russia.” He has borrowed from obscure 19th and 20th century political theories, adopted a sympathetic interpretation of Nazism that attempts to separate it from the Holocaust, and sought to thwart what he and many Russians believe is a conspiracy led by the United States to contain Russia. Dugin has called for a “Russian spring” and the domination of Europe through Ukraine.

those who surround Putin all believe this grand destiny narrative

Emboldened by perceptions of the West’s terminal decline, no one in this group loses much sleep about the prospect of an open-ended confrontation with America and Europe. In fact, the core members of this group would all be among the main beneficiaries of a deeper schism.

Consider Putin’s war cabinet, which is the locus of most decision-making. It consists of Nikolai Patrushev, the head of the Security Council; Alexander Bortnikov, the head of the FSB (the main successor agency of the KGB intelligence service); Sergei Naryshkin, the head of Russian Foreign Intelligence Service; and Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Their average age is 68 years old and they have a lot in common. The collapse of the Soviet Union, which Putin famously described as the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century, was the defining episode of their adult lives. Four out of five have a KGB background, with three, including the president himself, coming from the ranks of counterintelligence. It is these hardened men, not polished diplomats like Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who run the country’s foreign policy.

In recent years, members of this group have become very vocal. Patrushev and Naryshkin frequently give lengthy interviews articulating their views on global developments and Russia’s international role. According to them, the American-led order is in deep crisis thanks to the failure of Western democracy and internal conflicts spurred by the promotion of tolerance, multiculturalism and respect for the rights of minorities.

…I think the cabal see themselves as part off 1000 year Christian tradition and that this war is for the soul of Russia.

We don’t appreciate the power and importance and motivator Russian Orthodox Christianity plays out in all of this.

In 988AD, Vladimir the Great, whom Putin takes his name from, mass baptised 1000 Russians at the River Nee-Proh in what has become the founding spiritual moment in Orthodox Russian Christianity as the moment Russia became Christian and led to a cultural narrative structure that Moscow is the third Rome and was a homeland for Christianity.

What isn’t widely known is that Putin himself is a very staunch Russian Orthodox Christianand that he has used the Russian Orthodox Church as an enormous control mechanism over the Russian people.

Putin has spent billions rebuilding the Churches smashed down by Communism and uses his relationship with the Church for political advantage. It was the Orthodox Church who first praised Putin for annexing Crimea, a region with much religious importance for the Church.

Recently the Ukrainian branch of the Orthodox Church severed ties with the Russian branchbecause they felt Putin was having too much influence over it.

If Moscow is the third Rome, Kyiv is the second Jerusalem.

Putin sees himself as part of a long line of Christian Defenders of the true faith.

A new angry white Christianity is erupting here with intense violence, and misreading the drivers of Putin means we will fail at stopping him.

If Putin is doing this for God and the soul of Mother Russia, the dead are evidence of faith, not failure!

Next stop will be Bosnia/Herzegovina…

As The World Watches Ukraine, Possibility Of Disintegration Looms In Bosnia

…in 2016 Putin started building a Doomsday bunker.

In 2017 he saw Dr Strangelove for the first time ever with Director Oliver Stone.

Last year he completed his Doomsday Bunker.

I fear Putin wants to use an extreme event of violence to terrify NATO into freezing. I think that event will either be a battlefield Nuke, chemical weapons attack or bio-weapon.

After that event he will get the Ukraine to agree to anything and I think intends to isolate Russia from the West via cultural and Econ omicron sanctions while he spreads chaos around the world as a major destabiliser.

I think Putin sees himself as a champion of the true Christian faith and the Lord of Chaos. Russia wins when global order collapses.

The real economic pain of the sanctions against Russia haven’t hit us yet, but they are coming.

$5 a litre petrol prices and $10 a loaf bread will cause massive damage here in NZ, imagine how it will impact the rest of the world?

The last time wheat prices were this high they caused a bread price destabilisation throughout the Middle East that sparked the Spring Uprising.  Indeed the Collectivisation of the Ukrainian wheat harvests in the early 1930s had a knock on effect to the economic down turn that resulted in World War 2.

Putin is willing to take enormous economic pain right now to ultimately derail the global economy by the end of the year.

Fear the masochist who can switch into sadism.

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  1. The West needs someone to ‘hate’, and guess who that is?

    The US and NATO are just setting up another proxy war with Russia to fight them on 2 fronts. Syria and Ukraine. China next?

    A Trifecta!

    How many ways can this fail and turn into a massive cluster?

  2. It’s perhaps ‘unfortunate’ that I notice this but whenever I see a tight-trousers shot of a powerful mans crotch there’s never much of a sausage shape in the trouser packaging…
    Effective penis enlargement procedures and a ready supply of good E would see an abrupt end to all human conflict.
    Thanks to Stormy Daniels we know that trump sports a wee orange mushroom but what did we find out from the bear?

  3. If the world really goes to shit we’ll suffer a bit at first but if forced to I think we could become self sufficient reasonably quickly.

    • Nothing will grow in a nuclear winter. And that’s just the first 10 years or so.

  4. Essentially Stalin and the portbulo abandoned communism in 1929 and decided to revert to the old Tsarist military dictatorship state concept, restore the surviving teachers, professors, generals and six language,aths, science syllabus. The utopian comminist model like the now exposed RT would be maintained for foreign consumption and as corrupting proven wrong ideas of prole,peasant and gay equality guaranteed to rot any society. To fill the gaps and maintain humanity in a society the portbulo concluded their own communism had destroyed, women would be allowed full equality. Putin has abandoned even that and it appears unlike the USAF Minutemann silos and SSBN, women do not have their fingers on the ultimate Russian triggers today. The truth certainly reveals the suckers, the true believers like Hitchens 1,2, Chromsky, Bradford and HC are. Although Christopher Hitchen’s conversion from gay orientation to active hetrosexual exposes like everything the garbage of the Clark , Wilson social sexual predestination theories.
    In terms of nuclear escalation as I predicted the Russian Navy would invade straight thru Chernobyl showing contempt for every NY Times sensitivity
    As Curtis Le May showed every day in 1945 and 1950-52 nuclear level hits can be achieved with enough iron bombs and Incendiaries.. Watch his No 2 R.Strange McNanara analysis in the Fog of War. Study the aftermath of Curtis hits on Tokyo and every NK city or even earlier Bomber Harris impact on Hamburg in 1943 and Dresden in 1945. Two Russian Strategic air force raids on Kiev involving 20 Backfires and Blackjacks flying 800 km from Engels airfield in Moscow, 16 km high at Mach 2.2 cruising, each bombers carrying 50,000lb of bombs and conventional cruise missiles would deliver 2 million tons of TNT roughly equivalent to Hiroshima and Nagasaki and would pretty much destroy Kiev completely . While it is clear that Putin’s and generals aim is Odessa and occupation of the Black Sea coast as a strategic buffer and to force the USN ABM SM3 and UK RN T45 out of the Black Sea and improve the position of the most powerful Russian military force the Russian Navy 30 nuclear subs and 20 Kilo and improved Kilo which on all known evidence and serious analyse could probably destroy the Pacific fleet in a week. The current Brutal and criminal aim of Putin and his minions and generals is clearly to reverse the Ukranian color revolution and encourage all the liberals, free lovers to join Ms Loffe, Musk and the other Russian exiles in NY. Our own NZ hard left the Billy English, Nick Smith, the Waikato girls Arden, Clark , Wilson and Collins have of course destroyed all the reforms and freedom induced by the Douglas, Caygill, Begg, Deanne, Fay reforms in their own Putinist black and white Puritan morality play. Personally I found the 24/7 bars and free 24/7 sex communism of the hetrosexual people’s Republic of Christchurch a great kiwi innovation which has been destroyed by Billy Boy, Country Boy Charlatans. What school did he go to.What rock died he hide What great family is he the loser black sheep of

    • Evidently Poot’s has given China a call to help him in the Ukraine, however the US has supposedly told China to F*** OFF, unless they want to suffer some consequences, I don’t Premier Ping will be that stupid, Poot’s has gone in balls and all so he is going to have to untangle the mess he has created. Petulant child imho ?

  5. Having seen what’s been going on over the past 2-3 weeks, I don’t thinks dear old Poot’s is very well, years of taking steriods and drinking top of the line Vodka has had some serious affects on his well being, he could also be suffering from Long Covid, is he single, double, or triple Jabbed, we are seeing increases in heart problems MCR disease, could be other factors at play that we are not awaare of. Definitely showing the clasic symptoms of Roid Rage INMHO ?

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