Double Vaxxed impatience vs unvaccinated paranoia – Jacinda’s balancing act


The most powerful forces in NZ Politics right now is the impatience of the double vaxxed vs the paranoia of the unvaccinated.

The paranoia of the unvaccinated is multi faceted.

For the religious, this is a matter of faith for those with End of Days visions.

For the Qanon, this is proof that Jacinda is imposing a secret Nazi Police State.

For Maori, there’s 200 odd years of being screwed over by Cracker so fuck you.

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For undereducated poor rural/provincial white people, the world hates them so why should they care about doing anything?

For the Crystal Karens, Jacinda is raping the earth mother and the earth mother is responding with earthquakes.

For each of these groups, a toxic cocktail of disinformation, fear, anger, ignorance and warped self esteem combine to create active resistance to the vaccination rather than just opposition.

These miscreants are now attacking vaccination centers.

Their paranoia is a threat multiplier for NZ, forget the white supremacists and Muslim students, the antiVaxxers are the new domestic terror threat.

Judging them harshly are the double vaxxed.

They have sacrificed, they have done all they have been asked and find being locked down in de facto house arrest because of people like Liz Gunn, Bishop Brian Tamaki and Billy TK is beyond contempt.

Being told Maori are digging in their heels and refusing vaccinations  because screw Cracker isn’t going to be a helpful long term strategy.

Jacinda must balance the irrational fears of the 10% who believe in magic & conspiracy with those citizens who have followed the orders, amputated their liberty and are still on home detention because of the petulance or lunacy of the unvaccinated 10%.

Over the next 2 months we will see the worst deaths and hospitalizations, those extreme views on both sides will become fever pitch.

Strap in and brace for impact.

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  1. I love how everyone who doesn’t toe the government line on this is automatically mentally ill or stupid. Sounds like Stalin’s Russia to me.

      • Cmon Dazza,

        It’s about control and politics pure and simple. If it was health based we would have spent the billions on the health system and not propping up the economy by pump and dump housing inflation fuelled consumer spending.

          • Keep deluding yourself that Ardern’s different. The further you go on the worse the hangover is going to be

            • No delusion here mate. Labour haven’t done much either, but they’re far better than your mob of far right conspiracy theorists.

              Own your sh*t Frank.

        • Frank the Tank control is absolutely what it’s all about.
          Good heavens taking over TV One, the only source of truth?
          In the meantime they have failed to deliver on election promises and in most cases things have got worse.There’s a bunch of kids out there living in poverty. Hungry kids.
          They are a bunch of incompetent people trying to run a country.
          The rest of the world is fast learning the NZ Labour Government are all spin no action expert propagandists.
          Worst Government in NZ history.

    • no in stalins russia or the other favorite comparison ‘that’s what hitler would do’ in both cases you’d be dead in a ditch, hyperbolic comparisons are not arguments.

  2. An accurate analysis Martyn, but it would be easier for those of us fully vaccinated if we could see the vaccination certificate app in use. It would tell us there was a real distinction being made between those doing the correct thing and those that won’t.

    The fact we don’t yet have a vaccination certificate system – which Blind Freddy could have seen we would eventually need – is down to the lack of foresight of the Cabinet and the sloth of MOH staff. This is inexcusable.

    With a Vaccination certificate those of us who did the right thing and played our part could start going back to a more normal life.

    • the govt will shit out of any measures to actually enforce it leaving frontline workers to get thumped and abused cos the cops ain’t capable of enforcing it.

      it’ll be a dead letter a week after it’s introduced…regulations without enforcement equals ‘leaky roofs’.

  3. I’m in Auckland and went to get coffee and found the cafe fully open.
    So is the shoe shop and 2 others in the block that were previously closed.
    Maybe this is happening all over in level 3 lockdown areas
    The police probably won’t be interested in closing anything down

  4. When I read ‘balancing act’ my mind just goes to those classic videos of some poor barstaff trying to carry a dozen steins at once, and dropping the whole lot. I don’t get the impression that us vaccinated will be so easily fooled into redirecting our irritation (which may well be too soft a term at this point).

    It’s time for you to admit it Martyn: if this is a problem, it’s a problem of the government’s making. You were against sweeping mandates, were you not? I certainly recall reading as much, and agreeing – we always knew there gonna be problems with the recalcitrant, and downright toxic parts of our society; when the traffic light system was announced my first reaction was dismay that the government had effectively empowered these people to hold us hostage, and now we’re seeing the consequences of this. To blame kooks like the Tamakis is like blaming toddlers for shooting someone after they’ve been handed a loaded gun.

    It’s true you can’t please all the people all of the time, but to piss off everybody at once is a remarkable feat of tone-deaf ineptitude. The political calculus was always going to shift once high vaccination rates were achieved. Labour is burying itself – anyone with their ears to the street in Auckland knows that by now.

  5. I think the government is losing buy in to adherence of restrictions in Auckland. There is a real sense that those making decisions in Wellington, including the PM, are wilfully blind to the problems growing by ensuring they stay well away from the city. Hipkins and Robertson couldn’t care less, that much is obvious.

    If key government members like Ardern had to live the Auckland lockdown day in day out, (because she is the member of parliament after all for Mt Albert), changes would have happened but its just so much easier to use the worst excuse in the world right now, Trevor Mallard sez, arbitrary isolation rules so she doesn’t come near us. It sounds worse every time she uses it!

    The trouble with our PM missing in action in Auckland is its not going unnoticed. At a time when strength is needed from leadership, we get none. Our PM doesn’t want a bar of Aucklands problems, and that means losing respect for what she says or thinks, which means less and less to those of us in Auckland, who are beyond Wellington’s preaching indifference, care what they want from Aucklanders anymore.

    Leaving Auckland locked away is doing a lot of damage. Time to wake up!

    • Agree. There is some practical talking and facts in this from Radionz.

      What are the personal advantages for being vaccinated? To someone poor and stressed perhaps a voucher for the supermarket to be used within a week, so new ones coming along all the time. If someone doesn’t use it, they can give it to someone else who needs it. Try spreading a little love around where it can be personally felt, not just advising people that it’s the right thing to do or for society or to be a good citizen. Give people a good feeling for a moment, the first time in months?

    • If, and she must be really reconsidering it right now, the Prime Minister swans off to Europe, I actually maybe incorrect in thinking that she will be Prime Minister for as long as she wants. What a “f#$k you” to those trapped inAuckland that would be.

      I suspect she has enough political foresight to not go, or she will be planning on either releasing Aucklanders the moment she leaves or finally visit Auckland. However the later is very much tainted now. Other Auckland MPs have already visited and called her out on it (as much as Tova and Jessica try and protect her) so she would be “caving in to pressure” or if she doesn’t go, then it reassure those in Auckland that she simple doesn’t care about them.

    • Xray I think Robertson will care as the lockdown is costing the economy about $240million a week. But that’s ok we’ll just borrow or print more. God help us all.

  6. Covid is here. The message has been clear, the two weapons against covid are vaccination and isolation. Masks have been demonstrated to reduce the spread of covid. No hospital system around the world has managed to eliminate deaths from covid. This is a fact, over the next year many NZ’ers will die from covid and many people will live with long covid which at this stage we do not know everything about like what will it be like for these suffers in 5 years time. Also most of the people who die from covid or suffer long covid will be unvaccinated.

  7. Any government that moves to exclude people from society is a bad one.

    Yes, we want them to get vaxxed but instead of say importing a different shot so there’s choice or making rapid testing widely available they’ve chosen the nuclear option.

    Societal exclusion, No job, No socialization (at least in public), limited access to tertiary education, and now we have property management companies refusing housing.

    We’re doing this to a few hundred thousand people who are disproportionately Maori and Polynesian and for what? To protect them? To protect the vaccinated? The health system?
    This wedge is going to have very long term societal consequences which no government will be able to repair and without doubt some people are going to get very angry and very desperate.

    Its a recipe for disaster and the pressure cooker is heating up.

  8. You forgot one group – those who are simply risk-averse, not for any reasons you mention, but for good reasons of their own; which are in many ways just a reflection of their life-long personal experience and choice in caring for themselves. I wouldn’t consider their choices driven by paranoia.

  9. Resding the story behind the screw Cracker link in the post it sounds a wind-up.
    “I always get stopped by the police even if I’m just walking and minding my business. I never feel listened to at the doctors, and I’m made to feel bad when I have to get assistance from WINZ [Work and Income],” Rose says.
    This was generally true for all female beneficiaries in the 1970s. Women’s lib had workshops in being self-assertive. Maori are late in the day helping out their sisters with that then. And it’s not only Maori who get talked down to, dismissed, not encouraged, it’s anyone struggling who doesn’t fit the allotted space. Maori beneficiaries can be dismissed by their own middle class too, who could set up team cohorts of friends breaking out of disadvantage, using the uniting Maori spirit for positives and to strengthen each other instead of spreading negativity and victimhood.

    Maori are better than this. Many are being sold a crock of worms. The story in the post refers to something 20 years ago which would leave the child scarred. But she has grown past that; deal with now and continue the upward rise. Labour has let everyone of lower income strata down, Maori haven’t got that all on their own.

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