Anti-Vaxx scum lash out, but karma will change their tune


There is a an enormous difference between making a conscious decision to not get vaccinated and then going out to protest…

Protesters slowing traffic on Auckland’s Dominion Rd

People protesting against recent vaccine mandates slowed traffic on Auckland’s Dominion Rd to a crawl this afternoon.

The protesters drove up and down tooting their horns, with many vehicles bearing slogans including “Hold the line” and “Coercion is not consent”.


Auckland vaccination centre hit by vandals

An Auckland medical clinic offering the Covid-19 vaccine and testing continued its Sunday vaccination service after being vandalised overnight.

The general manager of the Pasefika Family Health clinic in Panmure, Galumalemana Togiai Vaifagaloa Naseri, says their front door was smashed with a large rock, the Covid-19 notices pulled off and scattered on the ground.

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She says they have made a police report, but it wasn’t what they wanted patients to see.

“We still have people lined up for vaccinations so staff will continue with the work.”

…and break the law…

5000 march in Auckland anti-lockdown protest

Some 5000 people have marched in an anti-lockdown protest through Tāmaki today; the third such protest since the country went into lockdown almost two and a half months ago, on August 17th.

The group descended through Newmarket’s Khyber Pass and onto the Auckland Domain carrying signs that questioned the government’s vaccination programme and the broader lockdown strategy.

“Question the injection” one read, another with “I am not a science experiment” was carried by three men.

Defending your decision is one thing, convincing others to also endanger themselves, causing possible spread and attacking vaccine centers is completely another. One simply makes you an AntiVaxxer, the other makes you AntiVaxx scum!

I know us Double Vaxxed want to hit back at these fanatics but I don’t think we have to, something far more dangerous is chasing our unvaccinated friends – The Vid!

The thing this virus does best is cut through unvaccinated populations like a hot knife through butter. Wait for the tsunami of these stories…

Infected anti-vaxxer regrets not getting vaccinated

A former anti-vaxxer who tested positive for Covid-19, and whose partner also caught the virus and ended up in hospital, says he regrets not getting vaccinated.

Describing his experience with the virus, John Koutsimanis said: “It was pain, and feeling hot and cold and then more pain, and then thinking you are sweating it out but it just doesn’t go away.”

…we don’t need to extract revenge from these AntiVaxx scumbags, Covid is coming for them.

All these AntiVaxxers will have in a months time is sickness, hospitalizations and regret.

The double vaxxed will have schadenfreude.

We don’t have to punish these AntiVaxx lunatics, karma is about to do that for us.


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  1. Martyn, I love your work, but i don’t think it is right for anyone to have schadenfreude in this situation. How is that helping?

    • “How is that helping?” It’s actually meaningless, as Martyn will know, as this is his personal feeling.. What were you expecting him to do.. Solve all the issues at once for you?, or are you trying to say that having such a low regard for people who lack the emotional maturity, and social conscience to see just how utterly self defeating their childish, and selfish behaviour is unhelpful? Are we supposed to pity these fools? Well I do, but I’m also really angry that they are forcing me to spend long periods in isolation, purely because they haven’t the wit to be any more than spoilt brats. A bit of schadenfreude is nothing compared to what these bottom burps are going to cop from the virus, and the angry people that they are sentencing to more solitary confinement.. These fuckwits are reaponsible for me spending the better part of my life staring at the walls since arriving back in NZ last february… Fuck ’em, with knobs on…

    • how is the vandalism of vaccination centers helping? how is slowing traffic to whine about reality and piss people off helping? all these fuckheads are doing is displaying their formidable ignorance which is not helpful at all. Schadenfreude on the other hand feels really really really good!All vaccinated folks have had a gutsful of these idiots to the point where really don’t care if they become seriously ill.

      • Then let’s open up and get on with it – I hope you support this as everyone who wants a vaccine has had the opportunity. Why should we wait any longer?

      • I wonder if its even schadenfreude, Martyn’s only arguing not to waste your anger.
        That seems quite positive to me.

    • Agree, always felt uncomfortable about Schadenfeude.. it goes with ‘There but for the grace of God go I’.
      Limited to harmless slipping on a banana skin for me.

    • “We could refuse them an ICU place.”

      No. But if bed scarcity becomes an issue then strict triage should ensure priority is on vaccinated emergencies over unvaxxed.

      • What about smokers and type 2 diabetics ,maybe drunk drivers, could get quite a list of people who shouldn’t be treated

        • Not comparable. We are talking about a finite number of ICU beds.
          When the beds are full and with other things being equal should the irresponsible deny the responsible care, because that is what the choice boils down to. Two patients, one bed.

            • Consideration can be weighed to the probability of delivering the best health outcome (recovery) between the two, with the shortest stay in the unit, so as to free it up for the others who also need it.

  2. There will be an element of these fools that will blame their sickness on Jacinda as well. Its all part of the conspiracy don’t ya know….. You know. the ones that complain about ICU beds and then (with no irony) complain about taxes. The ones that want their freedoms then turn up at mass events that spread the virus and further delay restrictions loosening, the ones that complain about the tardiness of the vax roll out and then refuse the vax. These fools are nothing more than the ABJ (anyone but Jacinda) brigade and have no real beliefs other that “You can’t tell me what to do”… unless you are of my own political/religious/conspiracy theory tribe.

  3. Martyn I’ve loved your commentary since Uni days, always confrontational and refreshing.
    ICU’s don’t make their care decisions on antivax status. Any that do are scum TBH…
    Hippocrates overrides politics
    Live your work

  4. What is the difference between being critical of the Government vax roll out, and an anti-vaxx?

    There is a big differences between the two.

  5. Well said Martyn. The problem I see is the hospital beds these anti-vaxers will take up denying them to others. The best I can come up with marquees set up with camp stretchers for the anti-vaxers; if they don’t believe in the science then they obviously don’t want hospital care. A bottle of oxygen and a hot water bottle should see them right.

      • The Kraut. Thing is, the medical people may have to prioritise, if anti-vaxxers become ill, and need hospital beds. This puts the medics in a tough position. Hospitals have already been swamped with babies with the dreadful RSV virus, and recently at Wgtn Hospital, all the neonatal icu doctors were tied up down at outpatients for far too long periods of time.

        Whatever the reason for declining to be vaccinated, people making such a decision need to accept responsibility for any unfortunate outcomes when we may not have the capacity to provide hospital care for everybody. People like Tamaki who officiously strive to prevent others from getting vaccinated have a moral obligation to provide and care for those who they’ve influenced, should they become ill.

        If there has to be prioritising, it isn’t unreasonable to decline hospital services to those who have declined to get vaccinated. Already surgical waiting lists are being deferred possibly unfairly, because of the pressure on the hospital system. I don’t see why Granny should be living with pain, because of somebody else’s misguided or stupid decision making.

  6. Can people actually critical the Government vaxx rollout, without being called an anti-vaxx??

    There is a difference.

  7. Apparently higher ideals of humanity are meant to prevail. Apparently those who are making an effort to prevent the spread of covid and protect themselves and their communities and make huge sacrifices in their personal lives and businesses, should be understanding and sympathetic to those who are on a different path.

    Those who wilfully break guidelines and rules which impact on what the rest of society can do aren’t supposed to be thought of as “scum,” or treated like that or called it.

    Common themes on protest signs in recent weeks have been ‘freedom’ and ‘choice.’ Which probably means that anyone who wants to think that some members of society are scum they have the freedom of choice about that feeling and description. Given some religious nutters (me exercising freedom and choice) are on anti-vaccination crusades their relationship with god should tell them that if someone thinks they are scum, the notion got in their head through god’s will – part of the Grand Design.

    When campaigns about freedom infringe on the freedom of many more should that be voiced? When arrogant arseholes act like ignorant arrogant arseholes should they not be told that?

    An indication of the sort of people who are out there:

  8. It’s a modern day mental illness brought on by technology, social media, Internet TV, like netflix and also YouTube, and people with fuck all to do during lockdowns, who’ve gone stir crazy. What an awesome experiment!
    The Aliens must be piss’n themselves with laughter. Hehehe!

  9. If it was a climate change protest, a BLM March or an antifa hissy fit the silence would be deafening.

  10. I wish the anti Vaxers would be refused care. I know about the hypocritical oath. But it seems monstrous that medical staff will have to nurse these people and put their own lives at risk. And also because they are taking up hospital beds, people with other medical conditions will bed deprived of treatment eg surgeries cancelled.

    Triaging should put these people at the bottom on the list

  11. Sorry I meant to write Hypocratic oath in my last comment!
    And now 3 nurses in North Shore hospital have tested positive even though they were double vaxed and used PPE. If I was one of their nearest and dearest , I would be ropable

  12. Look it ain’t just the anti vax people lashing out, the vaccinated are also lashing out and people need to stop calling Maori stupid and lazy on line as Maori didn’t bring the Covid here. I have whanau on both sides and some of our Maori people find it difficult to trust our government and authorities that have shat on them and
    then nek minute they are nice as pie only because they want something, from ya.

    • tell yer what pete it’d be interesting to see which foreign interests are funding these traitors
      …acting against your own people fits the bill on that charge…even if you identify as a freedom loving patriot.

  13. ‘don’t be judgemental’
    could well be on the NZ coat of arms….

    but years of lazy ‘oh that’s their opinion you mustn’t challenge their feel feels’ have led us here…maybe being more ‘judgemental’ is a good thing and maybe being understanding toward anti-vaxxers is self defeating…try having a philosophical argument with a blancmange instead…you’ll get more sense from it.

  14. If they turn down a free vaccine should they still be eligible for a free hospital stay and ICU bed? If they know their wallets at risk they might put a value on “freedom” versus free stuff.

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