Fascist fantasists and woke middle class fears don’t a domestic spy service make


The Wellington Middle Class Marxists who were so frightened by the Dumb Lives Matter protest on Parliament Lawns are driving the State over reaction by demanding hate speech laws and greenlighting any action that protects them from the smelly Nazi Lumpenproletariat.

Turns out our fascists aren’t very good or clever…

Neo-Nazi group Action Zealandia ‘unfit, ill-disciplined’, undercover researcher finds

A researcher who infiltrated New Zealand’s largest neo-Nazi group, Action Zealandia, says its members are unfit, ill-disciplined and wary of committing violence after attracting public attention.

The inside glimpse into the secretive fascist organisation, whose members have previously been arrested for making violent threats and espionage, has revealed six members have military experience, of which two are currently serving.

Despite this, Action Zealandia has been described as “ill-disciplined”, with members failing to live up to their “far more extreme” online personas, in a research paper based on an 18-month-long infiltration published in Political Science.

…THE VERY THING TDB WARNED when the adults refused to de-escalate the Dumb Lives Matter Parliamentary Lawn fiasco was that it would radicalise NZers!

All we succeeded in doing was recruit for the far right! That’s why we had to de-escalate this and not use State violence and let it explode into a riot at the end!

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BECAUSE there were so many bad faith actors wishing to gain propaganda from a violent state over reaction, we had to de-escalate!

Well we didn’t de-escalate and here’s the fucking radicalisation…

Spies: Extremist citizen’s arrests could end in violence

The pseudo-legal conspiracy theorist common law movement is normalising and justifying violence, intelligence agencies warned in April

Intelligence agencies are concerned that political and media figures may be targeted with violent “citizen’s arrests” as part of a new extremist movement.

The danger posed by the so-called common law movement is described in a threat insight from April, written by the Combined Threat Assessment Group and the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service and released to Newsroom under the Official Information Act.

This document describes the common law movement as similar to the more well-known sovereign citizen ideology. Both groups insist they aren’t subject to existing laws, but intelligence officials warned the common law movement goes further “in its proactive pursuit of a new form of government based on common law pseudo-legal theories, rather than passive or reactive resistance most often practised by Sovereign Citizens”.

…these Common Law Sheriffs are compelled to lynch enemies of freedom, they are deranged extremists mixing with fantasists in a cocktail of ignorance, fear and rage fed by social media hate algorithms.

We have manufactured this radicalisation and are now only choosing to feed the maelstrom.

The domestic secret police are the only winners here who are now getting tens of millions more to hunt the extremists we radicalised.

In the rush to reorientate the intelligence apparatus of NZ to spy domestically on new threats, who is checking these decisions being made at the height of panic?

That’s why the appointment of someone like Professor Joanne Kidman to the National Centre of Research Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism is so counterproductive and problematic.

We chose as a nation not to de-escalate the protest, we chose to escalate and radicalise people.

Frightened middle class Wellington Marxists, the elite press gallery and the MPs all believed they survived a January 6th insurrection, their fear made them blunder.

We now have to manage the legacy of their fear and anger.

The ramping up of surveillance budgets, the moving of the Eye of Mordor, the new crypto-Police State rising – these are all now our responsibility as Citizens to monitor because we allowed it to birth on Parliament’s Lawns with Trev’s temper tantrums.

The woke will cheer the crypto-Police State that’s looming.

There are no adults left in the room.


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  1. It seems like calls for total national surveillance might be a little unreasonable if New Zealand’s actual national socialists are already nonviolent, and their groups are making them less so. Like, are we going to pretend that middle-class white guys drinking and saying racist things are an existential threat? If so, I’m not sure how NZ got to this point without devolving into race war.

    If the security state was serious, it would be cracking down on actually dangerous ideologies, like the evil ‘counterjihad’ ideology that was created by neoconservatives in Tel Aviv and Washington DC to justify total war against all Muslims and which inspired the Christchurch mosque shooting.

    • To simply say that there are lots of jobs and wages have never been higher betrays the people that have been left behind.

      Poverty is not a concept that we as a nation strive towards so this is a war over values.

      We can’t just sit back and listen to wonderful right leaning conservative economic professors of the universe critical of Jacinda Arderns approach to reducing poverty then allow those same wonderful professors to go “yeah,” Luxon should run austerity programs and reduce social welfare.

      I just won’t be fooled into it. Vulnerable will never be targeted as terrorists. That is a grave mistake.

    • Ever heard of ‘Avi Yeminii’? He’s not really that important imo, and was or is a journalist for Rebel News but he’s been trying to enter our country but was denied on Character reference also he beat up his ex-misses. He’s also an ardent muslim hater and team up with the likes of ‘Tommy Robinson’ aka ‘Stephen Yaxley Lennon’ who is a well known Muslim hater and is lauded over by Israeli supporters because of this stance.

      Some right-wing or I call them far-right are advocating his entry into NZ on the grounds of ‘Free Speech’ and has been hosted twice on a new political site with reputable Journalist apart from some called the ‘Platform’ it on Youtube also. He has a virus which I tongue and cheek term the phrase ‘anti-wateva-virus’ typical right wing value and belief especially negatively towards non-european sentiments. My thoughts go out towards the victims of the Mosque massacre in ChCh of why I agreed with immigration not to allow him entry, but I hear there is support from right-wing circles for his entry on the grounds of “FREE SPEECH”

      The crux of my argument is that if he’s given permission to enter on the grounds of ‘Free Speech’ which can be weaponized by political factions in our society, the media will pick up the story which will be covered by MSM aswell and IMO revictimized the victims of one of the most heinous attacks on our shores since the 1800s. Do you believe that acceptable? Or is that just part of living in a liberal democracy?? Like to hear your thoughts?

      • easy stephen ‘undesirable aliens’
        deport the rightard anti-democratic and subverter of democracy billionaire thiel at the same time

      • Indeed. It’s really an indictment of conservatives that they consider Avi a figure of any importance at all. The man has nothing of interest to say, all he can do is spout a bunch of nonsense in support of the zionist colony in Palestine. Sometimes he pretends to care about Australia, but he’s fooling noone.

    • But wait Mohammed…..there’s more…..Add to the mix the certainty of a young , male , Muslim lad or two , who have been radicalised by watching things on the internet and decide to seek revenge for possibly the Brenton Tarrant affair , or other reasons….I’m sure there are many….And these young lads decide to inflict damage on New Zealand society with knives or guns …as happens in the UK and Europe ….It’s only a matter of time , certainly within a decade…Can we trust that our watchdog government departments have an eye on all the threats facing society , or just the perceived threats that are at the time fashionable and are at the pleasure of the wishy washy and touchy-feely…??

  2. they used to manage to subvert the ‘reds under the beds’ successfully so are they unable or more likely unwilling to do the same for the right?

  3. And funnily enough, those who speak out against this government’s stance regarding the Ukraine conflict are also far right Nazis. In fact, any disagreement with the ”liberal” party-line is proof of being a Nazi. No annoying facty-things necessary.

    Are there extreme left Nazis in NZ? Yes. It would be interesting to know how many, in reality.

    I’m pretty sure some will smoke pot so all pot smokers are being infiltrated and converted to dangerous, extremist ideologies. Obviously.

    The skies the limit where all dissent and those with dissenting beliefs are Nazis. We need a police state to manage our huge problem. And coincidentally, what is the worst thing a left-wing Liberal could be smeared with?

  4. The sovereign citizen ideology (part of resistance to central government and international treaties) evolving into a common law political movement is of a design to provoke the nation state to adopt a more authoritarian domestic security regime (liberal centrist buy in makes this bi-partisan).

    The sovereign citizen ideology is a fringe associate of the libertarian and its last political incarnation was the Tea Party movement.

    This evolution is part of the Q agenda, this began with the birther movement (deligitimising an sitting POTUS) and has been peddling some nonsense about some General appointed by Trump working with white hats within government to restore Trump to the White House before 2024.

    The right wing media is citing every security move by the Biden (and here Ardern’s) administration as evidence of oppression of their freedom. This is part of their traditional opposition to big “swamp” government.

    How embarrassed is the last Labour government about the Urewera raids because of their insecurity over F and S protest and Maori forming their own party/resistance.

    My advice is watch, identify those making threats (develop the capacity to do this without online ID requirement – that only makes the public as vulnerable to threat as public figures), and prosecute where this is possible (and take weapons off those associated with them). The legal minded will note they will say that some we are building gallows (not true in fact) so most of the time there is nothing to prosecute (no direct threat and no plan of action in play).


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