90% double vaxxed has become a threat multiplier – PM requires more security


I hope that the SIS, GCSB, Police Intelligence Unit and the dozen other security apparatus acronyms you’ve never heard of are actually on the job right now because the 90% double vaccination goal alongside the mind shredding radicalization of Facebook has become a threat multiplier for the potential of political violence.

Almost every single splinter group has become radicalized by the 90% double vaccination threshold.

The Vaccinated:

  • Angry Double vaxxed Good Citizens in Auckland & Good Buggers in South Island –  They have done what they were asked, they have sacrificed and now they want their lives back. Being told they can’t because morons don’t want to be vaccinated is going down about as well as a cup of cold sick. These people are not bad people, they’ve done what they were asked and they want their lives back. You can’t get angry at these people and painting their frustration out as racist will hurt the Left at the election. The unfairness of continuing to lose your liberty under de facto house arrest because Liz Gunn thinks vaccinations are raping Gaia makes this group ripe for radicalisation.
  • Small Business – These are people who for the first time in their lives feel economically vulnerable. They have haemorrhaged cash because of the lockdown and are on the verge of collapse. Economic hardship will see many blame Jacinda while seeing her only helping gangs. They are also ripe for radicalisation.
  • The Woke – If you honestly think like the Maori Party that this is modern genocide, all violence is justified.

The Unvaccinated:

  • Qanon Anti-vaxx lunatics – Will see the vaccination passports as a vast erosion of their civil rights and that measure will dangerously radicalize this fringe. If you honestly believe Jacinda is the same as Nazi Germany, any violence becomes permissible.
  • Crystal Karens – These are the middle class new age conspiracy clique who will become culturally ostracised by the vaccine passports. If you believe like Liz Gunn does, that the vaccine is raping Gaia to the point that the Earth Mother Goddess is starting earthquakes then any violence is justified.
  • Jesus is my vaccine fanatics – They will see Bishop Brian Tamaki’s prosecution as persecution and see end of days symbolism at every turn. The passport will be framed as the number of the beast. If Jacinda is the antiChrist then any violence is acceptable.


As hospitalizations climb and desperation mixes with fear and anger over the coming months, we must acknowledge that the possibility for real political violence driven by an extreme position only goes up.


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  1. Meh. We are sleepy little hobbits. The sheeple in the middle have staggeringly given up their freedoms in mind numbing ease. But yes the nutters are getting more and more crazy. This is a consequence of Jacinda Ahab’s quest to be the most vaxxed country in the world.

    • FTT, It has nothing to do with JA’s “quest to be the most vaxxed country in the world”. Such statements just show a lack of appreciation of what is in front of us. It’s really quite simple, the more vaccinations the less stress our hospital system will be placed under; we are already seeing, with even the current low numbers being hospitalised, that beds are going to be in short supply. Why wouldn’t you appeal to the competitive sporting spirit in the country if that will lift the vaccination rate?

      • Oh it has – trust me she would absolutely fucking hate that Sydney and NSW have higher vac rates. The whole response has been politics and continues to be so. Just like everywhere else in the world. We are no different

        • FTT, the one thing I certainly will not be doing is trusting you. It is actually the opposition’s lack of appreciation that we are fighting a war and also their need to try and remain relevant that is political. The government has actually treated the virus as health issue from day 1.

    • Fuck off frank. You’re a bigger nutter than the nuttiest nut on the tree.
      You, and your beloved greed-cult capitalists are the problem.
      You, and the other Kiwi-As narcissist neoliberal capitalist liars you’re running defence for here as they run for their cowardly lives while they desperately try to hide the consequence of their psychopathic politically sanctioned regime of greed are the problem.
      For the rest of you, you need to read this.
      The Guardian.
      George Monbiot.
      “Capitalism is killing the planet – it’s time to stop buying into our own destruction”
      “It’s not just on the music and entertainment channels that this deadly flippancy prevails. Most political news is nothing but court gossip: who’s in, who’s out, who said what to whom. It studiously avoids what lies beneath: the dark money, the corruption, the shift of power away from the democratic sphere, the gathering environmental collapse that makes a nonsense of its obsessions.”
      c-19? Get the injections. If you’re not vaccinated and you get c-19 you’re very likely become critically sick then you might get long covid and be chronically ill or you might die.
      Who cares about the politics? Reality must take precedence over paranoia in this instance.
      If the government had listened to this squeaky little hinge, its voice lost in the cacophony of the babbling masses, and shut the borders permanently and immediately, regardless of how seemingly important it was to make the rich richer and the poor poorer, we’d be still be covid free. A safe Heaven on Hellish Earth.
      A guy comes back from Australia and infects the north island then a guy returns to Ch Ch from Auckland and infects the south island.
      What the fuck does that tell you?
      Close the borders!

  2. It’s interesting times. The threat for the government right now is possibly losing control in Auckland.

    The police have proved spectacularly weak. Now more like security guards in blue uniforms who “monitor” and whose actions are post-dated promises they may do something. Or probably not. So the government cannot rely on that neutered department.
    Hence the protestors numbers up around the 5000 mark taking over parts of Newmarket, emboldened by a lack of opposition. As they test the waters expect more next time and less willing to abide by any law. Because there are no consequences.

    I wonder though if yesterday’s protest wasn’t half heartedly supported in spirit by many Aucklanders, vaxxed or not, now bereft of hope by a government whose stated words haven’t said it but whose deeds tell us we are NZ’s giant MIQ for how ever long it’s tolerated by Aucklanders and for how ever long it’s politically tenable and if that is indefinite, then so be it.

    You cannot blame Jacinda for absolutely avoiding Auckland with any excuse and it seems, going to ground, it’s shit here.

    • Are the Police required to have the vaccination mandate as well? I was just wondering if there’s maybe a certain reluctance to be cracking skulls of people protesting many in the ranks don’t believe in themselves.

      • Nope they dont, current police vaccination rate is well under the Auckland average as well.

        Also going in heavy handed will only make things worse. Especially now the PM and Mp for Mt Albert have seemingly abandoned the city. Its cowardly.

    • Isn’t she supposed to be Prime Minister and as such, leader of the country?

      There’s not much leadership going on by hiding away from Auckland.

      Looks more like she’s running scared

      • Hiding out in Auckland?
        That happens to be her home and she is the MP for Mt Albert as well if these facts had escaped you.
        Just last week she was in Hawkes Bay.
        Next you will be accusing her of gallavanting around when she leaves Auckland.
        Very petty.

    • Not sure yet how much it’s leaking-through reporting just yet, given how much our journos enjoy their weekend sabbaticals, but this weekend has been quite bad in Auckland. Anecdotally I’m hearing stories of vandalism and intimidation at vaccination centers, and the protest actions are more widespread than we’re seeing in the press.

      I feel like we’re teetering on the edge, the atmosphere is turning ugly – it’s got a certain ‘calm before the storm’ quality. Someone needs to step-up and get a grip on the situation. Ardern may not want to provoke any ScoMo-style bad PR ‘opportunities’, but that’s probably unavoidable now – but we really need to see some kind of leadership. I’m not sure they understand that this powderkeg isn’t going to last another month at this rate. They’re making a mistake going into their shells now. Someone needs to take it on the chin and act like they give a shit.

  3. Before the digital era it was a worthy goal to go about your life largely unobserved by state agencies bar Inland Revenue. But since GPS, CCTV on every corner and retail site, credit cards, EFTPOS, ISPs, and smart phones, a substantial trail is left by just going about your life. But notwithstanding that–it was still desirable to seek accountability from the watchers–to establish they were not snooping excessively, or for the interests of capital.

    But of course, good luck with that! Since photo driver licenses were accepted without a whimper by most, way more “freedoms” from state interference and surveillance were given away before COVID. Particularly with
    sirkey’s Govt. that lavished hundreds of millions extra funding on the lead security agencies, and bestowed warrantless surveillance, anonymity and life time exemption from prosecution for operatives, and Govt. Ministries allowed to surveil citizens also including by contracting out!

    So it is rich for some New Zealanders to bleat about a pro vaccination campaign (intended to save their miserable lives ffs) when they did zero about the NZ Surveillance State.

    Anyway, re the original post–the temperature for political violence is rising for sure–it can be felt all around Northland at least where I live. It is now at the level of house to house and person to person, and Debbie Ngarewa Packer from Parti Māori is personally doing that and good on her.

  4. I sense the “Angry Double vaxxed Good Citizens in Auckland” will protest in a far more interesting way.

    I’m seeing the lockdown rules more honoured in the breach than in the observance, with the good citizens in shopping queues loudly proclaiming they’re sick of the imposition of both the rules and the government that imposed them. People are also beginning to notice how our society has become divided on a number of issues and they’re over Jacinda’s ‘divide and rule’ tactics. Team of 5 million – Yeah right!

    Watch the polls in the next few months: I’m sensing this government is reaching its use-by date.

  5. Not forgetting Groundswell’s upcoming (21st November) nationwide “Mother of all Protests”. An opportunity for many of us to show our contempt for this government and their policies. There’s a commonality with causes, rural and urban, that will fuel that fire and make this one a beauty. Three waters, draconian mandates, erosion of democratic rights and others too numerous to list.

    • Head over to open mike on the standard to see moderator “Ad” on that labour aligned blog posting calling for smashing the farmer lobby and dealing to the New Zealand Dairy Industry being their current project.
      Not much team of 5 million or politics of kindness there.

      The people in charge of this country are pulling it down by setting people at each other, it’s disgusting.

  6. “If you honestly think like the Maori Party that this is modern genocide”
    Of course they don’t think that, it’s just another example of their absurd posturing. I can’t imagine why anyone could take them seriously. Come to that, I can’t imagine how they manage to take themselves seriously.
    Any criticism of them is immediately branded racist of course, nice trick but about time people recognised that deflection for what it is.

  7. Sorry, weird half comment got posted by me accidentally. Effing internet.

    Yeah I’ve definitely observed a heightened hysterical, brittle tone across the media. Are they fostering it…or merely presenting it? Holy moly , If you check into Arden’s Facebook comments on anything vax related there is a tsunami of vitriole which is not connected to any kind of lived reality.

    It does seem that November 29 is too long to wait and the government needs to find a way to reduce some of the heat and pressure…at least for Auckland. I’ve suggested it before, but if they could open up with a. 90/80 vax ratio with vax passports and restrictions and the border setting the same would this work/help?

    • It’s a deliberate tactic by the government to demonize non vaxers – it makes covid 19 the non vacers fault, not the governments deliberate switch from elimination to living with the virus.

      • It is actually the numbers modelling against hospital’s ability to cope with the coming influx of patients; it’s nothing to do with demonising anyone. We can’t go back to the elimination strategy, that ship sailed once we opened the Australian bubble.

        • The “this is why you can’t have nice things” narrative.
          Yes I’m well aware of the government spin thanks.
          Gaslighting it’s own citizens.

      • The switch from elimination to suppression was made by our people….not by all of our people…but by enough. The government had to pivot to that reality.

        Take a look at the Waikato….it’s under level 3…but there are cases across many seperate towns now. Wow…. the absolute mystery of it? It’s people doing their thing, and the virus doing its thing.

        Elimination only worked while people were unusually compliant.

        That will has now gone. What we are seeing now is that the goodwill has gone to.

  8. Jacinda is a smart operator and knows exactly what this is doing to her political future but is doing it anyway. I believe that she is doing something unheard of in a politician. She is sacrificing her chances of reelection to hold firm to what she believes is the right thing.. She has seen what bending to fringe or popular relaxing of restrictions can do to a nations people (and has learned the lesson of the trans Tasman bubble) when it comes to Covid and I for one appreciate her sacrifice. Name another politician of any party that would do that? Like her or not, agree with her or not…you have to admire that.

    • Kim, I respect your opinion but I read it quite differently. My belief is that she has given up, having figured out that implementing an ideology wasnt as simple as doling out the medicine and controlling the media.

      She is hoping for another child probably and a stint in an international quango or similar. She is happy to go offshore soon (maybe to feather the nest) but wont be seen dead in Auckland. She will leave NZ to deal with the fall out from her screwed up policies and mountain of debt. At this stage, I can say I have more respect for Muldoon than Ardern.

      • So 40 years ago has GH interest rates kicked off what’s known as the neoliberal blitzkrieg. So what’s it called when interest rates go back the other way? 🙂

      • @The K….Thank you for you insightful and well thought out reply. Your detailed rebuttal has convinced me that i was obviously wrong, I see that now…. Please feel free to correct me in the future as you seem to have a way of clarifying things that i just can’t seem to see.

  9. Only 2 people in ICU today from this “dangerous plague of a virus”.

    The global vaccine passport will track and trace you in every shop, bus, cafe you visit.

    And when the covid pandemic is over, is there a govt guarantee the vaccine passport ( to be an App you carry constantly) will be closed down? No, this is a massive civil rights issue – it’s coming unless you wake up.

  10. The magic 90% is becoming political poison. The poor old Non vaxxers will be despised for
    “Fucking up our lifestyles’ by not coming to the party. Jacinda will adjust it to ‘Sufficient” as she sees her popularity suffer. She will make one of her famous good news announcement with “new modelling shows we are all good to go’. She will make sure international press will be there, as they have been panning her lately.

    • Yes I watched that.
      Refreshing to hear what media outside of NZ think of Jacinda Arderns policy to split NZ into opposing camps.NZ now more divided than during the Springbok tour.
      Divide and conquer as Sabine points out.
      What happened to here to govern for all New Zealanders?

  11. Sorry MB you are totally wrong. Having had a small business for some 21 years I can tell you with absolute certainty that you feel economically vulnerable most of the time.
    Putting everything you own, mortgaging yourself to the hilt, working 12 to 15 hour days and in our case never once in 21 years earning more per hour than our lowest paid employee and then being subject to the whims of government and the vagaries of the domestic, let alone international economy means you are constantly on edge.

    • But but…socialists tell us that all business owners are multimillionaires with the 3 Bs, the Boat, the BMW and the Bach, and they all work 2 hours a week exploiting slave labour while planning their next six month overseas holiday. Is that not true?

      Btw my business owner experience nearly cost my marriage, and left me in such a dark place I was considering taking my own life. No one prepares you for the stress and loneliness of owning a business, and to have the govt take it away must be absolutely devastating.

      • Yes Bg
        I am so sorry to hear the pressures placed on you caused you so much personal grief.
        Hope you are well and truly over those dark times.
        Sadly that is a fact of life for many small businesses operators even pre COVID.
        Only someone who has never run a small business can believe it is all beer and skittles.

  12. Stupid kiwis. You never see us protesting in thousands against unfair cannabis laws, unfair work conditions and other punitive and discriminant policies that hurt our ‘freedoms’ and ‘rights’ .
    No we get hysterical mobs whining about public health measures and bicycle Bridges. Stupid kiwis.

  13. Pitting kiwis against each other over race, gender, age, urban vs rural and playing identity politics divide and rule to now privatize our water along racial grounds, in the middle of a pandemic while also pitting vaxed against unvaxed to try and shift blame for deaths occurring after failing elimination, making gangs essential services and paying them millions, is a recipe for a divided angry unjust society where the rule of law is not applied evenly.
    What could possibly go wrong?

  14. If anybody is worried why people are getting stupider it could be that university lecturers are one of the big losers of neoliberalism all around the world.


    ‘My students never knew’: the lecturer who lived in a tent
    Higher education is one of the most casualised sectors of the UK economy, and for many it means a struggle to get by

    “Vicky Blake, the president of UCU, said: “Many people are still shocked to learn that higher education is one of the most casualised sectors in the British economy. There are at least 75,000 staff on insecure contracts: workers who are exploited, underpaid, and often pushed to the brink by senior management teams relying on goodwill and a culture of fear.””


    How American Life Became Unlivable
    Why the Young Want to Leave, the Middle-Aged are Broke, and the Old are Giving Up

    ‘Healthcare costs have risen by two thousand percent. The price of education has gone up by 1000%. Food, 300%. Rent and house prices, 400%. Childcare, 500%. You can add to that list as you see fit. I call it “eudaimonic hyperinflation” — TVs get cheaper, but the price of the basic stuff of a good life rockets upwards beyond the edges of the solar system, way beyond the point of sanity, let alone reason. See the trend? Eye-popping, jaw-dropping, insane increases — for the basic stuff of life.
    It can’t be justified in any real economic sense. There’s no good reason that healthcare should cost 2000% more than just a decades ago. A multitude of plagues, requiring everyone to be bedridden half their lives, didn’t strike. There’s no inherent reason education should cost a thousand percent more. Universities have been around a millennium. So what happened?
    At the same time, average incomes haven’t risen for decades. They’ve flatlined. Americans aren’t earning any more now than they were in the 70s. Those two things aren’t a coincidence. Americans aren’t making more, but they’re spending thousands of percent more on the basics of life, because that is what predatory capitalism does. It might be the best definition of predatory capitalism of all — I won’t pay you a penny more, but I’ll squeeze you for hundreds of thousands of dollars you don’t have. Predatory capitalism made American life unlivable.’


    “Predatory capitalism preyed on people to the point that a nation went broke — instead of allowing them to live genuinely decent lives. Some turned to extremists, some to bellowing authoritarians, some to superstition, some to religion — and some turned, maybe wisest of all, simply to more fertile shores. And that’s how America became unlivable.”

    The problem with this scenario is that as the people are pushed out of locations by predatory capitalism they migrate and buy up other locations or are poor and live in other locations, spreading the problem!

    Maybe as well as our fake climate change summits, there needs to be a summit on stopping monopoly behaviour and predatory profiteering on the basics of life such as, health, housing, water, food, power, pensions, education.

      • Maybe it’s like NZ, migrants are fleeing totalitarian or drug rule from their own countries and paying people traffickers to get across based on fake promises, so don’t actually know what they are getting into. US is a massive country, but so many people are in poverty and jail and people can’t afford to live anymore – in the US it is healthcare costs which are completely out of control, in NZ it is housing and utility costs which are completely out of control against wages.

        It’s the relationship between wages and fixed costs that should be measured to work out affordability index.

        Then compare with countries like Cuba that seem to have a lot of success in areas like health care and education and housing and don’t have predatory capitalism.

  15. And on the race note with poverty, bear in mind that in 2018 the fastest growing group in poverty in NZ were pakeha families, with 2 children, who are on wages and have a mortgage.

    “I discovered that measured poverty in the country was dominated by children and their parents. This was a revolutionary finding at the time and it took only four decades for it to become the conventional wisdom. Even today, you will find people who focus their poverty discussions on beneficiaries, ethnic minorities, single-parent households, and those in rental accommodation. The research evidence points to the most common household in poverty is a Pakeha couple with children living in their own house (with a mortgage) and being dependent upon wages That is because the group is the largest, so even if its poverty rate is lower than average, there are more poor.” https://www.pundit.co.nz/content/invisible-children

    My guess is that if they did proper statistics they would find that this group are not the largest growing poorest in 2021, they are still poor and getting poorer no doubt, but poverty has exploded to such an extent now with the housing reforms to throw everything to monopoly business and ‘charities’ for housing, there are now even poorer groups being created with emergency housing.

  16. Adern has fucked pretty much every part of the coronavirus response.
    Going on radio and telling people there is no rush to get NZ vaccinated cos we don’t have the virus.
    Then the inevitable happens and suddenly she is all frowny at people for Notting hurrying up.
    The magical and yet utterly arbitrary 90% could and should have been reached before Auckland started lock down.
    Worst PM since Muldoon or perhaps even worse than him.

    • Jays, your view is risible.

      As of 31 Oct 2021 the nation is 75% double vaxxed (80% in Auckland) , NZ has suffered 28 deaths from Covid in total.
      We’ve enjoyed almost 18 months of disease free status and personal freedom as the world suffered deadly disease and far worse social and economic disruption. You want to paint that achievement as total failure.

      Get a life, Jays.

    • Add the cluster fuck that is housing which is a long term generational disaster and you can say the worst we’ve had. She will leave NZ a very divided country.

    • Jays
      PM Ardern isn’t responsible for the world’s ills. Making a reasonable statement to the people about Covid was sensible. She is constantly trying to think ahead of Covid and try to take the most efficacious way to deal with its expected trajectory, and take the people grudgingly along for the good of all of us. We have had decades of low standard political management that she is not responsible for, so she has to work from that level. It’s a pity that you can’t be more sensible in your utterances, you are like a spoilt child to read. Grow up.

    • yeah that frowny stuff…the icing on the turd, really. I have a wonderful piece of core-flute quoting her, pre-election, not wishing to see anyone criminalised for cannabis use. Now she kind of channels Don Brash, smiling. So for me, it’s a broken promise.

  17. You forgot the conservative intelligents who absorb information from somewhere other than the NZ govt, but seriously this is NZ. Nothing will happen worse than a pile of cold manure dumped on Parliament steps + the odd flying dildo.

  18. Mood in Auckland starting to get ugly.

    Vaccination rates rising rapidly though, Auckland is now highly vaccinated! (90%+ single, 80%+ double). Most places overseas are open at those rates. Auckland should make the 90% double in another few weeks.

    The problem will be the rest of NZ ; other regions behind by another month or two and probably won’t be done until end of Jan.

    The problem will be the Auckland boundary, vaxxing won’t be done by Christmas, and people will be really pissed if they can’t travel I think, a massive land boundary is just going to be totally unworkable, traffic on the roads would be backed up for miles.

  19. Yeah I think she needs security. All mps probably do atm. It’s more likely she or some of her mps get the old egg, cake mud treatment but the hatred is real.

    I’ve never seen such hatred

    It dawned on me yesterday that labour truly, are buggered in the next election.

    Life long labour people.

    People who a year ago were waiting hours just to get a picture of her. Poor Maori, poor white people, bogans, gig economy workers, cleaners, hospo workers, factory workers, everyone freaking hates Ardern and the govt. I’ve never seen this rage and from these kinds of people.

    South island is a write off, much of Auckland is a write off.

    She’s starting to look like Helen Clark in 2008.

    The social engineering stuff is incredibly toxic. The woke stuff is poison. Allow unvaxed people to fly is poison.

    I think Ardern has to pull a Lange and resign next Christmas if this hatred keeps up. I think they know this hence the leadership reforms

    It’s only going to get worse with the hate speech and gender id and other social engineering reforms next year.

    The only thing that I can see getting Ardern a third term is a divided right and real, serious reforms and action on housing.

    Judith is even more toxic than Jacinda but once they replace her with a friendlier face who knows

    It’s sad really. I remember everyone being so optimistic in October 2017. Change seemed on the way.

    Even a year ago…. The greatest election result in my lifetime for the left and the numbers to institute real reforms but not the will.

    The good days are over for this government. all that power and no desire to do anything with it that people actually like…

    I dont want a nat/act govt but we’re gonna get one at this rate

      • no it won’ because there is no replacement. That’s what 30 plus years of neoliberalism’s cancerous destruction of our democracy has given us. A pack of useless quislings with no vision, no real life experience and no fucking policies.

        • Add no backbone. The original Labour Party had hard working male manual labour as their pillar, and then started doing something for women labourers – they looked over the spectrum.

          Now political and economic observers see the middle class itself being exploited, but they are still as blind as bats. However some have had a boost in the Forest and Bird competition this year so they may arise like a golden phoenix. Unfortunately they don’t have personal time or concern for the snuffling kiwi citizens at ground level.

          When James McNeish was writing about southern Italy* and the poverty there he said that people lived in basements with no access to services such as toilets and ‘went’ illegally on the train rails which was illegal and so had to face that to go to the privy. The NZ and English middle class had better wake up and use their well-educated brains to help themselves and those poorer. There seems no depths that the comfortably off will allow others to sink to, provided that their own goals are reached.

          Two words, similar and opposite – goal and gaol. Get with it, halt and turn around ’30 years of cancerous decline of democracy’. It just can’t be labelled SEP.
          * Fire Under the Ashes by Mcneish James – AbeBooks
          https://www.abebooks.co.uk › title › author › mcneish-j… 1966
          Fire Under the Ashes;:the Life of Danilo Dolci by McNeish, James and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at …

    • Corey Humm Your thinking tracks that of many I am sure, sounds likely. And Denny Paoa you should step up to replace her, take on the nightmare and suffer the slings and arrows of the others of your kind of smart knowall.

      • Great idea Gw! Where do I sign up!

        Between the death of us all by Climate Change and Covid and possible WIII. We should be able to squeeze in an election!

        Two new parts will show up;

        Anti Vaxxers party and a Pro Vaxxers political party! The majority usually wins!


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