The Liberal Agenda – Squid Game: North Korean documentary on Late Stage Capitalism


Squid Game has been wrongly labeled a South Korean drama when it’s more like a North Korean documentary on Late Stage Capitalism.

There are the wage slaves so desperately in debt that they are willing to play deadly games for a shot at wealth staffed by homicidal lunatics who see this as the free market at its purest.

While the debt proletariat die in lethal children’s games, hyper billionaire capitalist sociopaths watch from a velvet draped naked human furniture Eyes Wide Shut buffet room.

Gambling on Human suffering is the last kick jaded cynical Capitalist Gods get anymore.

The final twist is that even at that level of Caligula styled  depravity, one of the Capitalist Gods has to enter the game for the brief charade of human authenticity.

Hyper Capitalism becomes a drug whose next hit demands a never ending high greater than the one before, so much so that the master must become the debt proletariat to feel something again.

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  1. Yep. Watch Glasglow and surrounding Airports be inundated with private planes in the backslapping shitshow where BMW Jimmy and his entourage hang out with Prince Chuck and his Aston Martin that runs on Potatos.

    The irony is the new left (i.e. those under the age of 35 that work for a government) actually believe the capitalist oligarchs and corporate elite are actually on their side because they have adopted woke.

    • The Crown is the only effective entity that stands between AO/NZ’ers and our ( Apols @ Maori.) country becoming a republic without the banana.
      The afternoon of the day we’re no longer governed, as such, by the Crown, bezos, muskrat, good ol larry page and many other sociopathic worker exploiters will be here faster than you can say ” Oh fuck! I thought they were pubic lice but instead they’re fucking american billionaires. ”
      @ Maori ? You’re being manipulated by the media to convince you to distance yourselves from the Crown. I know. Fuck the Crown, I’m a Irish so I understand the sentiment but be warned. All is not as it seems when the MSM come out swinging for independent Maori sovereignty. The nano second AO/NZ becomes a republic The Treaty becomes worthless then we’re all fucked.
      @ Frank The T-wank isn’t here to hone his witty repartee, that’s for sure, so I bet he’s ( ? ) an influencer taking advantage of a time of great need to trust in each other. In other words @ FTW-tank is a confederate. Beware of the early riser.

        • I like Countryboy’s comments to be quite honest – they can be a bit out there sometimes sure but it is refreshing in that he says what he means and means what he says . . think the opposite of the woke madness that our universities have been reduced to.

      • Go easy on the mushrooms big fella.

        I’m a mid-40s father of 2 living in suburbia without a faceslut/Instaclown/Twatter account in sight.

        So epic fail.

        I don’t hide my stripes – ask Bertie.

  2. Support 100% what Country boy said

    “All is not as it seems when the MSM come out swinging for independent Maori sovereignty. The nano second AO/NZ becomes a republic The Treaty becomes worthless then we’re all fucked.”

    Instead of Maori going for separation they would be better joining the 85% and getting better results for Maori. A divided house is what Labour is promoting and the minute they have unbridled power they will drop the Maori cause like the proverbial hot kumara.

    Mind you it is entertaining the conniptions

    John Tamihere is going the sue the state for manslaughter if any Maori die from Covid due to the loosening of restriction levels.

    “In the coalition statement, the head of Whānau o Waipareira Trust, John Tamihere, had a warning for the Government.

    “If Māori lives are lost because of this denial, we will take civil action in manslaughter,” Tamihere said.”

    • G. The Treaty is already worthless to Maori.
      Less than 1.5% of the combined wealth of iwi Treaty Settlements of $47b – $50b gets to the people.

      It’s just another Capitalist scam.

      Nothing about ” He Tangata! He Tangata! …”

      • Interesting comment Denny. So where does the other 98.5% of settlements go? And can you cite any evidence to back up the claim? (serious question).

        • The Treaty Settlement Act 1975 and the Office of Treaty Settlement(s) process documents called “The Red Book”.
          About 54 pages of ambiguous meaningless compromised bs and very little information, but, it’s the basis of how the Crown gets to screw Maori again.

          No claim to date is more than 2% of the quantum claimed in a settlement.

  3. South Korea does some great horror – Train to Busan is a goodie if you enjoy a decent zombie flick and The Host is another goodie with a social message if that’s your thing.
    I’m a little puzzled at the success of Squid game, it’s decent but not exceptional in its genre- it must be a combination of good story ( very similar to the earlier Japanese movie “as the gods will” and a Japanese series “Alice in borderland”), relatable culture and a relatable social message perfectly timed.


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