New Roy Morgan Poll – Labour & ACT soar

Parliament on Zoom

Latest Roy Morgan Poll is out and it tells a different story to the one being spun of a people blaming Jacinda for lockdown

LABOUR – 45.5%


GREENS – 9.5%

ACT – 16%


In Roy Morgan world, Labour is taking Green Party support which when you consider the appallingly alienating nature of the Greens wokeness isn’t a surprise and ACT continue to canabalize National’s vote.

ACT will draw level with National next year as the Hate Speech legislation scares the bejesus out of the middle once they see the incredibly low threshold woke activists want to argue construe as hate.

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The attack on Labour has been frenzied (not helped by their convoluted multi level rubix cube ‘roadmap’) but the gratitude towards Labour is far greater than the Right are pretending it is.

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  1. Once the lockdowns end, people will regain their senses, and start to question what happened, and why…this could be fun for the Government in terms of policing, media coverage and biases, and what was not worked on during the lockdowns — housing, child poverty, cannabis law reform…etc…etc…

  2. Ugh jacinda arden is such a weasel

    in fact I can’t think of a single NZ politician that isn’t

    Is there anyone worth voting for?

    • Yes the Maori Party who have the best policy on climate change, written by a high flying ex Green party member.

  3. Judith… The caucus has never been happier. Laughing, singing, drunk on life and just so so fucking joyful at my leadership.

    Go National! Love your work! Don’t you dare go anywhere Judy

  4. The Government could turn it around by working on what they campaigned on…then they would be worth voting for…
    Remember, the Government must earn your vote, the message is – come on get my vote!

  5. Nationals death spiral continues unabated. Turns out sabotaging Covid elimination hasn’t been too popular with the punters.
    Rimmer, Winston & the Conservatives continue to feast on the rotting carcass.

  6. act ?

    but wait Shai Navot’s top party offers more in one policy that Seymour has his political career

    the risk of 25 million from Australia moving here cause climate change and their treatment of kiwis is reason to review open borders policy .

    ( and they just acquired nuclear subs . . )

    just like say – a car enthusiast who registers their prized vehicle for security , traceability and clear ownership you would do the same with a firearm

    but act want to repeal that ?

    and im sure because turkeys have bn giving away / selling firearms is the main reasons why gangs have guns

    – wouldnt’t risk doing that if they were registered . .

    – oh and look – facts – to back these claims up

    good one act good one . . way to steer a country into oblivion

    • You don’t register your car for security, you insure it, lock it up, install an alarm etc to protect your investment in your vehicle, same with firearms. Registration is a form of tax or levy you pay to the Government to pay for “services” the Government provides. Gun registration only leads to confiscation, owners of E cat firearms had little choice but to surrender their registered firearms, those with A cat semi autos could choose not to & so over 100000 guns disappeared.

      Drug dealers have firearms because they are necessary tools of their business & when you are importing literally tons of meth into the country, it is incredibly easy to import a number of firearms with the shipment to protect their investment. This is why many of the firearms turning up in criminal hands are pistols or prohibited E cat semi automatic rifles. If they were ever legally owned in NZ they would have already been registered and could be traced back to their original owners, as they generally aren’t, it would indicate they were never in the hands or safes of licenced firearms owners.

      Gun registration never solves crimes, it is only an expensive weapon to attack licenced firearms owners with.

      ACT is the only political party in parliament will to stand up for licenced firearms owners and that is one reason for their increased popularity.

      • Until the Government confiscates it, with or without compensation, then you don’t own it anymore.

        People record the serial numbers of things they own, that’s how they prove they own them. Did you register your TV?

      • Only idiots and liars actually believe gun registration works.

        Does car registration work to prevent theft? How many stolen cars are never seen again despite being registered?

      • registration may help deter theft as in if they werent it would be a free for all

        you’re the idiot and the liar , arsehole

        act appeal to the disaffected do better

        • Serial numbers are easily filed off by criminals and thus the “reason” justifying registration disappears with the first touch of the angle grinder.

          Just in case you haven’t noticed, criminals don’t obey laws & given the very light sentences they often receive (two cases of people killing others with illegal firearms getting less than 12 months home detention), are not much deterred by them either.

          So which did you pick? Liar or idiot?

  7. Martyn
    You seem to be very sure about this ‘gratitude’ thing? Was this poll taken in Auckland or all around the country? You know full well if that the next poll will look a bit grimmer for Labour. And if it is taken only in Auckland, that would be even grimmer I bet.
    Oh look!!! A picture of all of Bert’s best friends! Can’t see him in there, pity. Anyway, thank you for something light-hearted in these heavy times.

    • Hey “When things get grimmer, vote for Rimmer”. Do you like it? The guy’s a dweeb! A total shithead.

  8. Men with Penises v Women and Men identifying as Women but have a throw away penis eh?

    How can we rely on data when the gender bias is corrupted with dicks?

    “Labour Party receives from women. Nearly two-thirds of women (64.5%) support either Labour (54%) or the Greens (10.5%) compared to only 46% of men supporting either Labour (37.5%) or the Greens (8.5%) – a massive ‘gender gap’ of 16.5% points in favour of Ardern’s Labour Party among women.”

  9. Who let this fucker in? ACT? The Natzo’s…?
    Here’s where shit’s heading. To a psychopathic narcissistic megalomaniac.
    Another one. Just what we need.
    ACT are soaring because many AO/NZ’ers are dumb as they look.
    Max Chafkin: what makes tech billionaire Peter Thiel tick?
    “It’s kind of like fascism, almost by a different name.”
    Thiel is motivated by basic needs, Chafkin says.
    “He wants money and power, basically.”
    And we allow this complete fuck to call himself an AO/NZ citizen…? Are we fucking mad !?

    • “ACT are soaring because many AO/NZ’ers are dumb as they look.”

      Oh come on Countryboy, just say his name…The Kraut.
      RNZ should do a programme on The Kraut…What makes him thick.

    • I thought Labour should have revoked his citizenship. But like many things they kicked up a big fuss at the time and did zilch.

      I heard the great interview and already knew the man was a shit, but he is actually a really big arrogant shit, whose best moment in life was ensuring someone’s business went bankrupt because they outed him as gay. Frightening stuff.

  10. In the absence of Fozzy Bear, I will continue to vote for James Shaw for staying in there and trying to keep his head on the thinking public’s behalf.

    • i wonder when the first non male person will run for ‘male leader of the co leader ship’ ditto on the ‘female’ side.

  11. Nathan Kerr You are on the wrong planet. These days the public have to work at being citizens not just consumers, you have to ensure there are politicians worth voting for and monitor their progress as if they were part of a loved whanau!

    • I agree with your comments, don’t just vote them in or out, monitor them, see that they are doing what they said they will.

      I am really pleased at the ‘new look’ around electoral laws.

      Did anyone see in the Pandora papers that Boris had lots and lots of funding from overseas interests. A bloody disgrace.

      Personally I would like to see it all State Funded. Alternatively I want to be able to easily access for every party standing a spreadsheet showing the actual names of every person or company that donated, right down to $100. Real transparency for a change.

  12. As expected, not as many voters are vitriolic about the lockdowns (and it seems to be keeping Labour ahead) and if they are, they are starting to prefer ACT. A lot of people like the lockdowns more than dislike them.

    Saying that, Labour are only ahead because everyone else is so useless and out of touch!

    As we know from when Labour first got in and were polling where National is now, it doesn’t take much to swing voters at the last minute! All the biggest attacks will now take place in the months before the election and the history of Labour and Greens will be exposed in statistics then.

    There is also room for a new party that is environmental and practical and central, for the mainstream!

    So don’t count any chickens that everything will turn out like the above poll!

  13. And the ‘Winner’ is!? ACT!

    The gweens will be gone by lunchtime on the day after 2023’s election or as soon as the results are in.

    Then it’ll be who can form a coalition.

    Will it be Labour & the Nats or Labour and ACT?

    Or another election will have to be held.

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