The self crucifixion & martyrdom of Brian Tamaki


A 63-year-old man has been charged in relation to organising and attending the Destiny Church-led mass anti-lockdown protest in Auckland on Saturday.

Police confirmed this afternoon a man had been summonsed to appear in Auckland District Court next Tuesday.

Google – how old is Brian Tamaki?


Where’s your God now Brian?

The martyrdom, self crucifixion and never ending tithing. It’s all so much fun isn’t it?

If you believe that Jesus is your vaccine and that the Earth is literally 7000 years old it’s not that much of a hop skip and a jump to believing the vaccine is satanic, makes you magnetic and that Jacinda is implementing a secret Socialist Police State where the little baby Jesus will be banned.

TDB proudly presents the Gospel of Bishop Brian…

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I am the Lord thy God: thou shalt not have strange face masks before me.

Thou shalt not take vaccines with microchips in them.

Remember to keep holy the Lord’s day and spend it shit posting on MPs Facebook pages.

Honour thy father and mother (unless they have 5G).

Thou shalt not kill Covid.

Thou shalt commit adultery to spread natural resistance.

Thou must steal other people’s vaccinations and tip them out.

Thou shalt always bear false witness against they vaccinated neighbours.

Thou shalt covet thy neighbours vaccine passport.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours face mask.

…In the name of the swindle, the scam and the unholy boast.

I hope he calls God as a witness.

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    • Why? Which thousand person largely unmasked and undistanced protest did Dr Wiles organise again? Oh, that’s right, none. Which lockdown rule did she break again? Oh that’s right, none. Her “sin” (aka Cameron Slater’s big scoop) was that she watched someone else in her bubble take a light paddle by herself instead of using physical force to prevent it. What nonsense.

    • Yes, she organised a humungus massive super-spreader event after consulting with the police commissioner about going to the beach by bicycle!!!! No, of course she NOT be charged – it’s a silly comparison.

  1. With a bit of luck and a good judge. Tamaki will get convicted and sentenced.
    Then he’ll be proud of himself!
    He would have finally got access to the prisoners that Corrections have denied him access to.

    Good on him! Hehehehe!

    • Denny – I am praying, “ Please God, give Tamaki a conviction. That is all I ask of you God : convict him”.

      Forget about prison, it won’t happen. He’ll get a fairly hefty fine, which should raise him more money from the poor; so he’ll come out of it ok. Some might see him a martyr (which is what he wanted ) but he had to be charged with flouting the law (and being mutton dressed as lamb), and facilitating Covid spread, so definitely a conviction, plus useful community service like clearing beaches or sweeping streets. Reading gently to the elderly sitting in day rooms, would be good, but I can’t see him doing that.

  2. Well he gets what he wanted.. he’ll be comparing himself to Jesus next week…

    Dumb move allowing him his dreams of martyrdom, now his flock will turn up en masse outside court… feelings of persecution rise… more exposure events… possibly violence

    Better to monitor his protests which were peaceful mostly masked (I went for a peak) and prosecute 6 months down the track.

    Dumb move.

  3. What I am really affronted by is that 130,000+ people signed the petition to ask the cops to charge him.

    Petitions for much more important things like ‘seeing that every child is actually pulled out of poverty’ would be hard pressed to get those numbers. Distressing!

    • Michal “ … people signed the petition to ask the cops to charge him “. Did they really ? That verges on vigilantism, which is usually bad news, but your point re people not getting passionate about child poverty is very valid – it stuns me that there are so few champions of New Zealand children, and none in Parliament.

  4. Bishop Brian and his Obi Wan Kanobi moment. LOL

    I can’t wait for the defense pointing out the double standards that WokePod have been told to let go (i.e. the gangs)

  5. Brian of Dysentery Church fame got his name in the news. That was the objective so it’s a victory for him.

    I expect his subsequent victory will be in court because he’d ask and gained permission for the rally from the Police. So there’s a good chance the Costa’s boys will make fools of themselves. And even if he’s found guilty we live in a country where manslaughter gets Home D, so what’s the downside for him?

    Oh and his legal fees are tax deductible.

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