The right only win politically if NZ loses against COVID – why the attack on Jacinda is so fervent


The death cult capitalists, ZB Talkback hosts, right wing pundits, ACT & National have jumped with excitement and frisson at Jacinda blinking first over loosening restrictions for Covid.

The truth is that if the feral right were in charge we would already have thousands dead.

The only way the Right win politically is if NZ loses its battle against Covid.

If this were the Second World War, these death cult capitalists, ZB Talkback hosts, right wing pundits, ACT & National quislings would all be siding with the Nazis.

As Kiwis we hold our head up high because we did the right thing! We put people before money and watching these right wing pricks jump for joy at a virus beating us is an indictment on them, not the leadership Jacinda has shown.

Our concern first and foremost is the people, the people, the people not Capitalism, Capitalism, Capitalism!

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  1. Can someone from this government please invite Barry Soper around for a cup of tea and a biscuit, please and give him a cuddle. Please.

    He had been on a jihad against Jacinda ever since he got passed over for the PM’s US junket in 2017/18 because their government didn’t want him. Every new anti government Bazzer rant, which is everything he writes, erodes whatever remaining subjective qualities he once had as a political journalist and he just sounds like a bitter tired old man. Perfect for Newstalk ZB, fucking boring for everyone else!

    • As Bazza is no longer invited to Friday night top floor Beehive drinks(as he was with Key) he’s hardly likely to write anything in favour of Ardern or the government. Which is a shame really because Jacinda may be adding a few more years to Bazzas prematurely aging liver. Catching Covid would probably be the end of Bazza given his liver condition.

      • Bertie let’s not get facetious here there are many members of labor’s caucus that would be at higher risk of an adverse reaction to covid than Barry.

  2. The Right want Covid unleashed. They have been vociferous about lockdowns and elimination.
    We are about to see Covid unleashed. They will get their wish.
    Voters will get a front row seat to all this.
    They get to compare Jacinda’s way (last year) to Judy’s/Rimmer’s way (events unfolding).

    How that can be construed as a political win for the Right defies logic.

  3. I have friends from the left and right of politics who in most cases had a father or grandfather that fought in the Second World War.To suggest those on the right would side with the Nazis is insulting.

    • Pathetically naive, John. Look at what happened in all European countries invaded by the Nazis, For a good 3 years it looked like the Nazis were winning; by that time each of the invaded countries had significant Divisions of volunteer soldiers fighting in the German Wehrmacht on the side of the Nazis.
      My father and uncles also fought in the war, by the way. I would say that there were plenty of Kiwis who would have sided with a Quisling government here.

    • It’s interesting when you read the dribble from many on the left that deaths would be higher if National had been in power. Pretty much all the rules at MIQ had been National or Acts ideas.

      Just look at the announcement yesterday, My Key writes an opinion piece complaining about Labour having no plan to get us out of lockdown. 1 week later and surprise, surprise we have a plan out of lockdown. I know it was an absolutely embarrassing plan with no detail but you get the idea.

    • @ John?
      You have friends…!!!??? Did you buy them? Hire? Lease? You should think about the tax breaks that might be available for friend rentals?
      Isn’t that what you capitalist Right Zingers do? Look for tax exempt bargains to turn over ‘good coin’ ?
      Adern and her government are doing a bloody good job and it pains me to write that given how incurably cynical I’ve become.
      Imagine collins and her cadre of greedy, flashy idiots? We’d all be toast.
      It’s because of the greedy natzo’s prior to Labour that we’re struggling as it is.

  4. Not a right zinger champ but part of mainstream NZ. I disagree with right wing politics as much if not more than the left, both can be as unhinged as the other.

    At least my entry into this forumn allowed you to spiel your normal nonsense.

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