MEDIAWATCH: Middle class NZ media soften us up for Covid death & globalization


I love how all mainstream media in NZ are now pushing academics who are soft selling our need to reopen NZ and accept Covid deaths – the death cult capitalists have the names and details of all the news producers & are using them.

I believe that Covid will be spread by the travelling rich and paid for by the poor.

If we want to combat Covid, you must first combat poverty.

Overcrowding, poor health, poor housing, poor diet and a shadow community of overstayers are all combining to make Covid impossible to defeat.

We should grant amnesty to all overstayers if they agree to vaccinate and we need to urgently fix the housing crisis while boosting free breakfasts and lunches in all South Auckland schools.

If we don’t fight poverty, we can’t beat Covid, but that’s not the only issue here.

I love the middle class stuff journalists trying to soften up NZ for Covid deaths so they can get back to traveling…

It’s not realistic to stay at zero Covid 

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…it’s a real culture divide I think. Middle class volk are vaccinated, have money to burn & are itching to get back to their lifestyles while the most vulnerable who will bear the brunt of mortality & illness don’t have that security.

Woke Spin-off podcaster, Matthew Hooton employee & Thanos mug shot model, Ben Thomas nervously gets it.

He claims NZ is a place of low key chums who are easily tricked by the hollow promises of globalization.

He paints the sudden desire to lock NZ away from the world as a xenophobic mean streak.

He doesn’t acknowledge that for the NZ working class domestics who have been priced out of home ownership, who have been left to fight migrant workers and international students for rentals, jobs and access to basic infrastructure don’t see globalization as anything other than a curse.

Ben and his middle class chums at Stuff want their globalization back thanks and luckily for them Labour, Greens, National and ACT are all right behind them.

The mainstream media refuses to consider maintaining Fortress Aotearoa, the political establishment refuses to consider Fortress Aotearoa and all the middle class pundits agree.

Thankfully the realities of Covid and the climate crisis will overtake them all.

Just as Trump ignited an American working class who had been mutilated by free market globalization, the political conditions for a radical break from that neoliberal globalization consensus grows beneath the beltway radar with every passing month.

The middle class globalists want us to accept Covid death and sickness so they can get their lifestyles back, but a self sufficient Fortress Aotearoa will only gain more and more support as the climate and Covid get worse and worse.

Imagine a Winston Peters barnstormer whereby he uplifts Robert Muldoon and argued he was right at the wrong  time.

Imagine how popular a closing the border position would be amongst the working classes who have been swamped by mass immigration, scarcity of housing and infrastructure stress.

Globalization on a burning planet is dead.

If not Winston, then another more extreme version.

The climate crisis makes Fortress Aotearoa an inevitability.

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  1. Softening us up .. people like Barry Soper in the Herald saying that Delta is not as deadly as earlier variants


    Twice as likely to be hospitalised with delta variant infection – they’re not sure how to quantify the death rate comparison yet because of the numbers now vaccinated.

    We face an interesting choice.

    On the one hand 80% vaccination will allow shorter lock downs to get us back to Level 1.
    On the other hand 80% vaccination will lead to advocacy of greater border risk and acceptance of continuing low level spread without lock down – essentially permanent level 2 to keep it below the curve with open borders for business workers and Kiwis to travel.

    I’m in camp 1, but I do think we need to look at bringing opening up for a month to vaccinated people en-mass into home isolation (permanent citizens, priority skilled migrant workers – health especially and also partners/family of resident skilled workers) for a time.

    If we have testing of anyone going into a hospital by then and rapid testing of essential lock down workers – there are 15 minute tests, it might only take a short lock down to take us back to Level 1.

    • We won’t be going anywhere if Soper is allowed to run amok. He obviously misses his Friday night parliament drinks. Can I suggest AA Barry.

      Sadly the one thing worse than the virus is misinformation. Where did Barry source his information?

          • Right said Fred –
            “Right, ” said Fred, “Have to take the wall down
            That there wall is gonna have to go.”
            Took the wall down, even with it all down
            We was getting nowhere
            And so we had a cuppa tea

            And Charlie had a think, and he said, “Look, Fred
            I’ve got a sort of feelin’
            If we remove the ceiling
            With a rope or two we could drop the blighter through.”
            “All right, ” said Fred, climbing up a ladder
            With his crowbar gave a mighty blow
            Was he in trouble, half a ton of rubble landed on the top of his dome
            So Charlie and me had another cuppa tea
            And then we went home

            I said to Charlie, “We’ll just have to leave it
            Standing on the landing, that’s all
            You see the trouble with Fred is, he’s too hasty
            You’ll never get nowhere if you’re too hasty.”

            Gotta have a go though, something might work and don’t worry
            about the externalities.
            Wot’s them, then?

          • Imagine the comedown if your dear leader had to break it to the team of 5 million that elimination is not possible and Christmas was off because Chippy didn’t think it was necessary to have pre-flight departure tests for Sydney red zone flights; St Ash and his little helpers can’t track down patient zero; and we went slow and ponderous in the “year of the vaccine”. Makes the “year of delivery” appear a rip roaring success…..

            Reminds me of a scene in Planes, Trains & Automobiles…….LOL. Back when there was comedy in the world.

            • Imagine if the sky fell down Chicken Licken. Imagine if ACT/National were government, Imagine all the people, living for today. Imagine if they crush Delta. Imagine if Rimmer and the Trumpite led our country to record deaths. They remind me of Dumb and Dumber.

            • Wishful thinking isn’t actually a debating point… As far as I can tel, You don’t have any point to make except to gloat over an imagined “backdown”.. Seriously? Do you ever listen to yourself? It’s looking increasingly like NZ doesn’t need a Trump to act out in a chikdish manner, and indulge in childish finger pointing for no better reason than to deflect attention away from the obvious lack of intellectual vigour that “political debate” in this country employs.. It pains me to admit that the Australians have more people who are prepared to have the hard conversations than here… That is just so embarrassing…

  2. The whole “let’s just get on with living (and dying) with Covid” is sad, infantile and futile. Its proponents are telling us they’re bored with this silly virus and it’s time to get back to them good ol’ days. It’s us sophisticated creatures that run the show not the virus.


    This virus is here to stay until it and it alone decides whether it gets worse, remains the same or gets less harmless. Vaccinations are part of the solution but not the whole solution.

    Life has changed for the extreme foreseeable future.

    But how do we get a government like ours who is pure reactionary? They don’t see a housing crisis because no one is protesting in the streets.

    They don’t have the ability to think for themselves or think ahead. They are quite useless.

    We need change but we need politicians and a government both wanting to and capable of achieving it.

  3. If we want to fight poverty, we need to have income. We can’t generate income by locking up our borders forever. The world just doesn’t operate like that. It’s not a viable solution. The simple reality is that businesses and high skills people will simply relocate. We are a small trading nation absolutely dependent on interaction with other countries. If we can’t meet with global markers and their representative, move feely and travel widely companies will be forced to leave. Then a reduction in income, less jobs, etc. It won’t work. We have to find another way.

    • good comment Yeti. Martyn doesn’t acknowledge that “Fortress Aotearoa” is printing a billion dollars a week. That’s hardly a sustainable situation. you can’t improve poverty housing etc doing that.

        • It’s not a case of trickle down anything. If you want a socialist government to fully support the underprivileged you have to have a strong economy. You can’t separate the economy, the government and the people.

              • That article was 2016, and here we are 5 years later and the printing presses are still whirring furiously. It looks like capitalism’s goose is cooked, but no-ones prepared to take it out the oven. I guess the party ends when the middle classes begin to feel real pain and can be bothered to start protesting in the streets, à la France? *shrugs shoulders*

                • Jase I agree the article shows there’s seemingly no end to this financial orgy. What is known is that if you keep printing money eventually the value of your currency will drop and it will cost more to import the stuff we need. That in turn will make it even more difficult to pay off what debt you’ve got. That might be ok if all countries go bankrupt and a new system is set up. If not and we keep doing it, our currency will be worth nothing against everyone else. Not good. No new infrastructure then.

  4. …”Imagine a Winston Peters barnstormer whereby he uplifts Robert Muldoon and argued he was right at the wrong time. If not Winston, then another more extreme version”…

    Give me a Muldoon, a Peters of a Kirk any day of the week compared to any of the lemons we have had for three and a half decades. 1984 was when the rot set in for this country.

    Boooooooooo to all of you scumbag neo liberals ! BOOOOOOOO !!! to all of you rotten bastards !!!

    Prime Minister John Key has been booed off stage at today’s Big Gay Out festival by a group of vocal anti-Trans Pacific Partnership protesters

    You think we have not noticed what you all have done in nearly 40 years of your lies and destruction of our once prosperous nation?!!?

    REALLY ?!!?

  5. The @ week MIQ seems to have mostly worked remarkably well. There might need to be more facilities designated or even specially built, but It is not total isolation. If the need to come and go is sufficient that might have to become part of it. Travel is extremely cheap these days compared with other things .
    The alternative is endemic covid. Anyone who is paying attention to what is happening overseas must be aware that the vaccines are a temporary protection at best and might well in the end be worse than the disease. They certainly seem to be much worse than the disease for children.
    D J S

    • wouldn’t a better start be working out why some coming through MIQ in NZ leave quickly afterwards and why so many don’t have to pay for it, or refuse to pay as it is not pre-paid like flights. If you pre-paid it, probably stop people from listing lots of different dates for a start, locking up the system.

      Also the government needs to stop rescuing stupid people who go off to other countries, and then suing the government for not being able to return. If NZ citizens leave NZ, it should be at their own risk, quite different from those who didn’t leave in the first place in since Covid hit, and are just trying to get back.

      • I think the time when it has been appropriate to offer free MIQ to anyone has passed. Always assuming every citizen who applied when the first lockdown was imposed has been allowed back home.
        I agree with pre paying along with the flight ticket , and the two should be tied together. No flight without MIQ booking and no MIQ booking without flight booking.
        Then if it is attractive to foreigners to use our MIQ and then head off somewhere else (presumably where they couldn’t get in except that they came from here) then so long as the MIQ charges are set appropriately it will become a profit earning industry. What’s wrong with that ?

  6. Locking young renters inside their festering, rip off, rented apartments, having them suffer severe mental anguish just to save the oppressor landlord boomers who are enjoying the high life in their fancy mansions is normal for Jacindas ‘rich lives matter’ NZ.

  7. Grant amnesty to all overstayers.. Yes, keep the world rolling into NZ to partake in our welfare system! Plenty of houses to live in, pensions and health care for all! We learnt so much from 51 deaths, 7 knife attacks, record homelessness, record health waiting lists, pension crisis, record mental health, increased wages with border closures…..

    • savenz
      An amnesty to overstayers would be for people already here and would solve a problem of hidden secretive people who can’t be open with the system or they will have what they have made of their lives, smashed. It’s not about opening up holus bolus to all wanting in. That only applies to those who can pay huge squids.

      • We need to start to give more resources to NZ citizens who are getting poorer and poorer. There are constant soap sop articles about overstayering families who seem to be doing pretty well in NZ. One family had bought a house in Auckland on the north shore, with their painting business, no doubt never paying any cash meant they could afford a mortgage free house. Their son was a NZ citizen, who had wanted for nothing with numerous sporting achievements that NZ kids just don’t have the money to do. They had paid a very well known (and no doubt expensive) immigration lawyer to argue the mother’s case who will be eligible for a NZ pension soon…In many cases there is huge amounts of money changing hands in this industry such as the man who died on the construction site in NZ, and nobody held accountable while ACC paid out the Chinese widow. Then all the people who ‘forget’ to ensure their parents coming to NZ and needing very expensive health care. Sorry NZ is being bankrupted and more and more illegal labour being used, it will never stop and we will erode our welfare system, especially with all the cries of amnesty. Meanwhile NZ children get next to nothing.

  8. Oh! No! And what? Go back to ‘normal’ and start the bene-bashing again!
    Not talk about the other growing tail of 22,000+ living in motels racking up massive debt with WINZ/MSD that they’ll never be able to afford to pay back!
    Go back to vilifying the poor for being feral breeders and it’s their fault they can afford to live! And don’t forget those kids been ‘kinded’ to by the PM, the whole 200,000 of them!

    What we really need is an early election to allow the public to vent!

    Bring That On!

  9. “If we don’t fight poverty, we can’t beat Covid, but that’s not the only issue here.”

    How can we ‘fight poverty’ if we don’t trade and have a strong economy?

    There has never been a ‘fortress’ New Zealand. Before globalization, New Zealand just lived off the fat of British imperialism.

  10. Actually Martyn et al it’s not the mainstream media softening us up. It’s Jacinda herself who has just declared we can’t use lockdowns forever. There you have it from the horse’s mouth…it’s the end of the elimination dream as she wakes up to reality. Hasn’t been formally announced yet, but will be soon for sure. She says vaccination is the key, let’s hope it’s not her undoing. What with too many anti-vaxxers, apathetics and ‘couldn’t be arsed’. Hard as it may be to accept reality, especially for anyone who’s happily locking down on a govt paid salary or a nice ratepayer funded job, get used to it. Normal people have to get back work to earn a living. Tough times ahead folks…and yes, some will die. Of course without COVID, nobody will die.

  11. The housing shortage that makes houses unaffordable for the poor is entirely the creation of the political class over the past 30 years – first Nats, then Labour, then the Nats again and now Labour again.

    Housing cost is the biggest single source of poverty. Entirely from political choices.

  12. Fortress New Zealand is coming and globalization will die soon. The writing is on the wall and if you cannot see it… then well!
    What guise the harbinger arrives in is what worries me too. The idea in itself makes much sense.
    If only a political party with humanistic/environmental ideals without the woke dogma to make this a reality….


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