MEDIAWATCH: Is this secretly a NZ on Air funded project for The Spin-off?


Blooming Desires: Kiwi writes erotic fanfiction about Jacinda Ardern, Ashley Bloomfield during COVID-19 lockdown

If you’re a big fan of watching the daily 1pm press conference for lustier reasons than the case numbers you’re in luck: One Kiwi has transformed the briefings into a series of erotic fiction.

A series of Instagram posts detailing sexually explicit fantasies about Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield and Prime Minister Jacinda Arden by author ‘Joan Chick’ have gone viral amid the country’s various alert levels of lockdown. 

Is this secretly a NZ on Air funded project for The Spin-off and if it isn’t – could anyone actually tell?

The phenomenal gold bullion that NZ on Air is shitting straight into the mouths of Spin-off and Stuff to pump out woke content that never tells you it’s social engineering propaganda for Wellington is so huge it’s difficult now to tell what is State messaging and what is just woke mummy blogger fan fiction.

The funniest thing about Spin-off and Stuff getting so much NZ on Air money is that they then beg you the reader to also donate cash!

My guess is that this chick lit sex fiction is NZ on Air funded sex positive content that also includes strong Covid hand sanitizer messaging.

They’ll call it ‘reaching diverse audiences’ which really means female government workers in Wellington who own more dildos than cats.

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