MEDIAWATCH: Ryan Bridge vs Jacinda & why she will use lockdown 4 again


If you are not watching the AM Show, what are you doing with your life?

Ever since Ryan Bridge took over from Garner, The AM Show has become politically relevant again.

Previously I had been a TVNZ Breakfast viewer but of late it’s turned into a middle class hugging group therapy session with all the self importance of a private kindergarten that sells itself on its inclusive yoga program.

Don’t get me wrong, John Campbell for life but let’s be honest, when he’s not on for an episode, who watches?

I’ve written before that Ryan has a unique skill to ask a question based on the answer from the person he’s interviewing. Most interviewers in NZ have a list of questions with maybe a few follow ups, but Ryan starts with a base question and then uses the answers he’s given to dig deeper.

Ryan is so quick on his feet that his weekly interviews with Jacinda are must watches and today’s was no different.

He pushed and pushed and pushed her on what the future direction post this outbreak looks like and attempted to give businesses a better sense of security.

Jacinda could do little but nod and smile and talk about vaccination because the naked truth, as unpalatable as it is, is that Jacinda could promise never to go back into lockdown and still be forced to.

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That’s the simple truth.

Even if free market death cult capitalist David Seymour was PM, even he would be forced to use lockdown as a last resort,.


We’ll have it out.

Right now, let’s do it.

Here’s the scenario and you just tell me when to stop.

This Delta outbreak gets quashed and we are at Level 2 for the entire country.

Let’s say late in November after almost 6 weeks of back to business normalcy and a 45% vaccination rate, we suddenly get an outbreak again.

Using nothing more than track and trace personal quarantines of the infected , you tell me when you agree to level 4 lockdown.

At 1 daily case?

At 10 daily cases?

At 100 daily cases?

At 1000 daily cases?

At 10000 daily cases?

At 100000 daily cases?

See, the speed with which Delta moves means that sooner or later you have a public health emergency on your hands and not even David Seymour could politically survive images of ambulances blocked from entering hospitals and New Zealanders dying in the streets.

Until we are close to 80% vaccination with vastly upgraded hospital and morgue capacity there is no way any politician would remove lockdown as an essential tool in our arsenal against Covid.

That’s the truth.

With barely 30% vaccinated, there is no way we won’t go back into lockdown even if we beat his current outbreak.

The only glimmer of hope on the horizon is research suggesting a ‘super immunity’ created by both shots + exposure to the virus.

But that’s a glimmer of normalcy we can’t obtain until at least 80% vaccination.

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  1. Most first world nations have or are moving to a hospitalization/fatality based approach to covid numbers. Then again most first nations (USA excepted) have a functioning 4th estate where critical thought is permitted. Here we just screech disinformation/fake news or call opposition MPs cockwombles…….

    As for vaccination we’ll peak at approx. 70-75% with obvious shortfalls in Maori/PI vaccination rates. That will be held against our heads like a gun as we are threatened time and time regarding lockdowns. With vaccination there is only 2 options:

    1). Mandatory vaccines
    2). Having sufficient supplies and making this a choice issue with a reasonable requirement of personal responsibility.

    Good luck with option 1. The old coot is about to get a shit kicking from the courts in the USA by going down the option 1 route. Option 2 will get the luvvies out as Bomber rightly points out the victims will be predominantly brown and poor. Exacerbation will occur due our crap Health system.

    Thus this would appear to be the Blairite’s waterloo of her own making by being lazy and feckless while we were covid free and could have vaccinated the hell out of the population with consummate increases in ICU capacity.

    A week ago those on the left were barking out loud that the Blairite had beaten covid again.
    Now that it looks like our extreme luck has run out when do our darkest angels start to surface and ask how this got into the community?
    What happens if it comes out that we had options to massively upscale our vaccine supply and delivery at the turn of the year and refused to do so?
    What happens economically when we can’t impregnate the values of our houses again by purchasing pointless items such as pizza ovens and jet skis on tick to stimulate our zombie economy?

    Remember folks this was the year of the vaccine…….

  2. How about a less punitive form of lockdown – we can’t beat this virus so how do we live with it? There’s a trade off to be made, people can carry on with their lives if we put in place better measures. Free at home tests, better social distancing, more working from home.

    NZ is going broke, businesses in AKL are going under. The community is hurting and the current pathway isn’t sustainable.

    • Because that would be to accept they were:
      a). Wrong
      b). Elimination as a concept is dead in the water

      Acolytes never sacrifice the head priest……

  3. Elimination is the right path to ‘freedom!’

    It will also kill off the housing crisis by reducing house sales making it less profitable over a long period of time if we have annual 5-week mid-winter lockdowns for the rest of the decade. Grant will run out of money to print.

  4. Slow rollout of vaccines is the issue.
    Had the chance to go hard go early but instead went slow went late.
    Encouraging nonetheless to see we have picked up pace.

  5. Aotearoa is still the safest country in the world. Only one death in one over year. All other countries have opened up their countries failed and gave up and as a result the grim reaper and his covid-19 helpers are running riot and community cases, hospitalisations and deaths have surged. Aotearoans will eventually need to determine if they want further lockdowns or hundreds of deaths, hospitals over-run thousands of covid cases. I suggest the Govt maximise the vaccinations and any anti-vaxers carry covid cards. The Govt has been successful so far because there have been no deaths. They have also had enough vaccines except that if vaccinations continued at 95,000 per day they may have run short but this didnt happen.

  6. His mind is in the gutter, he sniggers to much and makes too many put down asides. What is to like? That ain’t good journalism it’s macho bullshit.

  7. RSV killed more people in New Zealand this year than covid. 36

    Covid is the EXACT and primary direct cause of how many deaths in New Zealand? Zero.

    Fuck this is a joke big pharma are laughing all the way to the bank over.


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