Rachel Stewart gets her guns back – NZs first ‘swatting’


The Rachel Stewart fiasco is over and the Police have groveled and apologised and returned her guns.

This fiasco occurred after woke activists manufactured a tweet by Rachel into a threat.

They used a low ranking cop who sympathized with them to pretend the threat was legitimate and a month after the tweet raided Rachel’s home and took her guns claiming her previous tweets made her a transphobic threat.

It’s nothing less than ‘swatting’ by the woke Left and it’s ugly.

The Police have now backed down.

This petty and nasty little example provides insight into how the woke intend to use the Hate Speech laws if Labour are insane enough to pass them.

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The woke see the Hate Speech law as a weapon to smash the dirty transphobes, racists and sexists and as soon as it is passed, they will lodge hundreds upon hundreds of complaints of Hate Speech as a means to grudge settle a million different arguments.

Their daily to do list would look like this:

-self actualize while taking selfie for Instagram
-correct others on their te Reo pronunciation
-cycle to drop off recycling
-call police and report a misuse of pronouns as a hate crime
-get into Twitter argument about Meghan Markle living her best life, report to Police as hate crime and try to get the person sacked
-juice cleanse
-bake bread & be present with gratitude

This woke purge tsunami will terrify the middle who won’t understand why the fuck the Police are knocking on their door asking about what was in their heart when they wrote something mean on Facebook.

The woke proved how much they want to smite those they disagree with by the way they manufactured Rachel into a threat, they will do that and so much more when they gain their Hate Speech powers.

It’s important for Labour to pass the Hate Speech laws AFTER the election because if the woke purge starts before the election, the woke will spook the middle all the way over to ACT.

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  1. Are these proposed hate laws Jacinda’s desperate attempt to say…
    “Look here, my government can deliver on what we say we said we would”!

    As house prices hit a new high today and more people realize in NZ renting is now the only option.
    As more people end up homeless.

    Has our PM completely lost touch in just 4 years?

  2. Someone (anonymously) reported to Police that she was at danger of self harm too, and 2 Police turned up at her place at tea time recently.

    Luckily she had friends there, Police didn’t hang around apparently.

    Nasty stuff. And now she has her licence back, will the next attempt be SWATting?

  3. If they got Rachel under existing legislation, heaven knows what’ll happen if govt passes even more anti- free speech laws. If retrospective legal action is possible – and Rachel’s event suggests that it is – there could be mayhem, and a colossal waste of police time, and judicial time, and tax-payer money – but the lawyers should do ok out of it.

    Act will have picked up a few more followers anyway with the ghastly Greens burning Winston Churchill.

    • “If retrospective legal action is possible – and Rachel’s event suggests that it is…”

      Indeed. This is not only farcical, but seriously undemocratic. There’s the potential for huge and completely unnecessary legal costs for inoffensive members of Joe Public. Like me….

      “Act will have picked up a few more followers anyway with the ghastly Greens burning Winston Churchill.”

      Haha….I do hope so! It certainly confirmed for me the wisdom of my voting decision at the last election.

  4. The Woke were never interested in the foundations of the left – unions, equity or equality before the law. Goebbels would have been proud of this surreptitious army of far right wing stooges. And that’s all they are, – stooges of the far right wing who DEFINATLEY DO NOT WANT to pay a LIVING WAGE or have their positions threatened by any uppity smelly workers.

    And there you have it : the Woke.

    In all its nutshell simplicity, duplicity, fifth columnist treachery and greed.

    • Wild Katipo: “…stooges of the far right wing….”

      Wokery derives from Critical Race Theory, which is neoMarxist. It’s far left, not right wing.

  5. Its terrifying. This won’t be good for NZ and if the woke start calling out people on not using pro-nouns, middle NZ will vote Labour and Greens the fuck out.

    Actually they deserve it for swallowing gender identity ideology without question

  6. Great to see someone finally came to their senses. Would be nice if the Government & Police would stop attacking licenced firearms owners and focus on some real problems. It would also be great if they dumped the proposed firearms register completely & removed the Police from administering firearms licensing altogether. Here’s hoping.

    • Richard Slade: I completely agree with you. Law-abiding citizens who own firearms have never been the problem.

      Gun crime has actually increased since the government began to take firearms from lawful owners. And we all know who’s responsible for it.

  7. Im a righty, I was always told I should hate you because you are a terrible leftie, yet here I am for the second time in a month agreeing with you strongly (and also admiring your article construction). I was even drawn here by a retweet by Stephen Franks, strange times!

    I think what you write about is a silent majority all over the world being dictated to by a nasty vocal minority that has parallels with Nazi Germany. Unfortunately we have more than our Government to worry about in this regard, large social media companies are into this game with gusto.

      • It is worrying times when writing your opinion is described as “too dangerous”. Worrying times indeed.

        • Apparently it is better to get an unregistered gun now if you are a criminal, because the police can’t get into your premise without a warrant, where as if you register a gun, the police are now allowed to search a house without a warrant. Crazy times becoming more stupid by the day.

          • We don’t register guns in NZ. We ‘register’ the person. Which I think is madness. Every gun should be registered.

            • Registration just leads to confiscation, it never prevents or solves crimes, it is just a colossal waste of money & Police resources. It is a great authoritarian tool though.

              Oh & we do have registration in NZ, all prohibited or restricted firearms are registered and all MSSAs (except for all those like the one used to kill Constable Hunt or those used by Tarrant) were registered until they were confiscated by the Government.

          • That’s the problem with all the increased Police delays renewing firearms licences, some people will just not bother retaining a licence but will still keep their firearms.

            The increased “user” pays cost recovery licence fee also acts as a deterrent to keeping a licence. The “user” of a firearms licence is not the licence holder but society in general, which benefits by vetting potential firearm owners. Making a licence unaffordable, just ends up reducing compliance.

            Same with the ever increasing security costs & requirements. Any safe no matter how strong, can easily be opened with a hammer, a pair of secateurs & a small blow torch, you just need to ask the person with the key to open it for you.

            If they actually bring in registration, there will be a lot more off licence firearms in the black & grey markets. Hopefully some sense may prevail, but I’m not holding my breath.

            Not sure what they intend with all the changes to firearms licencing, but it isn’t safer communities.

  8. Bad legislation wastes police time as people’s vendettas become open for police complaints.

    They need to stop the woke madness of hate speech laws, before it’s too late.

    Police now feel the need for cautioning preachers and responding to faux transphobic tweets, what is going to happen when the new laws come into force……

    While police are investigating Rachel Stewart and South Auckland preachers and any rape between two previously consenting adults is potentially a rape case any time in the future and the endless cases of pronoun criminality, the police don’t have the same resources for traditional crimes, such as people being shot at and attacked, growing crime from Meth, the homeless, never ending burglaries/car crime.

    In addition while there is a plethora of new SIS/Police groups being set up by woke mobs, white collar frauds are galloping along with no interest in making it easier to prosecute Eric Watson type fraudsters who somehow defraud the IRD (taxpayers) of millions in NZ (no jail time) creating lengthy court proceedings and recovery, or in the UK guilty of de frauding millions off his business partner.

    There is such protection for white collar criminals around the world, Eric Watson/companies although found guilty of millions going astray in both countries only gave Eric a small stint in jail over a tangential issue and no jail in NZ because defrauding millions is not that serious, if you are rich. Million dollar white collar crime, pays!

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