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  1. My copy of Arthur Taylor’s new book Prison Break arrived yesterday. Can’t wait to finish work and get back to it, it’s an awesome read, highly recommend. Available at Mighty Ape, fyi. Cheers Arthur 🙂

  2. Governing by gaslight

    Yesterday the PM, Hipkins and the health industry were warning of terrible sickness and lockdowns if the Delta variant were to reach our shores, the untold misery boosted by media outlets. Today the media are reporting a Ministry of Health Facebook post telling the public not to panic and to avoid social media misinformation, in particular warnings of lockdown. This government can’t have it both ways because this is acting like an abusive partner, threatening someone one day and reassuring them that they are safe the next. For one thing their is little evidence to suggest this virus variant is more of a risk than any other disease (and no a snazzy name and improvised health advice made up on the fly is not public health or science). Secondly a member of the public might also injure themselves stepping out of the shower or slipping on a banana peel tomorrow. So what. What good does ratcheting up the public’s stress levels do? Is this what the medical industry has become, a threat factory warning us that we might die if we don’t get our cholesterol checked or if we carry on our lives without their intervention? Also a person that does the very thing that they are campaigning against is called a hypocrite.

    • Police rely on cameras and technology now days meeting a Policeman is a rarity these days, and to get them to attend to anything apart from a homicide, you may as well call Jesus.

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