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  1. More bad news for ACT/Nat with publishing of Ipsos report. Not one issue that NZers would rather have the right wing in charge (including tax and housing), despite the efforts of Garner, Richardson, Hosking, Farrer, Bridge, Tova, Soper, HDPA, and all the rest of the Blue believers pushing ‘the winter of discontent’. Even the poor old Qanon people doubting that King Donny will be back in charge next month according to news reports. It appears Bomber is right…the right wing outrage is all manufactured or is it just the loudest voices are the ones the media likes to publish? Judith gone by Christmas?

  2. Are you on cocaine or coffee, Martyn? You spark up all over the frontline. In my paranoid old bachelordom in a flat-block in a poor area I imagine not recoiling my arm when punching. Just a lesser-powered slap to the face to put my attacker off their pace.

    I’ve come to the place where I think the people’s interest is vitally connected to the ‘main’ thing. No more slashing around in letter columns as the tsunami curls around us. You nor Trotter come up to that measure. Hundred times the crisis of the 30s and you both play.


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