Well, well, well – ACT show their true fascism against beneficiaries

ACT Party conference

Law and order: Act Party wants checks on gang members’ benefits

The Act party wants electronic income checks for gang members to prevent them from spending any welfare money on alcohol, gambling or tobacco.

Reviews of similar schemes in Australia and New Zealand – where it applies only to young people – are split on how effective they are.

The policy is part of a raft of proposals Act is releasing today in its law and order policy document.


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It was just a matter of time. To date, ACT have been sticking to a philosophical purity pledge of free speech, protection of the individual from the power of the state and guarding against big brother over reach.

As Leader, David Seymour has fastidiously avoided the racism, white supremacist bigotry and sheer cruelty of the far right by charting debate that used civil rights as it’s starting point.

That purity has been despoiled.

With National bereft of culture war tactics and basic political values, what’s left of the much vaunted National Party research unit steals every ACT Party press release that comes  out and pretends that’s a strategy.

This frustration for ACT of National constantly stealing their ideas within hours of a press release has reached fever pitch with ACT dumping all the intellectual respect they had gained and just jumping into the sewer with Judith to wrestle shit encrusted pigs in mud.

ACT was the Party of civil liberty, individuals protected from big brother, the champions of free speech and yet here they are showing their true fascist colors by demanding a Goose stepping Nanny State self flagellating Mother Superior using mass surveillance powers to electronically audit beneficiaries for any personal choice vices for a sin tax!

How the Christ can you support that level of power over the individual?

Isn’t it ugly that the second ACT can show us what they really are, their immediate desire is to use mass surveillance punishment of the poorest and weakest amongst us, beneficiaries.

Sure, ACT dress this up as targeting gang members, but they are gang members on benefits, this is a weapon you use on beneficiaries. ACT want to use the full force of the State to punish beneficiaries it dislikes for personal choices???

ACT are supposed to philosophically be all about personal choice, that they would invoke Big Brother to electronically spy on beneficiaries to audit bad choices is as fucking Orwellian as it gets!

What’s more outrageous is that ACT are simply stealing this policy from Australia and there are real question marks over its actual success!

So ACT are not only accidentally revealing to us their dead eyed sociopathy they are using Ill tested virtue signaling policy to do it!

For shame!

For shame!

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  1. Probably not too many beneficiaries or gang members vote ACT so it isn’t exactly losing them votes, whereas giving beneficiaries (especially if they are gang members too) a good kicking is seem as a good way for parties on the right to get extra votes.

    Though to be honest, kicking beneficiaries is almost a national sport. Kicking gang members, not so much, they kick back.

  2. And yet, it was ok when it was done to young beneficiaries, or food money that comes on cards that only work in the most expensive food places in NZ. Foodstuffs. 🙂 But then to me it seems that many are ok with labour doing it, but not others. Wonder why.

    • Actually wasn’t that policy introduced by the nats ?
      It was the nats that brought in the 16 and 17 year olds youth payment card.
      Also why am I not surprised you can only use them at Foodstuffs.
      The worst employers in the supermarket industry.

  3. In a stunning admission today, the ACT spokesperson for Police admitted that some officers were so thick, that they didn’t know who the Minister of Police actually was. Certainly casts a light on the utterances of the Police Association (and ACT). The call to arm what amounts to the guys who were recruited from the 1st 15 at college scares the shit out of me.

  4. Would I employ a gang member?
    Believe it or not I employed a large number of gang members in a business I had an interest in.
    They were excellent from the point of view being a gang they ensured everyone turned up to work.
    Sadly they left when greener pastures beckoned.

  5. Another, more positive and hopeful perspective, on meth, gangs and rehab – well worth a read:

  6. To me a benefit, while not directly earned, is a token payment and therefore I do not feel that it is worth the time nor expense in monitoring what the funds are being spent on, right down to single item purchases.
    I don’t think this should be done for gang members, suspected gang members, individuals with gang affiliations, or young people.

    Personally what I envisage is the establishment of a phone line between the proprietors of pubs, casinos, and liquor stores and the Ministry of Social Development. If the Owner or Duty Manager witnesses a person whom they know frequenting their establishment regularly, they can then call this phone line and converse with a representative of the Ministry of Social Development. That individual would then, if it is deemed appropriate, be questioned two to three weeks later about these occurrences at a branch of the Ministry of Social Development. If this was to be repeated, an official would then look at putting the individual on a course, on a new course if they have already completed an approved course, or other such activities geared at making them more work ready.

  7. Dis is a regular thing, even Geoff Palmer forced himself to do it. Regularly works or it wouldn’t be so, regular. Laughable to the intelligent up with the story, not so to those not. Along with military camps for delinquent kids, which John Key suggested at his first election, and didn’t do, and then the kid from Southland who succeeded him suggested again 9 years later. Hysterical where not, or because, disgusting.


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