MEDIAWATCH: Stuff wants a pat on the back for burning a book they hadn’t read


What movie/book/art are we banning/burning/destroying this week for progress?

It’s not the film. It’s the approach to the film

Last week’s pushback against the making of the They Are Us movie, without the involvement of those most affected, by the March 15 tragedy was an impressive show of solidarity from across New Zealand.

Our response was clear: the process, angle, and timing of the film is insensitive, unwelcome, and for some, re-traumatising.

In Christchurch, this insensitivity was felt most sharply. Many Cantabrians live with the injuries, missing family members, and profound loss caused by that day.

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Others lost something less immediate, like the idea that the city feels safe. Whatever our losses, many of us feel the terrorist took things away that can never be returned

Watching so many citizens gleefully forming a mob to burn books they haven’t read has been terrifyingly insightful.

It’s not just that so many NZers want to cancel a movie they haven’t even seen as part of a  lynch mob, it’s that they also wanted to be congratulated for being so ‘progressive’ that is gasp inducing – they have all the misplaced certainty of book burners.

This is the age of pre-censorship, cancelling a movie before it even exists to punish expression outside identity politics dogma.

Killing a thought before it can be art is a grim utopia.

Welcome to Big Sister.

We’ve spent all week watching an identity politics woke Twitter lynch mob cancel a film they didn’t like because ‘white supremacy’ and ‘patriarchy’ – which is nonsense- Jacinda’s response to a white supremacist terror attack deserves a movie!

I think this movie focusing on the leadership of a young white female Prime Minister using kindness and empathy in the aftermath of a white supremacists terror attack IS THE EXACT MOVIE the world needs right now.

Golriz’s definition threshold for ‘white supremacy’ is so low that milk would be considered a hate crime! Her claim that the Producer is a white supremacist suggests she sees the KKK every time she changes her sheets!  If a white person disagreeing with her equates to white supremacy we are in an identity politics theology not a functioning democracy.

For the Woke, micro aggressions lead to macro violence so the micro aggression policing of anyone who disagrees with woke dogma must be executed without mercy to protect the sacredness of trigger free spaces.

The Woke’s argument is that Jacinda is too privileged to have a movie about her when it was white NZ culture that caused the atrocity to occur in the first place. There are too many social capital Twitter retweets up for grabs for the Woke to concede the terrorist was an Australian and attempting to conflate his white supremacy terrorism with all of NZ culture (as the Greens attempted in the immediate aftermath of the atrocity) is grotesquely outrageous and politically self serving. The Woke are desperately attempting to gain hate speech powers and so are threatened by a movie that might suggest Jacinda’s argument that the terrorist targeted us BECAUSE we were the opposite of his hated would rob the Woke of their legitimacy.

You woke and your selective lynch mob values fucking terrify me. You are all wanting to cancel a piece of art none of you have even seen! If the Right were attempting to cancel art they hadn’t even seen, we would righteously torch them but because the Left are the ones doing the movie cancellation we are the noble ones?

If only we could care about global warming the way we do about PoC identity representation in a Hollywood movie.

If They Are Us actually gets cancelled we will be in an age of pre-censorship.

1984 was about constantly erasing the past to control the present. Cancel Culture erases the present to control the future.

You can see why the Right see so much fertile voting possibility in cancel culture.


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  1. Some points:

    1). The previous producer was Simon Wilson’s missus therefore that the Blairite didn’t know about this is pure fantasy.
    2). From the right perspective a woke on woke shitfight is a memorable popcorn event (given nothing good is on at the cinemas). It has been quite enjoyable seeing the mental gymnastics on display here.
    3). Let the movie be broadcast. The Jacinda fangirls can enjoy their day in the sun; it will be so cheesy it won’t be the electoral supercharge that the left spin doctors think it will be; and the ‘cancelling’ of the Blairite by the “most pure” will be a mixture of irony and entertainment.

    • Frank the Tank: I agree with all of your comment.

      When we first heard about this proposed movie, I wasn’t in favour of it. But not for any of the reasons adduced by the likes of Gahrahman and the other woke idiots. White supremacy! Jeezus: is it even possible to be any more stupid?

      It sounded to me as if would be a hagiography of Ardern, with only passing reference to the awful shootings. Given my dislike of her, I certainly wasn’t interested in such a movie. Moreover, it is Hollywood sticking its nose into an event of which I’ll take bets the movie industry there has little to no understanding.

      But, equally certainly, I wasn’t interested in it being cancelled. That would violate such freedoms of speech as we still have.

      Let the movie be made and shown here. Anybody who’s really interested can then watch it. Not me, though.

  2. I’ve had to give up on woke Stuff, just like woke RNZ, while Granny seems to be getting worse with more paid for or straight off the promoters, to print advertorials.

    Not just NZ, English Heritage reject Enid Blyton calling her ‘racist, sexist, homophobe’.

    Sad and probably trans phobic, because surely George is the poster child for the Trans community with the Girl who wanted to be a boy!

    Let’s cancel history! Whose next Bertrand Russell, who not only refused to fight against hitler, but was also a white man! Delete him, bro!

    Crazy times.

    By the way, over 2 million of public funding has been given to do a film about Beven Chuang and Len Brown from her perspective!

    I’m not going to see the CHCH movie. I’d have preferred a public enquiry that actually go to the bottom of what happened and how to prevent it, not the arse covering version or the film version.

  3. We waited 16 years to make the Aramoana movie and even then most of the locals didn’t like it and didn’t want it to be made. And that was *our* movie, not Hollywood’s. You’re completely missing the point if you dismiss this as “wokism” and “cancelling”.

  4. I understand your argument but I do not have to drive a nail through my hand to know it will hurt like wish living in Chch I am aware of the hurt and fear that rises up when either earthquakes or the shooting is mentioned.


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