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  1. Bible and knife brought to a fist fight

    The Herald reported yesterday

    on possible gang links to the stabbing of an orchard worker in Blenheim. If this is the case, that a member of the public with no ties to organised crime was stabbed to death in a public space by a patched gang member, then Stuart Nash will have to update his declaration that only those involved in the drug trade or have underworld links have anything to worry about

    Or perhaps Nash will accept the gang statement that the men involved were good men who attended church, and all is forgiven.

  2. Happy New Year!

    Yesterday (Monday) was Matariki, the day with the shortest daylight.

    Today is New Year’s Day, and from now on (for the next 6 months) daylight will increase and nature will re-awaken.

    The muddled and inconsistent calendar, based on the Roman one and imposed on NZ by colonists, is entirely inappropriate.

    No one at TDB seems to have noticed.


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